Personal Taste

Personal Taste Episode 11


Written By Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 11

“Miss Maxwell!” Nadia called and I turned back to glare at her.

I don’t know when Nadia will stop calling me Miss Maxwell.

“I’m very sorry Emma, don’t you think it’s not right if we go fight them, what I mean is that we don’t know what happened between them” Nadia said scratching the back of her head nervously.

“You can sit down in the car and wait for me,” I said and rushed to the scene.

“Who are you?” The guy asked with a frown. “Leave the girl right now!” I yelled.

“This is none of your business, so get out of this place before I beat you up,” the guy said and I burst into laughter.

“You’re the Samson in the bible right? Oh now I know, you’re Samson while she’s Delilah” I said pointing to the îdîot he’s beating the lady with.

“mind your business!” The lady said with an eye roll and Slap the other lady on her face. And that trigger my anger.

“Minding other people’s business gives me joy,” I said and kick the lady hard with my leg and she fall on the floor.

“How dare you kick my girlfriend?” The guy asked angrily.

“Did you wanna beat me?” I asked and kick him where the sun doesn’t rise and he falls down on his kness.

“How dare you!” He yelled and stood up immediately.

“I see no reason a lady like you should beat your fellow woman, seriously I’m disappointed in you and I’m gonna show you both how disappointed I’m,” I said and moved closer to them.

“What did you think you’re doing? Did you think you can beat both of us?” The guy asked.

“Watch me!” It’s like these people didn’t know the stuff I’m made of.

“Leave now, before I make you regret ever coming here” The guy yelled.

“I’m not threatened!” I replied with a smirk.

“So you won’t back off?” He said and I moved closer to him.

The both of them will pay for making this girl cry, I don’t care what she did to them.

“You’re ready to die then,” the guy said and advanced towards me.

I stood on my ground waiting for him to move closer to me.

I raised my hand and gave him a resounding slap and he fall on the floor.

His girlfriend put off her slippers and picking a race. “Sera, where are you going to?” The guy yelled and I burst into laughter. Can you imagine, she left her boyfriend.

“Lazy f00l” I muttered before moving closer to the guy on the floor.

“Did you still wanna fight me?” I asked and he nod his head negatively.

“Tell her sorry!” I said and he look at that lady and Muttered sorry to her.

“Say it loud and clear,” I said raising one of my legs.

“Sorry!” He said and ran away.

“Sorry,” I said moving closer to the lady. “Thanks, ma” she replied sniffing out tears.

“What did you do to them?” I asked.

“I did nothing, he duped me of my money and still beat me up with his girlfriend,” she said crying.

“I don’t understand you,” I said and she cleaned off her tears with the back of her hand.

“Let’s go to my car,” I said and dragged her with me.

“So can you explain better? Make me understand” I said.

“That guy used to be my boyfriend, we have a joint account that we keep money, I’ve always been the only one putting money,” the lady said.

“First of all, what’s your name?” I asked.

“Rose” she replied cleaning her tears.

“You’re also at fault, how will you open a joint account with someone that you’re not married to, how I wish you tell me this on time” I said angrily.

“He has taken all my money away” she said crying.

“You caused all this, you aren’t wise at all, but I’ll make sure I catch the guy, and how much is your money?” I asked.

“$2000” she replied. “What if I say I’ll give you back your money?” I asked and she smiled out happily.

“I’ll be very happy, I need it for my mother’s Operation” she replied, can you imagine she has a mother and went ahead to open a joint account with a man.

Something we do for love, I can’t blame her, I was once like her.

I’ll make sure I bring justice to all ladies that are broken like me.

“How much is her operation bill?” I asked. “$1000” she replied.

“I’ll transfer $1000 to you right now and here’s my business card make sure you call me tomorrow,” I said and gave her the business card.

“Thank you very much ma, I’m very grateful” She said.

“You’re welcome, your account details?” I asked and she called it for me immediately. “Check your phone I’ve sent the money,” I said and she hugged me immediately with tears in her eyes.

“I’ll get going now because I’ve many places to branch,” I said and she nod her head before getting down from my car.

I waved my hand at her and get inside the driver’s seat.

“Emma you gave her $1000 without knowing her” Nadia said surprised.

“I think you should have gotten used to me by now, we rise by helping others,” I said with a smile.

“You’re a blessing to our generation,” she said with a smile.


“Mr. Hunt, what did she tell you?” Austin asked immediately Rowen entered the restaurant.

“You’re asking me that nónsènse question?” Rowen ask and hissed out loud.

“Where did you know Miss Maxwell from?” Bryan asked.

“Maybe you should ask your ancestors” Rowen replied and walked to the kitchen.

“Rowen waits up,” Austin said and run after him. Rowen get to the kitchen and sat on the canter.

“I’m sorry,” Austin said and made to touch him. “If you dare touch me with that hand of yours!” Rowen said anger written on his face and Austin pout his lips.

“I’m sorry, I told Dora your location because I don’t want you to fall in love with the sl©t we met at the club, Dora is still much better than a sl©t” Austin said and Rowen burst into laughter.

“If you see the lady you just called a sl©t will you recognize her?” Rowen ask.

“Sure I’ll” Austin replied and Rowen burst into another hell of laughter.

“What if I told you that, the lady you just called a sl∆t is the owner of this place?” Rowen asks and Austin burst into laughter.

“Seriously, this is my turn to laugh,” Austin said and fall to the ground.

“I can see you’re mad, wait for her to sack you next week,” Rowen said and walked to the fridge.

He brought out the chicken and placed it gently on the table before bringing out a knife.

“I’ll advise you to go to your duty,” Rowen said with an unknown expression.

“Rowen you’re very funny, how can you say that girl is the slut we met at the club” Austin said.

“I’m not arguing with you, all I know is for you to get ready to lose your Job” Rowen said.

“Goodness! I need the go check up on Dora” Austin said.

“Why don’t you just do yourself the favor of getting married to Dora?” Rowen ask.

“I can’t do that, she’s your ex,” Austin said and ran out.

“Get ready to lose your Job,” Rowen said with a smirk.

“Rowen I thought I asked you a question the other time?” Bryan asked.

“Bryan! You’re frustrating my life what is your problem?” Rowen yelled.

“I’m your boss here, you aren’t my boss, I’m the one that employed you not the other way round” Bryan said.

Rowen picked a frying pan from the counter and hit it hard on Bryan head.

“What the hèck!” Bryan yelled and hold his head with his hand.

“Who’s car is this? Why’s this car blocking my car?” Emma said angrily and came down from her car and the driver of the other car also came down with a smirk plastered on his face. “What!” Emma said surprised.


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