My Daughter's Nanny

My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 14

My daughter’s nanny 👫♥️


Miguel’s POV

I immediately held Anny’s hand after making that statement. I could tell she and Abby were surprised. But I knew my reasons for saying it.

Anny understood me and she backed me up.

“Yes, he’s my boyfriend”

“And sorry what about this little princess here”

“Oh, she’s our daughter”

“Okay. Thank you. By the way you guys look cute together. You’re a perfect couple” the waitress said

“Thank you. But why all these questions?” Anny asked her

“Sorry. I don’t know, I was only directed by my boss”


We ate our food cause they were still both surprised why I did that..

I guess I’ll have to tell her on our way home.

“Uhm, Anny you might be wondering why I did that.. It’s actually for a good reason”

“A good reason?”

“Yes, you see I don’t want you to get hurt”

“Hurt? How?”

“Well, the owner of that restaurant is a womanizer. He asks almost every lady that walks into that restaurant out. And he just uses and dump them”

“Oh… Now I get”

“So I was only trying to protect you”

“Aww..daddy, you care about Anny” Abby said

Again we turned to look at her

“Of course baby, she’s your nanny”

“You care about her more than her being my nanny”

“No baby. Let’s just go home” I said to her

Anny was just quiet throughout..


Isabella’s POV

How can this happen?

Miguel has the guys to take Anny out, something he has never thought of doing before. I have been like a mother to Abby and still he wants to pay me back like this. I’ll make sure I deal with Anny..

Anny better enjoy as it lasts..

Anny’s POV

We got home and Abby is taking her bathe.. she’s now talking more and more by the day .

Everything that happened in the car is still like a shock to me.. Especially what Abby said

She came out of the bathroom, dried her body and put on her clothe…

*Nanny, I think my dad likes you

“Baby, why would you say that?”

*Cause I can sense it, he likes you

“No, maybe it’s because I’m taking care of you”

*Nah, I don’t think so. He even protected you.. You guys will make a perfect match.. please do this for me nanny. I want my dad to be happy, I’ll help you, I’ll make him fall deeply in love with you



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