Personal Taste

Personal Taste Episode 5


Written By Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 5

Location: Chicago Time:- 10: 00 am


“Emma, what are you up to?” Brittany asked with a frown.

“I’m up to no good, so sit down relax and watch me” I replied and rushed down to the car.

I crossed the road and the guy was surprised, more than surprised to see me.

“Miss how may we help you?” The lady asked. “Henry, how’s your wife and children?” I asked and he glare at me.

“Did you just glare at me?” I asked and Slap him hard on his face.

“What! Did you just Slap my boyfriend?” The lady asked.

“I’m only here to help your sorry @**, I know he must have lied to you that he’s single, that’s how he goes around lying to innocent ladies like you,” I said with a smirk.

“Henry tell me it’s not true,” The lady said and Henry covered his face with his palm.

“Look here young lady, Henry is my cousin and he’s happily married with two kids, so don’t be deceived, I only came here to help you, because I love supporting women like me,” I said and the lady burst into tears.

“Why are you crying? How long have you guys been dating?” I asked.

“We have been dating for the past one year, and I was planning to show him to my parents next week” the lady replied.

“Oh!” I said and moved closer to the lady.

“Sorry stop crying, men like this doesn’t deserve your tears, so clean your tears,” I said and she cleaned her tears.

“Good girl!” I said and she sniff out tears. “Thanks Ms,” she said and sniffed out tears.

She picked up her bag that fell due to shock and made to walk away.

“Hey come, here’s my card, you can call me if you need anything,” I said.

“Thanks very much, Ms,” she said and walked away.

“That girl is very gentle I was expecting her to Slap you hard on your face, or beat you up, so your wife can see the mark on your body,” I said rolling my eyes at him.

“Emma, why can’t you fooking mind your business!” He yelled.

“Minding other people’s business gives me Joy,” I said and burst into laughter.

“Did you think I don’t know about the life, you’re also leaving, did you think I don’t know you aren’t different from a whóure?” Henry said and I burst into laughter.

“See this human without life, I’m a bîtch, a bad one at that, but I’m single I’m not married like you, look here I’m reporting you to your wife and I’ll also report you to my Dad” I threatened and made to walk away.

“Emma!” He called.

“Who’s that îdiot, calling my name?” I asked looking around pretending as if I’m looking for the person.

“I’m the one calling you” he replied.

“So you’re an îdiot, why are you calling me Mr?” I asked and sat on his car bonnet.

“Please don’t tell my wife and uncle” He replied.

“Why they can’t do anything to you, after all it’s your life and you can choose to leave it anyhow you like” I replied picking my nails.

“My wife will file a divorce and uncle will insult me,” he said.

“Your wife can’t file a divorce, I trust her, she won’t do anything if I tell her” I replied.

“Please Emma, I don’t want my wife to leave me” he replied. “Wait, you’re making out with another woman in public, that shows how much you love and respect your wife,” I said looking at my wristwatch.

“Emma, please I’ll do anything don’t tell my wife,” he said.

“Good, I want you to be taking care of your wife, do anything that will make her happy, I want her to come to tell me that you’re taking good care of her,” I said.

“Is that all?” He asked. “Yes, but I’ll still report you to my Dad!” I said and come down from the car.

“Please don’t do that, I’m now a changed person,” he said and I walked away.

I’m not planning to report him to Dad, I just said that too scared him.

“Hey babe, is that not Henry?” Brittany asked. “Yes, it’s Henry” I replied with a smile.

“Oh my goodness! I never knew he’s the one, have he divorced his wife?” She asked.

“You can go down and asked him” I replied. “You’re Mean!” She replied. “Yes thank you ma, I know” I replied and put on my headphone I’m not ready to explain anything to her.

“Hey you slept off, we are at the airport!” Brittany said and tap me on my lap.

“Wow so fast!” I replied and stretch my back.

“Welcome Miss Maxwell!” Nadia said and rushed to our side.

“Hey, don’t take the car back to the house, the car is now yours, I’m traveling out of the country and don’t tell my parents where I go to, I’ll call you when I need your help,” I said and he nods his head I can see he’s not happy.

“Hey don’t worry, I’ll still pay your salary,” I said and he smiled out.

“We are going with my private jet,” I said.

“Paris here I come!” Nadia shouted.

“You sound happy!” I said with a smile.

“Yes I’ve never been to Paris before,” she said. “Oh, no wonder” I replied with a smile.


Paris Time 6:00 pm

“Just tell me you’ll go to the club with me!” Austin’s said.

“Fine, once I followed you to the club, will you stop disturbing me?” I asked.

“Sure I won’t, I’m very sure you will feel like going again once you stepped your foot inside the club” Austin’s replied.

“Fine I’ll go with you,” he said and Austin jumped up happily.

“Hey what are you guys doing here?” The manager asked.

“It’s closing hour sir” Austin replied.

“I want Rowen to answer my question” the manager replied.

“You will grow wing if you’re waiting for me to answer that dumb question of yours,” Rowen said and picked his phone from the table before walking out of the restaurant.

“what the hèck, this guy just insult me, I know what to do!” The manager said and walked away angrily.

“Rowen you’re so mean!” Austin’s said and Rowen plug in his headphone before climbing on his bike.

“Aren’t you gonna carry me along with you?” Austin asked.

Rowan ignored his question and drove off. “This guy is too mean, but I love him like that” Austin said before walking to the park.

“Hey climb the bike fast!” Rowen said.

“I know you will wait for me,” Austin said with a smile.


“Gosh!, I’m very tired,” Brittany said yarning widely.

“Lazy bone, Nadia are you tired?” I asked Nadia.

“No ma, I’m not tired” she replied with a smile. “I saw a club on our way here, let’s go check it out together!” I said with a smile.

“I’m going with you guys” Brittany replied.

“I thought you’re tired!” “No I’m not tired” she replied.

“I’m not changing my clothes I’m going like this,” I said and we all walked out.

“I don’t feel like driving!” I said and I throw my car key at Brittany and she picked it up immediately.

Don’t be surprised I’ve many cars here.


Brittany look for a space and parked the car. I look around the building.

It’s not that bad, but it’s not up to my standard.

“It’s not that bad,” Brittany said and we all walked inside the club. “Welcome!” The bouncer greet and I nod my head in reply.

Goodness! The club was full to the brim, and I don’t like too much noise, I think I’ll endure for today.

We walked to an empty table and sat on it. “Hey, baby go and dance!” Brittany shouted.

“I don’t feel like dancing” I replied.

“I think I’ll go seat in that corner,” I said and stood up from the chair and they both follow me. This place is better.

“Welcome to BB clubhouse what will you like to take ma?” The waiter’s house.

“Give us wine!” I replied and he ran off. “You don’t even ask us what we will like to drink” Brittany said with a frown and I roll my eyes at her.

Ten minutes later the waiter brought our wine. “Enjoy!” He said and walked away.

I turned mine in a glass and sip from it.

Sitting at a corner of the clubbing house, and watching the dancers, while sipping from my glass of wine, two young men passed in a flash, and I couldn’t help taking another look at them.
My eyes caught one of them, who was looking all innocent and from the look, I could tell that he had never been to a club before.

He looked like a model, and his face, the most handsome one I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t control the feelings that surged through me, as I suddenly felt like having him on my bed.

I’m sure he would be wild on bed.
He stood up from where he was sitting, and whispered something to his friend’s ear, before walking towards the corridor, and I couldn’t control myself, as I stood up, and started following him.

I followed him, unknown to him, till he got to a hallway, where there wasn’t anyone present, and he stopped.

I guess he must’ve found out that someone was following him.

“What do you want?” His voice came on, sending an unknown sensation all over me, triggering my yearns for him.

He finally turned to face me, and that was when I got a better view of his cute face.

“You look damn cute, how about we have some good time together? I’m sure you’ll sweeter deep inside me.” I hushed, as I cat walked to him, and pushed him on the wall…

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