Melody Episode 7

??? MELODY???

Theme: [She is Dumb, but she is pretty]•
Solely written by: Oluwagbotemi o.✍️
©All right reserved
An epic story ?


?Episode 7 ?

After 30mins of driving, They finally got to the prestigious Melody High School. Remita became real nervous and she became frightened.

“So girls we are here” Nana announced.
Naomi alighted from the car happily.
What she saw stunned her. Her eyes went up immediately. She loved the paintings of the building.
Remita refused to get out of the car. Nana noticed.

“Hey,Why aren’t you getting down??” Nana asked.
“Are you not feeling okay?” Nana asked again.

~Can we please go Back home Nana? I am really nervous. I am scared of going in ~ Remita wrote.

“Are you kidding? We just got here and you want to leave” Naomi said and dragged Remita out of the car.

Nana got down too.
“C’mon brace yourself up. Today is the real resumption day. Try to mingle with people. I am sure it’s gonna be fun” Nana said.

Remita breathe out heavily.
Nana entered her car and she left.
Naomi dragged Remita to the gate.

The security man came out and he recognized Remita and Naomi.
He beamed with smile but couldn’t stop staring at Remita. She has a rare beauty.
Naomi noticed how the security man was staring at Remita.

“Hey man! Why do you keep staring at my sister like that? She is not your girlfriend”Naomi said.
Remita raised her head and looked at the security man.

The security man jolted out of his weird thought.

“Oh, your pass please” The security man said still looking at Remita.
Naomi got really angry. She tried to restrain herself.

Remita presented their pass to the security man.

He looked at it and stamped it still looking at Remita.Remita collected it.
Naomi got really angry this time around, She brought out her bottle water. She emptied it on the security man’s face.

“Oh fuck” The security man said and wiped his face. Remita covered her mouth.

“Next time, you don’t eye flirt with my sister because she deserves some respect. Staring at her like a fool” Naomi said.

“Weirdo!” Naomi said and left.

Remita felt really bad for the security man. She brought out her white handkerchief and gave it to the man.

~Sorry sir, but next time you don’t stare at a lady like that. That’s out of line~ Remita wrote and she tore the paper and gave it to the man.

The man read it.
Remita nodded negatively and she left.
“Anyway you are still beautiful” The security man shouted behind.

Remita heard.

~This man has not learned his lessons~ Remita thought inwardly.

Remita catch up with Naomi. She felt nervous again.
Naomi noticed.
“Don’t worry sister, I am with you. You don’t need to get nervous” Naomi said.

Students were seeing walking around the school.
Naomi and Remita entered the main building.

“Wow, Is this really a school??” naomi muttered.

Remita looked around and she saw Patricia.

Patricia waved at Remita. Remita waved back.
Patricia moved closer to them.

“Whoa, you girls are here, you can’t even call me naomi” Patricia said.

“Hey, girl! .i don’t even have your number” Naomi said and smiled.

The three girls exchanged numbers.

“So have you registered??” Patricia asked.

“No, we are just looking for the principal’s office” Naomi answered.

“Oh, let me take you there. I just got registered” Patricia said.

Naomi and Remita followed Patricia.
They got to the front of an office.

The glassy door was transparent. A middle aged woman can easily be seen through the glassy door.

“Knock, i will wait for you outside here. The registration will take just about 3mins” Patricia said.
“Okay thank you” Naomi said and knocked.

“Come in” The middle aged woman said.

The glassy door open automatically. Remita was surprised because this is the first time she would be seeing a door opening by itself.

Naomi entered.

Remita wanted to enter but she stumbled on something and she fell.

“Oh my goodness” The middle aged woman said and she stood up and helped Remita up.

Naomi helped Remita up too.

“Sorry” Naomi said.
“Sorry kid” The middle aged woman said.

“You can have your seat girls” The middle aged woman said and sat down on her seat.

“Good morning ma’am” Naomi said.

Remita bowed.

“You two are so beautiful, you girls won the scholarship right??” The middle aged woman said.

“Yes ma’am” Naomi replied.
Remita nodded.

Then the middle aged woman opened her drawer, she brought out the two files.

“Well, I am Mrs Fiona Caleb, you have to fill this files then you are registered” Mrs Fiona said.

Mrs fiona gave them two pens and the files.

Remita and Naomi filled the forms.
After filling, They returned it back to Fiona.

Fiona glanced at everything.

“Who is naomi? and who is Remita?” Fiona asked in confusion because they both looked alike.

“I am naomi and my sister here is Remita” Naomi said.

“How come you Can’t talk??” Fiona asked Remita.

~I am sorry but I can’t talk. i am dumb~ Remita wrote and gave it to fiona. Fiona read it and she felt sorry for Remita.

“Well it’s must be really hard then” Fiona said.

Remita smiled.
Fiona Fell for Remita smile immediately.

“You are truly beautiful Remita” Fiona said.

Naomi became jealous again.

“am I not beautiful too??” Naomi said.

Fiona smiled. “C’mon you are twins you are pretty too” Fiona said.

Just then someone entered.

Fiona smiled.

“Miss Valerie, can you please take these girls to their locker room and make sure they change into their school uniform and there is one other girl too outside. Patricia, take her to her locker room too” Fiona said.

“Yes ma’am” Valerie answered.

Remita and Naomi followed Valerie. Patricia also followed.

They went to the locker room but on their way Students were looking at Remita. She covered her face.

The students started mumbling about Remita.

?Oh my gosh!! who is she?? She looks like a goddess.
?Looks like Sophie has a competitor now.
?Her skin is so flawless.
?i can’t wait to have her on my bed.
?Her legs are pretty.
?Sophie is gonna run mad when she sees this girl.
?Wait! i know her she is a twins..she is Remita Johnson. one of the scholarship winners.
?This session is so gonna be full of dramas.
?Remita Johnson!! The dancer. She is a very good dancer.
?Can i touch her hair?? Her skin is so beautiful.
?I wanna make friends with her.
?Remita!! Her name is as pretty as her. She is such a good dancer.
?Her pink lips is extraordinary. Is she using something on her skin. Her skin is so beautiful.
?I love you Remita!!.

Remita heard every single thing the students said.She felt very uncomfortable.She hates attention. She covered her face. She held Naomi’s hand tightly.

“Don’t worry I will be here for you” Naomi whispered.

Then the students recognized Naomi as the Rapper.

?That’s Naomi. The rapper..she is cool.
?Her video went viral. don’t you know her.
?So Regina now has a rival. This session is gonna be fun.
?She is cool. i like her more than Regina.
?I love you naomi.
?Regina is so gonna be mad if she knows that her and her rival is attending the same school.

They finally got to their locker room.

Valerie gave the three of them their keys.

“This is your locker room, make sure to change into your uniform and school shoe and your ID card should be on your neck” Valerie said.

“You girls should hurry up, class will soon start. it is starting in 5mins” Valerie said and left.

Patricia and Naomi hurriedly opened the door and entered their room. Remita stood and she looked around.

She sighed and entered her locker room.

She was really surprised.

~Is this really a school?? it looks like a room~ Remita thought inwardly.

She closed the door..She saw different school uniforms, sport clothes etc. She saw a guitar standing at a corner.

She saw 5 different snickers.

Remita dropped her bag. She hurriedly took one of the school uniform.

~Can i really wear this?? It is too short~ Remita thought inwardly.

Remita put on the blue short skirt and a white long shirt and a blue suit with a bow tie. She put on the white snickers. She packed her hair in a bun. The bun really looks big on her hair because her hair is so long.

If she isn’t packing her hair. Her hair is reaching her hips. But she packed it.

She looked at herself at the mirror.

She put her ID Card on her neck.

She saw some books and an apple laptop.
She stuffed 3 notepads into her bag pack and carried her laptop on her hand.

Her skirt was really short that she has to force it down. She breathe heavily getting fed up.

Her massive curves were visible. No guys will want to take their eyes off her.

She opened the door. She saw patricia and naomi.

Naomi looks beautiful in her school uniform but not as beautiful as Remita.

Patricia turned back to look at Remita. Her book fell from her hand. Patricia opened her mouth wide.

“God really took his time creating you Remita” Patricia said.

“You really look beautiful sister” Naomi said and hugged Remita.

“You are not bad patricia” naomi said.

“Let us take pictures together” Naomi said.

Remita nodded negatively.
She obviously hate photos.

“You don’t wanna take pictures? no way! you are too beautiful not to take pictures” Patricia said and picked her book on the floor.

Three of them took pictures, Naomi posted it on her Instagram page.

She got 1m likes in just 5mins.
Different comments were flooding in.

“Let’s us go to class” Patricia said.

They both went to class.

Patricia was the first to enter the class. A teacher was already in class with the students. Genesis, sophie and Regina were in class already.

Naomi entered. Remita felt really nervous and scared..
Naomi dragged her inside.

The students fixed their eyes on Remita.
Remita felt so uncomfortable again. All attentions were now diverted to Remita. She covered her face.

~Can we just go to our seats already..I can take all these eyes boring holes in to my body anymore~ Remita said.

“Class, we have new students. they are the scholars ” The teacher said.

“It’s pretty obvious” Janet, one of the students said rudely.

Sophie smirked when she saw Remita. Genesis also stared at Remita.
Regina saw Remita too.

“Please introduce yourselves Girls” said the teacher.

“Hi, my name is Patricia pius…I am 16 years old” Patricia said.

“Hi, my name is Patricia Pius, i am 16years old” One of the boys mimicked and the whole class burst into laughter except Genesis, naomi, patricia and Remita.
One thing about students attending melody high school is that they believe that scholarships are for poor people.

“You are poor right?” Sophie asked and the students laughed except Genesis, naomi, patricia and Remita.

Patricia felt really bad that she almost cried.She held her tears in.
Remita felt bad too.

“And what if she is poor?? Being poor is not a sin..not like she committed murderer” Naomi defended patricia.

The whole class was silent. The students were really surprised that naomi could talk. No one among the students dares to talk back at Sophie.

Of course! Sophie is tagged as the “Queen of Melody High”. She is a bully Queen.

“Of course those are the words that usually comes out of a losers mouth” Sophie said.

Even the teachers dare not talk back at sophie.Any word from them they would be fired.

There is only one person sophie cannot back too. it is Mrs Fiona, the principal.

“Whatever!” Naomi said and rolled her eyes.

“so your name please” The teacher asked naomi.

“I am Naomi Johnson and my sister here is Remita Johnson” Naomi said.

“Why are you talking for Her??” janet blurted rudely.

“I am sorry but she can’t talk” naomi said.

“Oh, she is dumb” Janet mocked.

“Dumb ass far bitch” Sophie added.

Remita heard. She uncovered her face. She shot Sophie a deadly glare.

This scared sophie. Remita smirked………

TBC ???

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