Personal Taste

Personal Taste Episode 3


Written By Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 3

Location: Chicago Time:- 5:30 pm


Walking out of the manager’s office, I walked to the center of the club commanding attention to myself with my @**.

My hips and @** were bouncing without even me trying.

I don’t like the song the Dj was playing right now.

I walked closer to him and put on a perfect smile.

I see him met within, but I’m not here for that. “Change the music to kaMillions twerk for me,” I said and walked back to the center and the stripper give way for me.

Placing both hands on the pole I crouched down slightly shooting my @** out.

As the music play, I slow bounce my @** in an erotic way that’ll turn those unfaithful folk off, but the problem here is that I can’t have all of them.

*Oh my god!*

*She’s the queen of dance*

*look how she shakes that @**, her body is flexible*

I heard different comments and Brittany keep cheering me up with claps.

I love it when people praise me. I slapped and bounce my @** together, making it shake.

The whole flesh in my ass was vibrating and breathing like an ocean.

Then I slowly placed my hand on the floor.

I was shaking my @ss so fast and seductively, I’m very sure many guys have cuumed in their panties.

“Gosh! That’s one killer shape, Henry go for her, you have the money to fook any bîtch” I heard someone say and I look at the direction. He has a proud smirk on his face before standing up from his chair.

I hate arrogant f00l, I love rod but not arrogant rod I love calm and respectful rod.

He moved closer to me and flashed me a smile.

He removed some dollars note from his pocket and was about to spray me before I pushed him with my leg and I fall on his bû#.

I purposely twerk to his side and march his rod and he growls out in pain.

“Bîtch!” He shouted and stood up immediately. “Go and fook your mother!” I said and everyone burst into laughter.

“Babe I love you!” Brittany shouted and blow me a kiss.

I moved closer to a guy that has been pressing his phone since I arrived, I have my eyes on him and I must have him.

I moved closer to him and I started twerking on his rod.

“Ahhh!” He growls with a smile and other guys started hissing and rolling their eyes at me.

I don’t care, I just need to fook his rod.

“Can we take this to another level?” I whispered to his ear.

“Sure” he replied and lift me up on his arm and I wave at Brittany and Nadia.

“You guys should make sure you fook before I come back, fook any rod you like,” I said and Brittany blow me a kîss.

“Wait up your bag!” Brittany said and hand over my bag to me.

“The first room by your left,” I told the guy and he carried me to the room.

He opened the door with his leg and dropped me on the bed.

“Let’s quickly get to work!” I said and stood up. I moved closer to him and put off his cloth. Leaving him in his trouser.

He wanted to remove his belt, but I stopped him with my hand.

“I’m the boss, so let me do my thing,” I said removing his belt and looking at his face at the same time.

His eyes were full of loss, and I bet it, he can’t wait to have me, likewise me.

I removed his belt and threw it away, before removing his pant.

He’s not that big but still manageable.

“Let me ease this, should I?” I asked and he nod his head immediately.

Bàstard, what did I even expect from him, did I expect him to say no? I rubbed my hand on his rod and give him a gentle stroke before taking his rod into my mouth.

“Ahh!” He growls in pleasure.

I licked and suck on his pee hole. I bet it, he’s in cloud nine right now.

I keep pumping his rode into my mouth till it reaches my throat.

“Fook, your mouth is covered with sugar and honey you’re dawn sweet” he said and I smiled, I loved it when you praise me for a job well done.

My tongue alone is enough to drive him crazy, the way I sock, kiss, and bite his erected rod drove him down the edge.

I put off my clothes and undies and I caught him licking his lips.

He made to touch my bbs, but I slapped his hand away before balancing on his rod. I removed a cóóm$ from my bag and put it on, before Climbing on top of him with, my @** perfectly seated on his loins.

I slide his rod into my creamy pût and he m@ns out.

Gosh! I enjoyed myself tonight, Dad, wanna lock me up in the house but I’m er than him. “Hey, you, can get out now!” I said.

“How much did you charge?” He asked. What an insult. I opened my bag and brought out some dollar’s note and I threw them on his body.

“I’m not a prostitute, use that money to get something for yourself,” I said and he looked at me in shock.

“Hey you’re wasting my time, I wanna sleep” I said and he picked up his clothes immediately.

“Thanks very much, Ms,” He said with a smile before rushing out of the room.

I need a cool bath, I’m not going back to the house today I’m going to the office from here tomorrow. I picked up my phone and dial Brittany’s number immediately.

“Hey baby, hope you get a rod to fook you?” I asked.

“Yes I did” she replied, I guess she’s smiling right now.

“How’s Nadia?” I asked.

“She has gone to her house?” She replied. “What! Alone?” I asked scared.

“No, your driver went to drop her” Brittany replied.

“Alright, that girl doest wanna get laid,” I said. “She’s a novice, she will soon come around” she replied.

“Yes, you’re right!” I replied. “Are we going back to the house today?” She asked.

“No tomorrow, I don’t have the strength to face Mr. Maxwell, I’m going to the office from this place” I replied.

“But we didn’t come with any clothe” “Yes I know, I’ll order cloth online trust me” I replied and she laughed.

“Alright baby, sleep tight, t,” she said and I dropped my phone before rushing to the bathroom, I need to wash the sp@m, that îdiot poured on my body.


“Good morning baby,” Brittany said coming to my room. “morning darling, hope you slept well” I replied applying lip gloss on my lips. “Yes I don’t you’re awake, I was planning to come to wake you up,” she said with a frown.

“You failed, you and I know that I don’t joke with my work, I wake up before they deliver our clothes” I replied packing my hair.

“How do I look?” I asked.

“You look like a queen,” she said smiling. “Okay let me compliment you also, you look like a chimpanzee,” I said and rushed out of the house.

“Who the hèck! Me chimpanzee” she shouted and rushed after me.

“Hey remember we are in public, respect yourself before they think you have gone màd,” I said.

“I’ll so deal with you when we get to the office, e” she said angrily and rushed to the parking lot. I forget to tell you guys, she’s my PA so we worked in the same office.

“Good morning Miss Maxwell,” My driver said and rushed to open the door.

He is handsome, I wish I can fk him one day, but too bad I don’t like fking my workers.

“Morning Steve, hope you’re doing slept well?” I asked.

“Yes I do” He replied and drove off the club and I wave at the club.

“Welcome Miss Maxwell, hope you had enough fun?” Dad asks placing his leg on my office table and picking his teeth with a chewing stick. Holy moly what’s Mr.. Maxwell doing in my office? And where did he even get chewing stick from?.

“Hey, I just asked you a question,” Dad said and I face Brittany.

“Brittany hope you had enough fun?” I asked and Brittany run out.

What the fk, how did she expect me to face Mr.. Maxwell Alone.


“What sup Buddy!” Austin said trying to shake Rowen. “What are you doing here?” Rowen ask. “Hey have you forgotten I also work here?” Austin asked.

“But you aren’t a chef, you’re a waiter” he replied to him.

“I just came to assist, yo,u,” Austin said smiling and giving him a seductive look.

“I don’t need your help so get out!” Rowen snapped.

“I know you must add, get out, sorry to disappoint you I’m not going anywhere, and when are you planning to the club with me?” Austin asked.

“That dirty and lousy place, Rowen said angrily.

“Just to have fun!” Austin said.

“I don’t want to have fun, so get out, before the manager meets you here,”, Rowen said.

“I don’t care!” Austin said and sat on the counter.

“I care, I’m not ready to lose my job” Rowen replied and walked to the fridge.

“I love how you walk baby, you walk like a lady, I can’t wait to have my rod deep inside your honey-pot” Austin said.

Rowen picked a kitchen spoon and hit it hard on his head.

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