My Daughter's Nanny

My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 1

My Daughter’s Nanny ❤️❤️

Episode 1?‍?‍?

Anny’s pov?

I turned to look who was talking..

And when I looked back I saw a handsome man..he was good looking…

The little ran to him and he hugged and picked her up..

“Abby where have you been, I’ve been looking everywhere for you” he said

And still girl didn’t reply but just pointed at I don’t understand what was going on

Was he her dad?

“Thank you for staying with my daughter” he said

“It’s no problem..I sa..w her in trouble and decided to help her” I said

“Thank you” he said dipping his hands in his pocket..he brought out some money and handed it over to me

“Sorry sir but I can’t collect it…I did it out of my own free will” I said to him

“Thanks?” He asked

“Anny..My name is Anny” I said

“Thank you Anny..” he finally said

I was about to take my leave when he called me back

“Uhm..Anny, what are you doing here if I may ask?” He asked me

“Uhm…I came here to look for a job but..” I stopped feeling sad

“I’m sorry about that…but I can give you a job” he said

I stopped immediately I heard what he said

“Are you serious sir?” I asked happily

“Yes I am” he said

“I want you to be my daughter’s Nanny” he said


“That would be no problem sir..” I said

“Good, I expect to see you in my house tomorrow, here’s my card” he said handing over his card to me

His daughter collected his phone from him and type something showing him to his face

“No Abby, you know Daddy can’t take care of you alone…you need a nanny” he said

Why was she typing it??

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you, Abby can’t talk”

Wait what!!



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