My Daughter's Nanny

My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 12

My Daughter’s nanny 👫♥️


Anny’s POV

We got into the car and I could tell sir Mig was very excited. Yes he should be, cause his daughter now have a chance of talking again.

Wow, I didn’t know I was that important to Abby.

“Uhm.. Anny, I think I owe you an apology” sir Mig said


“Yes, for doubting you. I thought you lied to me, maybe just to get my attention”

“I can never lie about such thing sir Mig, I know you take Abby seriously, so I can’t joke with such”

“Well, I’m sorry for raising my voice at you”

“It’s okay sir. I’m not mad at you”

“Thank you. And about my friend, please ignore him, that’s how he behaves”

“No problem sir”

“Alright let’s head home so Abby can take her bathe”


*Nanny, thank you for coming back.

“Oh baby, you know I can’t leave you. It wasn’t even my intention to leave”

*I know but…

“It’s okay baby. I should be the one thanking you”


“For asking your dad to bring me back. Thank you”

*It’s no problem Nanny. You are a nice person and you deserve to be happy

“Aww.. thanks baby.. now it’s time for you to go freshen up”


She’s a sweet girl. She just needs people who she can trust. People that genuinely loves her.

I just need to make her happy. She needs to be happy so that she can speak again. She has the voice of an angel.

“Anny! Anny!” Someone yelled my name

Isn’t that sir Mig

“Yes.. I’m in Abby’s room”

The door opened slightly

“Oh. Here you are. Uhm, where’s Abby?”

“She’s taking her bathe sir”

“Okay.. I’m going to the office now. Isabella is going to come today to teach Abby, but I want you to be there with her”


“You heard me Anny, be in the room with the both of them”

“Okay sir”

“Good” he said and was about leaving when he turned back

“One more thing, Isabella would be done teaching by 6pm. So I want you and Abby to be dressed up before 7”

“Why sir?”

“Well, I want to take the both of you out for dinner. At least, a way of showing appreciation”

“Appreciation for?”

“Oh Anny, you ask too many questions. Okay, let’s say a way of showing my sincere apology”

“Okay sir”

“Good. Bye dear” he said and walked out


Abby came out and put on her dress

*Nanny, I though I heard dad’s voice

“Oh, yes, he was here. He said Isabella will be here today”


“Don’t worry baby, I’ll be in the room together with you”

*Okay nanny

“And dad also said that we would be going out for dinner

*Wow.. that’s nice

“Yes baby”

(Knock on the door)

“Who’s that?” I asked

“Oh you smelly rat, open the door”

Oh it’s Isabella

I opened the door and she walked in majestically

“Good day ma’am” I greeted her

“Oh, hush. I don’t need your greeting. Where’s Abby?”

“She’s in her room waiting for you”

“Good” she said and I followed her

“Where do you think you’re going?” She asked

“Uhm…sir Mig asked me to stay with you guys during the teaching”

“Is that so? You can’t even pronounce his name well, that’s pathetic”

“Anyways, I’ll let you stay but don’t distract my teaching”

What’s her problem anyways? With her rude behaviour, she wants sir Mig to fall in love with her.

The teaching was boring. Thank God she was done

How on Earth does she expect Abby to understand anything?

Gosh! She’s bad at everything

She was still in the room. She’s done so what is she still doing here?

I got dressed together with Abby and she was just throwing glances at us

“When is Miguel coming back?”

“Oh.. my boss will soon be here”

“That’s good”

“Abby? Anny? Are you guys done?” Sir Mig said opening the door

“Yes sir Mig”

“Okay let’s go”

“Uhm.. Miguel, where are you guys going to? Can I come with you guys?” Isabella blurted out

“Why?” I said and immediately shut my mouth

“Yes Isabella why?” Sir Miguel asked her, staring at me and smiling

“Well, Miguel, I’ll like to discuss something with you”

“It can wait Isabella. I’m taking Abby and Anny out for dinner”



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