Smitten With You

Smitten With You Episode 1

[Betrothed To A Playboy Idol]

By, Authoress Passion _ ©️®️

Chapter: 1 {Unedited}

« Starlight Airport – Korea »

?We are the lovesick girls
?Ne meotdaero nae sarangeul ?kkeunnael sun eopseo
?We are the lovesick girls
?I apeum eopsin nan amu uimiga eopseo

?But we were born to be alone
?Yeah, we were born to be alone
?Yeah, we were born to be alone
?But why we still looking for love?

The song by one of Korea’s most popular and world-wide known bands called BLANKPINK emanates from the plane speakers. Called ‘Lovesick Girls’.

Sayge breaths in fresh air as she stands at the top of the stairway, looking around the enormous airport. It’s an unfamiliar surrounding, exactly what she needed. To be at a place where nobody knows who she is.

To get a fresh start!

“Young girl can you please excuse me.” Sayge turned and saw a Korean woman wearing glasses and a leopard print jacket staring at her.

Out of respect she bowed, “Sorry I didn’t mean to be in the way.”

“Stupid foreigner.” the woman muttered as she walked pass.

Sayge heaved a sigh, she is used to people insulting her for no reason. Especially bullying her.

But for some, unknown reason, she has hope that loving in Korea will be different. She can finally make a friend, and they can go out and eat ice cream. And have spicy noodles and do lots of crazy, dangerous things.

The thought made her stomach churn with excitement. ‘I can’t wait to finally sneak out at nights and go to party with friends!’

“Sayge!” Belcalis called, she turned and saw her mother coming out with suitcases. “Dear come and help me carry these out. We can admire Korea later.”

“Coming momma!” Sayge walked to her and took one of the suitcases and a bag. Her father carries the rest and together they all disembark the aircraft. Going to charter a taxi.

When they arrive they stand and wait for the vehicle while Clifford is talking to his boss. Belcalis and Sayge look around. Admiring everything while strangers, look at them as if aliens just landed.

Others stare with curiosity and interest. Some don’t care at all.

“geudeul-eun gwangwang-gaeg-ibnikka? (Are they tourist?)” a woman said to another while looking at the family of three from a distance.

“geulsse, geudeul-eun yeogieseo boiji anh-eumeulo geudeul-i iss-eoyahabnida. naneun geu salam-ui meolikalag-eul joh-ahabnida. (Well they don’t look from here so they must be. I like that one’s hair.)” the other woman replied while pointing at Sayge.

“geulae kkwae yeppeun meoli (Yes, pretty pretty hair.)” the first woman said.

“Sayge, Bel the taxi is here!” Clifford yelled and they turn to him, a car stops before them.

A man sticks his head out the window, a cigar at the corner of his lips. Wearing a creepy smile.

“Come on get it get in! I don’t have all day.” he takes it out and blows smoke in the air. Making Sayge and Belcalis cough.

“Can you please put away the cigarette it’s bothering my family!” Clifford said irritatingly.

The man looked him up and down, “igeos-eun nae chaigo naneun dambaeleul piul geos-ida! dangsin-eun na-ege mueos-eul haeyahalji malhal su eobs-seubnida. daleun deulaibeoleul chaj-euleo gasibsio. (This is my car and I will smoke! You can’t tell me what to do. Go find another driver.)

The man was about driving off when Clifford flashed 300 won in his face. Greedily he took it all.

“Hop in hop in!” he motioned with his hand while putting the money away. Clifford rolled his eyes. These men so love money.

« Sungho Residence »

“Young Master, young Master Lee Jung can you please wake.” a maid shakes his body and he softly snores. Turning away from her in annoyance.

“Go away will you.” Lee Jung covers his head with his pillow.

“Young Master but you have a photoshoot to go to in an hour!” the maid kept shaking his body until he finally sat up in anger.

“Can you just get out? Get out and get the hell out now!” he yelled at her. Frightened she ran out locking the door behind her.

“(Groans,) Why can’t people understand that being a celebrity is hard and tiresome dammit.” nineteen years old Lee Jung lays back down and pouts.

His phone on the table next to his bed begins to ring, the ringtone is one of his hit songs entitled ‘Sinfully Gorgeous’.

Picking it up he checks the called ID, Sang-woo one of his friends are calling him. “What is it bro I’m trying to sleep here.”

“Lee Jung, it’s passed 8 am what crap are you uttering? Anyway I heard you broke up with Mi-Rae is that true?”

“Yeah why—” his room door opened. Na-kyum and Sae-Hee walks in with grins on their faces.

“dasi jeonhwahagessseubnida. (I’ll call you back.)” he later hung up the call, facing his parents.

“Ma, dad. What are you guys doing here?”

“How is my favorite child?” Sae-Hee sits at the edge of the bed. Her pearl earrings swinging back and forth.

“I’m fine am fine. What’s with the grins? Did something happen and you guys aren’t telling me.” he lays on his stomach while looking at the both of them.

“Oh no, LJ. We’re just here checking on you. That’s all.” Na-kyum smiled with his hands buried in his pockets.

“Yeah yeah whatever, I’ll go to the photoshoot later I’m sleepy.” he turns away from them rudely.

Sae-Hee glares at him but Na-kyum whispered, telling her to leave him alone.

Remembering the plan she stood up and took his hand. “Have a nice nap my sweet boy.”

They left afterwards, Lee Jung gets back up and out his bed. He goes to the balcony and slides the doors open. Looking out at the view from the mega mansion he lives in. After that he goes to sit in his jacuzzi at the left side.


How’s it? Did I nail it?


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