My Darkest Delight

My Darkest Delight
Written By: Smile Austin

“I laid still beneath the bosom of loneliness, and the night was dark and glum, I watch the candle flame dance with the wind, they whispered delight, I watch still until their moria became mere shadows, and then darkness resumes deep”

The eyes of darkness stalk all over my path, it was clear how lonely I was, because I felt cold fear lying comfortably beneath my gut, my limbs grew stiff within my joint, my legs were lonely,
I kept walking hoping at journey ends, there I might meet delight

For far too long I groper in darkness after the fellowship with the yearnings of my bodily desires,
Bitten hard by teethless evil of human art, tormented in the dark, left to suffer and pay the price for their own delight,

In this torment I wasn’t alone, following many and followed by many, our hearts inaugurate a religion, and we ascend into the arena,In search of delight,
It may be I am destined to utter the loudest cries there, in the arena of this solemn religion,
Who knows? they may rise from me yet, a winner’s pealing shouts to soar above everything, all the dark torturous art of human heart, conquering all in their wake,

And just then a voice startled me,
“What do you seek so pensive and silent,
Dear son do you think it’s love? ”
In my silent I was numb,
“Listen son, all that matters to flame is the fuel of heat and this it needs to eat to satisfy, it is torturous to love in excess and it satisfies not, look”

My eyes arose at the beckoning of the voice,
And behold light was greater than darkness, within me it grew resplendent in delight.

© Smile Austin

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