Smitten With You

Smitten With You Episode 11

(Betrothed To A Playboy Idol)

By, Authoress Passion _ ©️®️

Chapter: 11 {Unedited}


“T-thank you.” Sayge said to waitress who handed her a cup of Omija tea, the woman didn’t even pay attention to her. She was just staring at Acid and then looked at LJ who is still frozen.

“Sayge are you alright?” Dooshik arched a brow noticing how uncomfortable she looks while drinking the tea he ordered for her.

“Uhh, Dooshik is your name right? Yeah Dooshik, I’m fine.” she coughed and smiled at him.

“If something is wrong, you can just tell me. Don’t worry I don’t bite I promise. Now again, what’s your n—” Acid was interrupted.

“What is ‘she’ doing here?” Lee Jung sat down before the two and looked Sayge up and down, “Seducing my friend I see. Hm.”

“Excuse me? What the hell did you just say? Seducing?” Sayge stood up and looked at with a condescending glare while he only smirks nonchalantly at her.

“You just got transferred a few days ago and you’re alright trying to hang with the big cats. Look kiddo, you need to get up and leave. This is for people who can ‘affored’ to eat here AND for us celebrities. You… Are nobody.” Lee Jung took her Omija tea and drank the whole thing with a ravishing smile on his face.

“Then who are you talking to?” she sat back down and crossed her legs, she’s now smiling.

“Are you an idiot? It’s you.” he laughed.

“That’s impossible. You said I am ‘nobody’, so if I am nobody, who exactly are you here speaking to cause remember… I am, ‘nobody’.” she shrugged and winked at LJ who frowned.

?그녀는 선에서 벗어 났지만 그녀는 옳았습니다. (She’s out of line but she’s right.)
?젠장 그녀는 방금 LJ를 능가했다
(Damn she just outplayed LJ.)
?젠장, 그는 너무 패배한 것처럼 보인다. (He looks so defeated.)
?그녀는 실제로 일종의 착하다.
(She is kind of nice actually.)

Whispers began circulating and LJ felt the blood in his body began to boil like a kettle. ‘How dare she try to embarrass me?’

“Oh my god!” Acid began laughing, “Flower behave!”

“FLOWER? That’s not her name.” Lee Jung said instantly making all gazes fall on him a again. Even Acid is surprised by his quick answer.

“What? If you don’t know somebody’s name just ask okay, her name is Sayge and she IS NOT a Korean.” he eyed her with disgust before looking away.

“That’s the most beautiful name I’ve ever heard. I like it, but I will be calling you Flower. Even though your beauty surpasses that of any Rose, Orchid, Lily… Heck you’re more beautiful than the moon when full.” Acid winked at Sayge who blushes instantly.

“Can’t you two get out of here with your mushy bullshit!” Lee Jung rolled his eyes annoyingly.

“Guys guys!” Byul said before Sayge or Acid could reply, “Our manager just called and said we have another next we—what’s she doing in here?” he said referring to Sayge who smiled.

“Oh, meet my new friend. Thanks to LJ I now know her name, this is Sayge but I call her Flower.” Acid put his hand on the table and lifted her chin with his index and middle finger. She grinned.

“Oh, oh my god! Wait aren’t you friends with c—” before Byul could finish Sang-Woo pushed him away and sat smoothly next to Sayge while smiling at her.

“Where’s Cha Ming? Have you seen her since morning? Where does she live? How close are you two? What’s her favorite food? Had she eaten since morning? Is she single?” he bombarded poor Sayge with questions, she barely had the chance to reply to any of them.

“We all know you’re in love who the that f–ked up in the head girl child. If you want her go get her and stop pestering Sayge.” Lee Jung surprised himself when he defended Sayge, all others were surprised as well. The LJ they know would most certainly say, ‘Can you two shut the f–k up!?’

“Jeez what’s up with you Lee Jung, I don’t mind having Sayge here I mean… She’s kinda dope.” Tae-Soo, with his phone in his hand also took his seat.

“I don’t know why but he hasn’t been acting right lately.” Sang-Woo looked him up and down.

“Who knows, maybe he is on his period or he missed it.” Dooshik shrugged and everybody laughed.

“You g—” he kept quiet when he noticed something, behind Sayge’s ear is a birthday. One in the shape of a star, he is shocked and dumfounded at the sight but doesn’t believe what his mind is currently telling him.

Before he could stop himself he already stood up and swiped her hair to the back, Sayge was startled but didn’t say anything.

He gently held her face and moved her ear, the star is there, a perfect and vivid birthmark it is, at first glance you’d think it is a tattoo or some form of drawing.

“LJ, are you okay you don’t look all that good bro.” Acid became worried seeing the expression his best friend wears, Lee Jung shook his head then suddenly began running out of the building.

“Hyung-Lee-Jung!” Byul wanted to go after his brother but his band members stopped him.

“No, leave him. Lately a lot of things have been on his mind, let him go cool himself off Byul. You’re brother will be okay.” Acid looked over at him with smile.

Byul is the youngest member of the JADE KNIGHTS, he is 17 and doesn’t always travel around with the rest who are all over 18. He isn’t becoming 18 until October.


He ran and ran and ran until he reached the Maserati he came in parked under a plum tree and hopped into it. LJ slammed the door shut and broke down in tears, holding the steering wheel.

“It can’t be… It just…. It just can’t be her. Their names aren’t even the same, THAT’S not her I know it!” he pulled the seat back and lay there, his hands on his face and hot tears rolling down his cheeks and dripping on the seat.

##Rewind To Six Years Ago??

Lee Jung and Byul is original born is Busan and when Na-kyum and Sae-Hee became rich or rather, had enough money they moved to Seoul Korea where they became the well-known and respected people they are today.

The couple gave birth to Lee Jung but he was raised in poor conditions, two years later Sae-Hee was told she couldn’t have another so she therefore adopted Byul whom…. She found one rainy night in a sewage.

Since then they’ve been living together as a family, though not rich they were quite happy.

Fast-forward to when Lee Jung became thirteen years old he also met an orphan girl named Han Su Jaewon. They became the best of friends and even his parents fell in love with Jaewon.

However, he did something to her that is just unforgivable. That broke their friendship and he never saw Han Su Jaewon again.

Lee Jung was bullied repetitively, he always wanted to he a “popular kid” like his friends. But he didn’t have money to buy expensive items and brag about, out of his naiveness his friends toyed with his feelings—manipulated the poor boy and made him do something…bad.

The leader of the popular kids called Yoo Jiwon, offered Lee Jung a proposal. He had to bring his best friend (Jaewon) to an abandoned building in exchange for an expression, pur gold watch which he could brag about. Lee Jung being naïve, believed his words and without considering his best friend’s feelings her took her there.

As promised he got his watch, however, at the expense of his best friend’s…pride. Jiwon and his gang were all teenagers, 15-17 years old. They took Jaewon by force while Lee Jung was at home boasting about his brand new watch. When he returned he saw her on the ground, shaking with her eyes so wide with terror and horror.

Skip forward to two months ago, Jaewon never told anybody about what happened. LJ did everything he could to save their friendship but couldn’t….

And before he knew it. Three months afterwards he moved from Busan to Seoul and after a year became rich and in following years became a multi billionaire family. But after his success he never forgot Jaewon, he searches every part of Korea but COULDN’T find his friend. He was forced to carry that guilt on his shoulders forever.

##Back to Present ??

She had the exact same star tattoo Sayge had. The bracelet Sayge wears he remembers vaguely how he gave it to Jaewon as a birthday present. She even has similar brown hair and eyes to Jaewon, only thing Sayge’s hair is more vibrant.

After lining the dots and putting 2 and 2 together, he realizes that Sayge and Jaewon…


But how come she can’t remember him but he can? She has grown so, beautiful and voluptuous. Her brown are so bright they burn through any toxic soul and melt any heart. Its Han Su Jaewon, his old time best friend.

It doesn’t make any sense, nothing is making sense. But the fact that he hurt her still tortures him, “Jaewon-ah, am sorry.”

Her name has changed, even though he doesn’t know her origins he knows she’s a Korean, she could speak the language fluently. She acted and looked like one, what the hell happened?

And his heart, the fact that he had feelings for her made things even worse. And he still does to this day, he never gave up on find Jaewon, now he’s found her….but she can’t even recognize. ‘What the hell happened? Where did she go? Why does she not remember me? Had she forgiven me? Will she want me to be her friend again?’

He was still deep in thought when a knock came. “For f–k’s sake I don’t wanna be bothered go away and leave me alone!” he didn’t look to window, he just sat there and wallowed in emotional turmoil.

“Look a_shole I don’t have time for your b–thy tantrums. Here’s your credit card Lee Jung.” he heard Sayge’s voice and flinched.

He looked through the window and saw her standing there looking around, still in pajamas, he also saw that the window isn’t completely wined up. She must have heard him through there….

Putting his hand on the glass he looked at her, she’s just as beautiful as he remembered. His sweet and sour, feisty and dainty, Han Su Jaewon. The girl he hurt.

The one his heart beats for. He quickly dried his tears and rolled down the window, “What, uhh, Sayge.” he gulped.

“Take this I don’t have time for you.” she threw in his car and turned to leave, he grabbed her wrist before he could stop himself.

“Wait! Uhh Jae… I mean Sayge, I errm, I think… I mean, you look pretty.” he smiled sheepishly.

“Are you on drugs? Get your hand off of me crazy LJ.” she pulled her hand away and eyed him, then smiled, “Thanks but you’re still a crazy bastard.”

And she walked away, he sank back into his car and watched as she left. His heart now pounding.

If she can’t remember who he is, does it mean he still has a chance with the brown haired one dimple beauty?

And if he is successful in wooing her, what will happen if she regains her memories? He couldn’t find any explanation for anything, maybe she has amnesia, but how did it happen?

“Am sorry Jaewon, I was so naïve back then. I hope you can find it on your heart… To forgive me. I’m so, so so sorry…” he burst into tears once again.


“He said I’m pretty, nice compliment but he’s still an a_s.” Sayge rolled her eyes. She doesn’t understand his, nor her own behavior. She is a quiet and non-aggressive, now she feels like she can cuss everybody out.

She also knows Lee Jung was crying but doesn’t even bother trying to find out why, maybe it was just a prank or something.

Just as she was about entering the building again the door opened revealing Chan Dooshik, he had a glimmering smile on.

“Oh you’re back. I hope LJ wasn’t bothering you, I don’t want to keep you out too long so. I will take you home. Give me your address.” he put his hand out for her to take it, she shrugged and happily took his hand. Dooshik is more of a gentleman that Lee Jung anyway.

But before she could leave another hand grabbed her wrist, not letting her walkaway.

“I, will take her home. You can go, Acid.” LJ had a pokerface on.

“Excuse me? I’ll take her home LJ don’t stress yourself. Don’t you have a photoshoot for your upcoming single? Why are you interfering in our matters.” Acid arched a brow as his grip grew tighter on Sayge’s hand.

“Its non of your business Chan Dooshik. She’s leaving with me.” LJ creased his brows at Acid.

“Sayge sweetheart!” Belcalis yelled, all eyes faced to the right and saw that Sayge’s and Lee Jung’s parents have arrived here.

They stopped moving seeing the situation their son, his friend and Sayge are currently in. Lee Jung’s behavior is what surprises them the most. He’s behaving possessive, and the expression he now has is… One they’ve never seen him with since the day God blessed them with him.

“Mr. and Mrs. Sungho, can you please speak to your son he isn’t behaving too properly.” Dooshik broke the silence and pulled Sayge away while LJ wasn’t paying attention. He became furious almost immediately.

“What the hell is your problem I said I’d take her home.” he shoved Dooshik surprising everyone yet again. Acid sighed and pulled Sayge behind him.

“LJ, stop being p_$$y. You’re a playboy you’re not a one girl kinda guy. You need to back off.”

“Leave. Her. Alone.” he stopped before Dooshik and pushed him yet again.

“That’s it. F–k being an adult.” Dooshik punched Lee Jung and seconds later they broke into a fight. Their friendship, maybe ending after this catastrophe.


**Speechless and Shocked**

Sayge’s birth name is Jaewon, lol I think I like her name.??

LJ, what kind of b_llshit??? Why would you… *Walks away angrily*

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