Melody Synopsis

??? MELODY???

Theme: [She is Dumb, but she is pretty]•
Solely written by: Oluwagbotemi O.✔︎

?Synopsis ?

Alfred Melody, the richest guy at the age of 17. He has achieved a lot more than his age because he had started making his own money at the age of 10. He has many houses, schools, hotels, malls, cars and two private jets which made other people envy him. He is kind hearted and cool.
He has an Organisation named MELODY ORGANISATIONS. Under melody organisations, there is 15 schools, 30 estates, 5 orphanage foundations and some other valuable properties.
He has a younger sister named,Leonie.
But his parent died when he was 7. His parents were murdered in front of him on a rainy night.He tried to find who it is. so ever since he lived with younger sister leonie alone.

Remita and Naomi johnson, the 15 years old twins who lives in a small village called Bayani with their grandmother. They are poor that even a church rat is better than them. But unfortunately their house got burnt and they were forced to leave their hometown and move to the city with their grandmother where they both got scholarship to MELODY HIGH SCHOOL through an audition.

Remita is dumb, she cannot talk but she is very pretty and beautiful. All Guys would always come to her to ask her out but she ignores them. She is a dancer with curvy shape and with a natural pink lips.She is hoping to become a dancer and a singer but she realized that she can’t sing because she is dumb so she based mostly on dancing. And one thing about her is that she never cries. No matter how hardi it is. Her smile is out of the world and she is very attractive. She is sensitive to smell and she is interested in perfumes. Her role model is Genesis santacruz.

Naomi can talk, she is very funny and pretty too. She always take care of her twin sister, remita. She can rap and act. She is hoping to become an actress or a rapper. She cries easily. . She is attractive too but she has a bad side of her own. Her role model is Regina Martins

Sophie Cruzita, The girlfriend of the famous Alfred Melody. She is crazy, sassy, rude and a bitch. She never allows any girl close to Alfred. She is a dancer too but she hates seeing someone who can dance better than her. She is jealous and envious. She also hate seeing someone prettier than her.She is 15 years old

Genesis Santacruz, The owner of BEAUTY SCENT company. She is a perfumer with passion. She is everyone’s favourite. She is classy and also a close friend of Sophie.
She is nice and kind hearted.
She can sing.
She is 16 years .

Regina martins, A classy model and a fashionista with a baddass attitude. She is dating Alfred’s close friend, Daniel. She is 15 years. She is wealthy too. She is friends with Sophie and Genesis. She she can rap too.

What happens when Sophie meets Remita who can dance better and prettier than her??? ?

Who will Alfred meet first between Naomi and Remita???

who will Alfred end up with??

Will Alfred find out who killed his parent???

Genre: Love, Hatred, thriller, Romance, Revenge.
Note: This Drama is interesting and cool.Funny moments, sad moments and revengeful moment are not excluded. ?

So how many likes can i get on this Drama ?
How many comments and shares can i get on this drama.


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