Personal Taste

Personal Taste Episode 12


Written By Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 12


I thought Bryan said he doesn’t tell his brother my location what’s the meaning of all this now? “Surprised to see me?” He asked and moved closer to me before hugging me.

“Steve!” I said when I finally find my tongue. “How are you doing dear?” He asked and disengage from the hug.

“As you can see I’m good” I replied turning around.

“Yes I can see you’re fine and looking more beautiful,” he said smiling.

“How did you know I’m in Paris?” I asked with a frown.

“I’ve eyes everywhere” he replied smiling devilishly.

“Really?” I asked. “Yes I can search the whole wordy for you,” he said smiling.

“Okay, let’s go inside, or are you gonna stand here forever?” I asked.

“Try and be nice Emma,” he said with a smile. He’s handsome but I don’t know why I decided to brother zone him.

Maybe because he’s disturbing me with a love story, that was why I didn’t wanna have anything to do with him, it’s funny how we never fook.

“I missed you,” he said when we get to the house.

“What did you miss about me?” I asked looking around for Brittany.

“Many things” he replied with a smirk.

“I’ll be right back I need to check on my friend,” I said and rushed inside Brittany’s room before he replied to me.

“Hey babe,” I said and Brittany dropped the cigarette in her hand immediately.

“What! Brittany, you smoke?” I asked surprised because I have never seen her with a cigarette before.

“Not really, the cigarette is good for malaria,” she said trying to cover up with a smile.

I’m not a fool so she can’t fool me.

“And you think I’m an f00l like you?” I asked with a frown.

“How dare you called me an f00l!” She flared up, wait this isn’t the first time I’ll be calling her a f00l, what’s wrong with her?.

“Brittany are you okay?” I asked with a frown.

“I should be asking you that instead” she replied with a frown.

What has gotten over Brittany? “Hey why are you acting up, I think the malaria has affected your brain, you need to go to the hospital for proper check-up,” I said and walked out angrily.

I’m not in for all this petting stuff, she will come outside once her brain reset.

“Welcome back beautiful Emma,” Steve said with a smile.

“Thanks so why did you come here?” I asked with a frown.

“I Wanna take you out, or won’t you like to go with me?” Steve asked and I does some thinking.

I can’t leave only Brittany in this house.

“I can’t go today my friend isn’t feeling fine, maybe some other time,” I said and Brittany come outside dressed up with an handbag on her hand.

“I’m fine and I’m also going out, so you’re free to go with him,” Brittany said and winked at Steve.

“Where are you going to?” I asked with a frown.

“Somewhere important” She replied with a smirk.

“Alright then, I can’t stop you,” I said and she walked out without saying any other things.

“She’s behaving weird,” Nadia said.

“The malaria is affecting her brain” I replied her.

“I don’t think it’s malaria, that lady has been acting up since yesterday night” Nadia replied with a frown.

“We can’t conclude my dear” I replied.

“So are you ready to go out with me now?” Steve asked with a smile.

“Sure but I’m going with my friend,” I said. “There’s no problem” he replied with a smile.

“Hey babe let’s go dress up,” I said and dragged Nadia to my room.

“Who’s that guy?” Nadia asked with a smile. “This one you’re smiling did you like him?” I asked looking at her face.

“No but he’s cool and I think I like him for you,” she replied immediately.

“He’s a friend disturbing my life with love quotes and I’m not ready for love, I don’t think I can ever be ready, so I don’t wanna waste his precious time” I said and Nadia burst into laughter.

.”Emma I have a question,” Nadia said.

“Go ahead I’m listening!” I replied with a smile. “Have you ever fallen in love before?” She asked.

I wasn’t expecting this.

“Yes, not once and not twice” I replied.

“But I think you don’t believe in Love” she replied.

Jan 3rd, 2020

Emma came down from her car and walked happily to her boyfriend Brian’s house. “Hey you guys should go back, I’ll call you when I need your help” she said to his guards.

She met the door locked and she decided to unlock it with the spare key in her hands.

“Brian I heard You’ve been cheating on me, have you forgotten our wedding is two months to this time,” a voice said and Emma’s bag fall freely from her hand.

“Calm down and allow me to talk Amelia, I don’t like that lady, all this things am doing, I’m doing it for our goods, all I need from her is her properties,” Brian said.

“How did you expect me to believe that?” The lady yelled.

“Wow, so she can’t even correct her so called fiance” Emma muttered.

“Here, she transferred $3000 to my account yesterday and I’m still waiting for more, so relax,” Brian said giving her his phone.

“Oh my goodness!, you don’t mean it!” The lady screamed and jumped up happily.

“I love you, I’m doing all this for your good because I don’t want you and my children to suffer in the future,” he said smiling.

“You’re the best, I’m very lucky to have you,” the lady said happily and tears dropped freely from Emma’s eyes.

She picked her phone from her bag and dial a number.

“Come inside with the other guards,” she said and walked fully inside the house.

She clapped her hands for the love birds with a smile plastered on her face, but one can tell she’s not happy, she’s just trying hard to look happy.

“Weldone Mr sharp” Emma said still clapping her hands.

“I think you can do me the favor of leaving my house since you know the truth,” Brian said.

“Yeah, I’ll leave but I recorded all the things you said here,” Emma said and Brian move closer to her.

“What are you trying to do?” Emma asked.

“I’m trying to keep you silent forever,” Brian said.

“Have you forgotten I’m a strong woman, I Emma Maxwell you can’t do anything to me” I said.

“Shut up and get out from my boyfriend’s house now!” Amelia yelled.

“You guys will be the ones to leave here instead because this house is mine” Emma replied.

“No you have given me the house, so you don’t have any right on the house,” Brian said trying to collect the phone from her.

The door throw open and three hefty men entered the house.

“Welcome guys, torture him till he sent all my money back including the house,” Emma said and walked out of the house.

She gets inside her car and burst into tears.

End of flashback.

“So sorry, why don’t you try someone in your level, I mean someone rich like you,” Nadia said.

“You think I haven’t tried them? I’ve but that’s a story for another day, I don’t wanna ruin my mood” Emma said.

“Sure, you must have passed through a lot, I’m sorry,” Nadia said.

“You don’t have to be sorry, I’ve moved on with my life, so I don’t need men in my life, they’re cheap commodities that I can get with my money and beauty,” Emma said.

“Not all of them,” Nadia said with a frown.

“I know, I just to generalized them, because the bad ones are much,” Emma replied.

“You’re right,” Nadia said.

“Let’s dress up fast, we need to come back early because I’ve many things to do,” Emma said.

“As your lordship pleases ma,” Nadia said and Emma burst into laughter.

“Your phone is ringing,” Nadia said and gave her phone to her.

“Mum why’s she calling? I won’t pick it up I’ll only drop a message for her, I don’t have her time now” Emma said and dropped the phone on the bed.

“Shall we?” Emma said.

“Wow you look breathe taking,” Steve said with his mouth slightly opened.

“Thanks very much, but you’ll like to close your mouth” Emma replied with a smile and they all walked out of the house.

Brittany gets down from the cab, before putting on her sunglass.

She walked inside the restaurant and saw Austin sitting at a corner.

“Good evening Mr” Brittany greet putting on a perfect smile. “Good evening Mrs welcome to M.E restaurant, how may I help you?” Austin asked putting on a perfect smile.

“I’m here to see Mr. Rowen” Brittany replied with a smile.

“Rowen, you mean my friend?” Austin asked.

“I don’t know if he’s your friend but he works here” Brittany replied.

“Okay I’ll be right back ma,” Austin said and rushed to the kitchen, he came back with Rowen a few minutes later.

“Is this the person you’re looking for?” Austin asked.

“Hey!” Rowen said. “Rowen, how are you?” Brittany asked moving closer to him.

“I’m fine, why are you here?” Rowen ask.

“I brought good for you,” Brittany said and bring out her phone and Austin also moved closer to them.

“You’ll love what I’m about to show you, so relax,” Brittany said touching his face and Rowen slapped his hand away immediately.


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