Personal Taste

Personal Taste Prologue


Written By Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

Don’t copy or repost ❌❌❌ If you don’t want thurder to visit you


Sitting at a corner of the clubbing house, and watching the dancers, while sipping from my wine glass, two young men passed in a flash, and I couldn’t help taking another look at them.
My eyes caught one of them, who was looking all innocent and from the look, I could tell that he had never been to a club before.

He looked like a model, and his face, the most handsome one I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t control the feelings that surged through me, as I suddenly felt like having him on my bed.

I’m sure he would be wild on bed.
He stood up from where he was sitting, and whispered something to his friend’s ear, before walking towards the corridor, and I couldn’t control myself, as I stood up, and started following him.

I followed him, unknown to him, till he got to a hallway, where there wasn’t anyone present, and he stopped.

I guess he must’ve found out that someone was following him.

“What do you want?” His voice came on, sending an unknown sensation all over me, triggering my yearns for him.

He finally turned to face me, and that was when I got a better view of his cute face.

“You look damn cute, how about we have some good time together? I’m sure you’ll more sweeter deep inside me.” I hushed, as I cat walked to him, and pushed him on the wall….

Getting married should be one of the wishes humans tend to make, especially to be with the one they love, right? But what happens when a human wishes for nothing in his or her life, but wealth, and nothing else, not even happiness?

Meet Emma Maxwell, a twenty five years old wealthy lady, who had been broken many times, because of love, and for that, she vowed to never fall in love again.

Like every other person, Emma had always wished to know the feelings of love, to give and to get it in return, but relationship never seemed to be her thing, as she always ended up being the victim of one sided love.

After trying series of relationship, without any, working out for her, she decided to give up on love, and started sleeping around with men.

As she always said to any man that approaches her for love “that shit ain’t for me, I just wanna get laid, and we go our separate ways. But what happens, when her parents, especially her mom, desperately wants her to get married, and not just getting married, but to her friend’s son? Do you think she’ll agree to it?….

If you steal my story and sign it, you will never know peace in life.


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