Smitten With You

Smitten With You Episode 12

(Betrothed To A Playboy Idol)

By, Authoress Passion _ ©️®️

Chapter: 12 {Unedited}

(Sungho Residence _ Midday)

“Now, which one of you wants to explain what the hell happened earlier this morning?” Na-kyum sat with crossed legs as he stared at Dooshik then Lee Jung.

“Ahjussi, I don’t know what’s up with this. Since morning he’s been in the most horrible mood and now he wants me to feel the same way. Ask him what’s up he attacked me first!” Acid had an icepack on his cheek, Lee Jung had earlier gave him a brutal blow to the face. It left a mark.

“LJ. Is this true?” Na-kyum looked at his soon who is, obviously, unsurprisingly not paying attention nor was he even listening to what he was saying.

But even Na-kyum could sense that there’s something off about his son, for one he isn’t usually that quiet. He would’ve been protesting by now and making up lies and stupendous stories, or would upright refuse to take punishment for what’s he’s done.

However, as he sat on his couch drinking banana milk, he stares absentmindedly at the meagre glass table which his phone is perched on. In his brown eyes, Na-kyum can see he’s worried.

This is shocking indeed since Lee Jung is the most laid-back, carefree, savage and disrespectful person you can ever meet in your life. And he isn’t one to take things seriously nor to let anything bother him.

“LJ, son. What is wrong with you?”

As expected there was no reply.

“Lee Jung you’re father is addressing you, be nice.” Sae-Hee tried to intervene but there was still no reply from him.

They looked at each other and sighed, “Dooshik. You can go home, tell your mom I said hi.”

Chan Dooshik grew up with a single mother, he is one of the many children who never saw their father. He fled the moment he got news that Su Ha (Acid’s mother) conceived a child. But Acid never let that get to him.

“Thank you Ahjussi.” He shot a glare at Lee Jung before getting up and storming off with anger.

“Lee Jung. You’ll be getting married, that girl Sayge is your bride. You disgraceful playboy ways WILL have to change now that you have a bride-to-be.” Sae-Hee grew impatient and dropped the bombshell as she sat down next to her husband.

Lee Jung instantaneously spat out his banana milk, some even coming through his nose. But at the moment he was too shocked to even think about messing up his 900 Won shirt and pants.

“! 결혼, 농담이야. (What! Marriage, you’re joking).” LJ always knew his parents were interested in old tragedies such as arranged marriages and some other things he find completely irrelevant and ludicrous, but it never once crossed his mind that he’s have to be in it.

“Sungho Lee Jung! I am sick and tired of your behavior. All you do is disrespect not only us but everybody around us. This is the last option, you will marry whoever we tell you to and that is final. And if you still want to be a b__ch then I’ll personally terminate the contract with your producers and END your singing career in mere seconds. Try me.” Sae-Hee is now fed up with him.

Lee Jung does not listen to his parents because he knows they’ll never lay a finger on him but, his mother….she terrifies him sometimes. Contrary to what you might think or expect, the woman aren’t always the soft ones who will let their child be.

Sae-Hee is the more dominant one here, and the look in her eyes tells him she is DEAD serious and this is not a drill.

“B-but mom, y-you can’t do that! I’ll choose whom I want to marry, you can’t end my singing career like that. That’s unfair ma!” Lee Jung still protested, which he regret seconds later. Sae-Hee now looked like a raging bull.

“That’s it! For 19 years I’ve put up with your putrid attitude.” Kicking her heels off she caught LJ before he could even run away.

“이 멍청한 녀석! 누구랑 얘기하는 것 같아? 응? (You stupid boy! Who do you think you’re talking to huh?)” She held him by his shirt’s collar and grabbed a random slipper she found on the ground. She began beating him.

“아! 엄마 미안해 그만해! 아파요 아. (Ah! Mom I’m sorry stop stop! It hurts ow.)” Lee Jung protected himself as best as he could but Sae-Hee wasn’t letting up on the hits, she hit him repetitively with the slipper making Na-kyum laugh.

“Ehehehehe.” Byul watched from behind a wall and laughed.

“날 망치려는 건가? 바지에 거시기를 넣고 매너를 지키면 안 되는 이유! (Are you trying to ruin me huh? Why can’t you keep your d__k in your pants and have manners!)” She screamed at him in Hangul.

After the beating he received from his mom he went upstairs and into his room. Sitting on his bed with am angry pout, he’s never been hit by his parents in his whole life till now. And now, he doesn’t know how to process what happened.

“I don’t wanna get married.” He told himself and lay down. But then he remembered something and before he knew it, he was running out of his room. In search of his mother.

“Ma!” He yelled spotting her pacing angrily in the living room.

When she saw him she threw her heels at him but he ducked, actually finding this kinda fun.

“You! Stupid boy do you want more? Get out of here before I commit a murder!” She picked up a vase and threw it at him.

He ducked, “Ma! I’m only asking who_” he was cut off by her throwing his father’s shoes.

“Ma I just wanna—” He got cut off again, by a soaring tray.

“Mom please st—” She threw a whole cooked chicken at him which the maids recently brought. “Ma stop it please!”

“I’m gonna be the death of you.” Picking up a chair she threw it at him also.

“MOM! WHO AM I GONNA MARRY!” A dish was thrown this time and he dodged it again.

“SAYGE CAMERON! Now get the hell outta here you annoying stupid child of mine!” Now she’s chasing him with a book she rolled up, she throws whatever her hand touched at him.

“Ma I’m sorry I’ll behave!” He yelled and covered his head still running.

“Stupid boy I put you on this planet and I am not afraid to take you off!” He dashed into his room and she stood outside yelling.

However Lee Jung was too happy to be upset with his mother, at first the idea of getting tied to one woman for life is unsettling and terrifying but finding out that Sayge who is actually his old friend, Jaewon, his buoyant mood knew no limit.

(Sayge’s Home)

“Sayge! God we were so worried about you, don’t disappear like that again.” Belcalis was relieved when Sayge walked in still in her pajamas.

“I’m an adult not a child. I can leave and come back whenever I please. Stop treating me like a child mom.” Sayge rolled her eyes and stepped pass her parents. Though her heart stung seeing the hurt looks on their faces she was too infuriated to care or even regret her words.

Entering her room she slammed the door shut making her parents know she doesn’t want to be bothered. She slumped on her bed thinking about all of the day’s incidents with Dooshik — Lee Jung — being in a limo etc.

Now she just remembered about the new friends she has made, she immediately opened her phone and saw that she received HUNDREDS of messages from Cha Ming, Doyoon and Geon Woo. They also tagged her in many articles that are talking about her performance, but she’s too bummed out to even care.

She feels sad and glum, but doesn’t know why she feels so.

( Night )

“Sayge, can you please open the door?” She looked up from her phone when she heard her mother at the door, rolling her eyes feeling irritated by their arrival she gets up and walks to the door. She wore a pokerface.

“H-hi sweety. We ordered cake for you, just to celebrate you finally making friends and becoming a woman.” Belcalis and Clifford had gleaming smiles on their faces, but they faded when they saw the cold and indifferent expression Sayge wore.

“Sayge, can we come in. I think, I thinks it’s time.” Clifford said.

“WHAT! No you can’t tell her now.” Belcalis looked at him.

“Tell me what?” Sayge arched a brow in confusion.

“We have to, we can’t hide the secrets from her anymore.” Clifford gulped and looked at Sayge, “Can we come in? There is something we need to discuss. Something you need to know.”

Inevitably Sayge let them all come inside and sit down. She didn’t even look at the cake even though she’s a freak for pastries.

They told her about her past and everything in general.

“No, no you’re lying! My, my head, my head hurts…” She fell down holding onto her head, a sharp pain surging throughout it. They came down and held Sayge in their arms, she passed out.

But not too long after, about twenty minutes later she woke up and ran out of the penthouse.

Tears staining her face, with the mask in her hand she just ran.


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