Personal Taste

Personal Taste Episode 9


Written By Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 9


“Miss Maxwell, sorry Emma I’ll advise you to calm down, she might be one of your customers and customers are always right, please take it easy ma,” Nadia said giving me her puppy eyes.

“Customers are always right, not in my restaurant” I replied because that lady is damn rude, how can she pushed me like that, she can’t even turn back and say sorry, to hèll with her and her money.

“Emma, I know you’re angry but let it go please for my sake,” Nadia said.

I don’t like when someone is begging me and I don’t listen.

“Alright I’ll let her be for your sake,” I said and we both walked to the manager office, I saw some customers eating and everywhere is clean. Bryan is really doing a great job here.

“Hi, Bryan,” I said sitting on a chair opposite his.

“Wow Miss Maxwell, welcome to the restaurant, you didn’t tell me you’re coming,” Bryan said smiling happily.

“I just wanna make it a surprise for you” I replied smiling back at him.

“Welcome to Paris ma, I missed you,” Bryan said with a smile.

“Are you sure you truly missed me?” I asked him looking into his eyes.

“Sure I do, and my brother always asks of you,” Bryan said.

“Hope you didn’t give him my phone number?” I asked because his brother has a crush on me, and he has been trying all his possible best to satisfy and have me.

But hèll no, I’m not ready to stress my heart again. I don’t need love, all I need money, money and more money. I will adopt a child when I need one.

“No Miss Maxwell, I can’t try that” he replied. “I’ll like to look around the restaurant, but I’m impressed you take care of this place like yours,” I said.

“Sure I’ve to do with it because you have been a good boss to me,” he said. Yeah, one good turn deserves another, always treat your workers well, it helped alot.

“Hope you haven’t sacked the chef?” Because he reported one of the chefs to me, two months ago and he told me he’s the best.

“I didn’t, since you told me not to” Bryan replied.

“Nadia let’s go!” I said and Bryan tried to go with us.

“No Don’t bother yourself, I just wanna check the workers out,” I said and he nodded his head in understanding.


The unknown lady walked inside the restaurant and went to the kitchen straight.

Rowen removed his headphone from his head immediately he saw the unknown lady.

“Dora, what the hèck are you doing here?” Rowen asked angrily.

“Common I came to see you” Dora replied trying to hug him.

“How did you get here? Who gave you my address?” Rowen ask and pushed her slightly from himself.

“So far I still remain Dora Williams I know my way around the world” Dora replied with an arrogant smile.

“Get out of this place now!!” Rowen yelled. “Common, I’m sorry,” Dora said and moved closer to him again.

She forcefully dragged him to herself and kissed him hard in the lips.

Rowen pushed her away and she fall on her bû#.

“How dare you kissed me, with that smelling mouth of yours!!” He demanded with furious eyes.

Dora blows air into her hand and smells it.

“My mouth isn’t smelling now, Rowen why are you treating me like this?” Dora asked.

“Oh I guess you don’t have a nose, you stink Dora,” Rowen said angrily.

“I don’t stink, Rowen whether you like it or not, I’ve come to stay, if I don’t have you no one will,” Dora said.

“Just get out of this place!!” Rowen asks pointing to the door.

“Where’s that noise coming from?” Emma asked Nadia with a frown on her face.

“I think it’s that side ma” Nadia replied pointing towards the kitchen.

“What’s going on here?” Emma asked and Rowen and Dora turned back immediately.

Rowen smile out dimples immediately he saw Emma.

“Handsome what are you doing here?” Emma asked with a smile.

“I worked here, I should be asking you that question” Rowen replied with a smile.

“Who’s this lady?” Emma asked looking at Dora.

“I can see you like manner, what are you doing here? Customers aren’t allowed here, so what the fook are you doing here? And why are you talking to my boyfriend?” Dora asked.

“Babe, is this not the mannerless bîtch that pushed me on our way here?” Emma asked with a smirk.

“Yes, she’s the one” Nadia replied.

“Oh, I see, handsome so what type of work did you do here?” Emma asked with a smile.

“I’m a chef!” Rowen replied.

“Interesting an handsome guy like you working as a chef, I’m very sure your food will be very delicious,” Emma said licking her lips and giving him a seductive look.

She’s doing it on purpose to make Dora angry. “Sure I’m the best chef here” Rowen replied smiling at her.

“Rowen I don’t know why you love disgracing me, I told you I’ll make you the manager of my company, let’s get out of here,” Dora said.

“Emma, what are you doing here?” Rowen ask. “I came to check this restaurant out,” Emma said with s smirk.

“Our restaurant is the best, in Paris, trust me you’ll love our meals,” Rowen said and moved closer to Emma pushing Dora off from his way.

“You’re looking more beautiful today,” Rowen said showing off her dimples.

“Goodness! I love your dimples” Emma said touching his cheek.

Dora moved closer to Emma, she pushed her away from Rowen and slapped her hard on her face.

Rowen moved closer to Dora and grabs her neck, he hits her hard on the wall.

“Hey handsome, I’m highly disappointed in you, why are you beating a woman?” Emma asked and Rowen leave Dora’s neck immediately.

Emma moved closer to Dora and kicked her hard on her Tommy.

She falls flatly on the floor and Emma match her face with her shoe.

She grabbed her hair and hit her hard on the wall.

“Emma!!!” Nadia shouted and moved closer to her.

“Interesting” Rowen said and plug his headphone on his head before sitting on the counter.

“Nadia don’t you dare near me!” Emma said and Nadia moved back immediately in fright.

“Miss Maxwell Anger is bad please stop her before she kills her,” Nadia said.

“She’s not ûsèful, it’s better she kîll her” Rowen replied chewing his bubble gum loud.

“I derive joy, from putting a bîtch like you in her place.

My parents haven’t laid their hands on me before, how dare you bîtch? Did you even know who you just slapped?” Emma said dragging her with her hair.


“Honey, why are you not eating?” Maxwell asked and sat beside his wife.

“I don’t know where my daughter went to, and she refused to pick her to call,” Mrs. Maxwell said and Mr. Maxwell hissed out loud.

“Honey, why are you hissing, it’s not funny aswear,” Mrs. Maxwell said sadly.

“Honey put your mind at rest Miss Maxwell is fine” Mr. Maxwel replied her.

“But she’s trying to disgrace me, my friend’s son will be back next week,” Mrs. Maxwell said.

“Don’t worry my dear, so far I remain Maxwell, I’ll get her, Miss Maxwell only go on a holiday, she will soon be back, trust me” Mr. Maxwell said with a smile.

“I just wanna hear her voice, I want to be sure she’s fine,” Mrs. Maxwell said worriedly.

“She’s fine, I spoke with her some hours ago,” Mr. Maxwell said.

“I need to call her myself,” Mrs. Maxwell said. “Call her then, if that will make you happy,” Mr. Maxwell said and rest his back on the chair.

“She’s not picking my calls,” Mrs. Maxwell said.

“Maybe you should try calling Brittany, I’m very sure she go with her,” Mr. Maxwell said.

“You’re right honey,” Mrs. Maxwell replied and dialed Brittany’s number.

“She’s not picking up!” Mrs. Maxwell lamented. “Relax, maybe they’re doing something important, don’t stress yourself about Miss Maxwell, she’s old enough to take care of herself.” Mr. Maxwell said and placed his wife’s head on his chest.

“Why did Mrs. Maxwell call Brittany said angrily.

“Wait, this is a very big opportunity for me, should I just call her back and tell her, her daughter is in Paris so I can have that guy to myself,” Brittany thought.

“I don’t even know if she’s the only one in this world, I’m more beautiful than she’s, still yet men are always looking her side, is it because she’s rich?” Brittany asked herself and dialed… Maxwell’s number.


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