My Daughter's Nanny

My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 17-18

My daughter’s nanny ?♥️


Miguel’s POV

“What she can talk?” Isabella asked. She was shocked.

“Uhm, yes dear, she can… But it hasn’t been long she started talking” I said

“Dad? Did you hear me” Abby said

“I did baby. But it’s a family vacation and your nanny isn’t family” I said

“And Isabella isn’t family either, so if Isabella is coming, nanny must come or else I’m not going anywhere” Abby said and she looks very serious

Why’s she trying to make things hard for me? I don’t want to be close to Anny anymore.

“Well, babe, she can come. Besides, you have a house there in Miami. You and I can stay in the same room, while Abby and her so called nanny stay in a room” Isabella said. She’s actually making sense though, her plan might actually work out pretty well.

“Nobody asked for your opinion Isabella. Dad, nanny is coming with us and as for the room, your house in Miami has three rooms, so I and nanny can stay in one. Isabella will stay in one and you have a room all to yourself” Abby said..

Hmm, she’s correct though. Cause staying with Isabella will be something else.

“Well, Isabella dear, what do you think?” I asked


“If you’re not okay with the idea, you can forget about coming with us.” Abby cut in

“Fine, it’s okay, I’m okay with your plan” Isabella said

“Good. Let’s go and pack our things nanny” Abby said to Anny.

And that was when I realized that Anny was still standing there. She’s been there throughout and I didn’t even notice.

I guess she’s just scared I’ll yell at her again. She held Abby’s hand and they both went upstairs.

“You really want me to go with you guys?” Isabella asked me

“Of course, why are you sounding so surprised?”

“Well, you haven’t invited me to come with you to any place before. Or are you just asking me to come, So I can just teach Abby?” She asked

“Of course not, I’m inviting you as Isabella, not Abby’s teacher”

“Does that mean you’re finally giving me a chance in your life?”

“Well, something like that”

“Aww, thank you so much Miguel. I promise you that I’ll always make you happy” she said and pecked me.

“I hope so” I muttered

“Well, I’ll be on my way, let me go home and get my things”

“Alright dear, I’ll be waiting for you” I said and she left

Why have I been ignoring her since? She’s actually a nice person. Maybe we can even end up getting married.

Anny’s POV

“Baby, you shouldn’t have asked me to come. Honestly I’m okay with it”

“You’re my nanny and you should be wherever I go”

“I know baby..but since your dad does not want me to go with you guys, then maybe I should just stay here until you return”

“Didn’t you say you’ll make me happy?” She asked

“Yes I did…but”

“No but nanny, do this for me. If you let me go with just Isabella, she’ll might kill me”

“Okay baby, for your sake I’ll go”

“Thank you nanny.” She said and hugged me..

Abby, everything I’m going to do in this house is for you. I’ll make sure you’re happy no matter what. But honestly, I can’t fight for what’s not mine, if sir Mig really loves Isabella, I’ll let them be. But one thing I know for sure is that, I’ll always be here to protect you. I won’t let anyone hurt you no matter what, even if I leave this house, I’ll always come back to check on you. You’ve turned out to be an amazing person and I know your mom will be so so proud of you baby

Abby’s POV

I can tell nanny is hurt. She’s a nice lady and she deserves her own happiness. She helped me talk and I’ll do anything to make her happy. I can tell she loves dad so much, and dad likes her too but I don’t know why he’s pushing her away.

If she’s my mom I’ll be very happy, I will do everything in my power to make sure she finds happiness. Yes, even if dad doesn’t want her, I’ll help her look for someone who will love her and take good care of her. I think she’s suffered alot, yes, she has and it has to end.

And as for Isabella, I’ll make life a living hell for you. I know what you did and I’m just waiting for the right time to expose you. Dad doesn’t know what he is doing to himself by falling for Isabella. She’s an evil person, who will do anything to get what she wants. But I won’t let her win this time.

Isabella’s POV


Everything is just working out for me, I didn’t even have to do anything. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait for Miguel to be mine, all mine. I can’t wait to wrap him in my hands.

He has always been mine, even before Dawn stole him from me. You hear this best friend, your husband is finally mine.

But I have a problem, Abby, especially now that she can talk. I need to look for a way to shut her up. And that nanny of hers need to be out of the picture, yes, I need to do something about her before she spoils everything I’ve worked for.

Yes, maybe during the vacation. I’ll try to be nice to her, then make her like me and then boom, I’ll execute my plans.

I’m so bad… And if Abby tries anything silly, she’ll join her nanny.

I better pack my things so as not to was Miguel’s time tomorrow…


Authoress Amy’s POV

Miguel was sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting for Anny and Abby when the door bell rang.

He got up and opened the door and saw Isabella, with lots of bags.

“Good morning my love” she said smiling

“Good morning dear. What’s all this bags for?” Miguel asked

“Well, we’re staying there for a month so I came prepared”

“That’s good. Tell my driver to put it in the car, together with Abby and Anny’s own.”

“Okay love”

“And stay in the car please. They’re already coming down” Miguel said

“Good morning sir” Anny greeted

“Yea” was all Miguel said

“Abby, didn’t you see me?” Miguel asked

“Nanny, let’s go” Abby said and dragged her Nanny.


Isabella’s POV

“Nanny, I want to pee” Abby said

“Should I come with you baby?” Anny asked

“Oh, don’t stress yourself, I’ll go with her” I said

“But…..” Anny tried to talk and Miguel cut in

“Anny, stop trying to be the good lady always. Let Isabella go with her”

“Thank you love” I said and walked with Abby

We got to the restroom and I waited for Abby to pee. After some time she came out.

“I’m done, let’s go” she said

“Not so fast Missy. You can talk now huh? If I should hear anything from you about what I did, I’ll kill you” I said and held her hand


Anny’s POV

It’s been long already. What are they still doing there? I don’t trust Isabella one bit. I need to go check on Abby

“Sir, it’s been long already, can I go check on them?”

“Whatever” he said I’m guessing that’s a yes. I stood up and went to the restroom and heard Isabella’s voice


I opened the door and found her holding Abby’s hand tight. Abby was already crying

“What do you think you’re doing?” I yelled

“None of your business” she said and left Abby. She walked past me giving me a hard stare and went out of the restroom

“Baby, what’s the matter, why are you crying?”

“She threatened to kill me”

“Wait, what! Why?”

“She doesn’t want me to tell Dad, that she killed mom”





My daughter’s nanny ?♥️


Anny’s POV

“What!?” I yelled, then I realized we were on a plane, so I decided to stay calm

“But baby, how did you know?”

“Cause I saw her, that was why I lost my voice.”

“You saw her kill your mom?”

“Yes nanny”

“Why didn’t you tell dad?”

“Well, cause I doubt if he will believe me, we need evidence to convince him. Nanny, we shouldn’t be discussing this here, dad will probably be wondering where we are”

“That’s true baby.”

“Yes, I will tell you more about it in Miami. And nanny, you need to be careful with Isabella, she’s a dangerous person”

“No problem baby, let’s go”

I can’t still believe Isabella killed Dawn. I know that she’s cruel, but I didn’t know she was capable of killing someone, especially her own best friend. Abby is right, I should be careful, we all should be careful. She can go to any extent to get what she wants.

We got back to our seats and sir Mig stared at us.

“Where were you guys?” He asked

“Uhm, sir…”

“Don’t bother, I don’t even wanna know”

Why’s he being harsh to me. Does he think I want something from him or what. Seriously, I would have left this job if not because of Abby.


The plane finally landed. We were in Miami. Wow! Just from the Airport, you can tell Miami is beautiful. Sir Mig was on the phone, I wonder who he was calling.

“The driver will soon be here ”

So he even has a driver here. He’s rich then.. very rich

“He should be fast about it love” Isabella blurted out.. such a lazy being.

Gosh! I so much hated Isabella, she’s so wicked, lazy, proud..she has all the attribute of a wicked..

After some time, the car got here.. It wasn’t like the one we were using, but it was also nice.

“I’ll take the front seat” Abby shouted and sat at the front.

Isabella and Sir Mig got into the car

“Are you waiting for a royal invitation? Get into the car” Sir Mig said

I got into the car and sat close to Sir Mig. He was in the middle, that is between me and Isabella. Okay this is weird, Abby would have sat down with me.


The driver is very boring, I just faced the window, enjoying the view, while Isabella was discussing with Sir Mig.

The driver made a turn and I fell on sir Mig’s chest. Oh my gosh, I’m so dead. I tried standing up, but it seemed like I was stuck. Yes, I was. My hair was stuck in his jacket’s zip.

He tried pulling my hair out and it was so painful and I held his hands

“Ouch! It hurt” I screamed

“Stop being a cry baby Anny” sir Mig said

“Miguel, you’re being too gentle with her, let me do it” Isabella yelled. I’m so dead, she’s gonna kill me.

She dragged the hair, still it was still stuck. My head was on fire, it was as if, I had an injury on my head. Isabella has killed me.

“Just let her be Isabella” sir Mig said. Wait, what’s he saying, he wants me to be uncomfortable throughout the journey?
Just then, he placed my head well on his chest. Gosh! I could hear his heart beating. Then he whispered something in my ear

“Don’t get too comfortable cause the journey is long” and chuckled.

“Miguel I don’t like this, why should she be laying on your chest?” Isabella asked

“Well, dear, it my chest and besides I didn’t plan for this to happen. So there’s nothing I can do to stop it”

“But it seems like you’re enjoying it”

“Maybe I am, stop acting like you’re already my girlfriend Isabella” he said to her. Abby turned to me and winked. I just smiled at her. She’s such a crazy child.

Miguel’s POV

I wanted to join Isabella in pulling her head hard but seriously I can’t. I know that I was being harsh to her but I can’t bring myself to hurt her physically. I don’t know why, but something is restricting me.

And this same thing has happened to Dawn, her hair had been stuck in my Jacket’s zip, when we came for a vacation here. How I miss Dawn, I still don’t know why the world took her away or who or what killed her.

But why’s the universe making the same thing to happen to Anny. Is it the universe way of telling me that Anny is the one?

Well, maybe it’s just a mere coincidence. But Isabella was also there, it could have happened to her, but it happened to Anny.

I know how to pull the hair out, but honestly I enjoyed it. So I’ll just do it when we get to the house.


Anny’s POV

We finally got to the house, it was a bungalow but a very beautiful one. The driver opened the booth of the car and brought out the luggages.

“Thank you sir” I said to the driver. He was an old man, so I have to give him the respect.

I picked up my bags and Abby’s own and beckoned Abby to follow me.

“I’ll pick the rooms” Abby said. Why’s she always in a haste to do everything?

“Anny, when you are done, come take my bags inside” Isabella said

“Last time I remembered, she’s my nanny and not your maid” Abby said

“Abby is right Isabella, carry your bags yourself. Since you were so prepared to pack all these bags, you should also be prepared to carry them” sir Mig said and picked up his bags

Serves her right, she thinks she can boss everyone around. I heard the driver saying

“Please ma’am, take your bags inside, I’m too old to be carrying these stuffs for you”

“And nanny, this will be our room. This is my mom’s room” she said

“Wow! Why can’t we stay in your room?”

“I don’t want Isabella to stay in my mom’s room”

“Oh, okay. Why were you winking in the car?”

“That? I already knew it will happen. I knew that your hair will get stuck”

“What? How?”

“Cause it happened to mom, the last time we came to Miami. I know the driver, so I know it’s bound to happen?”

“Wow, so it’s part of your plan”

“Yes, and it proved that dad loves you.”


“Cause he knows how to remove your hair from his jacket since but he didn’t, cause he loved it”

“How are you sure?”

“I’m sure, the same way I’m sure that Isabella killed mom”

“About that…”

“I saw her okay? She came to our house and started arguing with Mom. I heard her voice and decided to go see what was going on, before I got there, I saw mom laying on the floor with a knife in her Tommy and Isabella leaving the house. I was so shocked and that was why I lost my voice” she said crying


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