Melody Episode 5

??? MELODY???

Theme: [She is Dumb, but she is pretty]•
Solely written by: Oluwagbotemi o.✍️
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An epic story ?


?Episode 5?

“They even compared her to you, Regina.” Sophie said and burst into laughter.

Regina stood up immediately. she collected the phone and watched naomi’s video.


Regina checked the girl’s name.

“How dare they compare her to me??” Regina said and frowned.

Genesis checked her instagram, naomi’s rap video already went viral. she watched it.
“This girl is fucking good” said genesis.

Then she saw another post on Naomi’s Timeline.

• I hope Regina likes it, She is my role model though •

Sophie saw it too.

“The bitch even tagged you, Regina. looks like she is hyping you” Sophie said.

Regina checked it on her phone too.
Regina smiled.

“Good thing she knows who the boss is between i and her” Regina said and smirked.

Sophie checked naomi’s instagram profile. She already got a 2m followers in just an hour.

Sophie smirked when she knows that she has 100m followers and no one can take that from her.

Sophie has 100m followers.
Regina has 80.1m followers.
Genesis has 109m followers.

“School is starting tomorrow bitches, we really have to prepare” Sophie said.

“They will know who the real queens are” Regina said.

“Sure thing” Sophie replied.

“Let’s take pictures and i wanna go to the mall to get some school stuffs. So you girls must come with me” Genesis said.

“Yeah. whatever” Regina said.

“Fine, i will go” Sophie said.

They took pictures together. Sophie posted it online. In 30mins, she already had 4.5m likes.

They set to go to the mall.
“we should really check what we are gonna wear tomorrow to school, we can’t wear rags to that expensive, classy school. Can we??” Naomi said.

Remita stared at naomi.

~ I will wear anything decent, you??~ Remita wrote.

Naomi read it.

“Don’t tell me you are just gonna wear anything.” Naomi said.

Grandma was not around, so only naomi and remita are around.

Then the door opened, it turned out to be the house owner, the lady who can rush words without stopping.

Naomi screamed. Remita just stared at the lady.

“Hey lady, why did you just barge into our house like that?? Our rent isn’t due. So what do you want?? You just scared the shit out of me” Naomi said and frowned her face.

“Oh am sorry about that. That was rude though. I am bored i just wanna be your friend. i am alone” The lady said.

“just because you want to be our friend does not mean you can barge in like that. uhhh..whatever. What’s your name??” Naomi said and lowered her voice.

“I am Nana, i am 25 years old. So i am not that old” Nana said.

“Well, i am Naomi and my sister there is Remita. Nice to meeting you” naomi said.

“Wow, you both look so beautiful” Nana said and stared at Remita.

“Thank you, We get that everytime. But there is something weird about you. You are 25. How come you own this house??” Naomi said.

Nana smiled but at the same time tears rolled down her cheek.
“Hey! Why are you crying?? Did i say anything wrong” Naomi asked.

Nana nodded negatively.
“No, you did nothing wrong. You just remind me of my late parents” Nana said.

“Oh i am sorry about that” Naomi said and covered her mouth regretting her actions.

“They both died when i was 20years old. That was 5 years ago. But their memories are still fresh in my heart, so i inherited this house from them” Nana said.

“Oh sorry” Naomi said.

Remita felt bad for her. She walked up to nana and cleaned her tears for her with her hand.Remita hugged nana.
Naomi hugged Nana too. She felt really sorry for her.

“Oh thank you, Thank you so much” Nana said and cleaned her tears. Then she smiled.

“It’s nothing” Naomi said.

“Well, i don’t want to ruin your happy moments with my bad memories. So how are you guys??” Nana said.

“I heard you guys won a scholarship to study at MELODY HIGH” nana added.

“Yes, but how did you know?” Naomi asked.

“What?? Are you kidding. Everyone in the city already knows. You girls and one other girl. You girls are really lucky you know. That school is really prestigious, expensive and filled with many rich kids” Nana said.

“We will fit in. i heard about it too. But i and my sister will try to fit in.” Naomi said.

But nana noticed that Remita wasn’t talking. She was busy drawing in an old book.

“How come you never talked since i got here??” Nana asked in confusion..

“Are you that quiet??” Nana asked again.

Remita raised her head up.
She wrote something on paper and gave it to Nana.

Nana read it.

~ I am dumb, i can’t talk. But i can communicate with you using my book and pen~ Remita wrote.

“Oh, okay. That’s okay…you are a nice girl though and you are beautiful too. if i was a guy i would ask you out right away.” Nana said and laughed out.

It was obvious nana was joking. Naomi laughed.

Remita smiled.

“well, can you help us here. We are both finding it hard to choose a outfit to wear to school tomorrow” Naomi said.

“Oh, i can help” Nana said.

Nana helped Naomi to select a blue short skirt and a white turtle neck with a blue snickers. It looks expensive.

Remita already knows what she is going to wear tomorrow. Just a white adidas joggers and a white snickers. She hates dressing up so much. just a simple outfit is good fod her.

~Can you help us with a job?? We really need it to support our grandma~ Remita wrote on a paper.

Naomi and nana read it.

“Oh yes, i know a restaurant they need two waitress. Trust me their pay is really good. Do you wanna go there now. They really need it urgently” Nana said.

Remita agreed. Naomi agreed too.

They went out to where nana told them.
?In Alfred’s Mansion?

10 ladies were seen sitting in the guest room waiting for Leonie to come out.

A big jar was seen in the middle. A paper was in it.

“Are you really sure one of them will pass my test” Leonie said.

“i don’t know, one of them might pass” Red replied.

“I will see to that, brother” Leonie said and smirked.

Leonie and Red went to the guestroom.

“So, you are all here. Can you introduce yourselves please” Leonie said.

“I am Rihanna” The first girl said.
“i am diana” The second girl said.
“I am Christiana” The third girl.
“I am Rica” The fourth girl said.
“I am sophie” The fifth girl said.

Leonie frowned. Red noticed.

“The fourth girl should please get out” Leonie said.

“What??” The fifth girl, sophie said.

“I said get out” Leonie commanded.
Red stared at leonie in confusion.
Red already knew what was happening. He knew because the fifth girl bear the name of his girlfriend.

The fifth girl went out shamefully.

“Now, we have 9 left” Leonie said.

Those girls were busy stealing glances at Red.
This angered Leonie but she kept quiet.

“Can we all focus please” Leonie said.

“I am vera” The sixth girl said.
“I am tonia” The seventh girl said.
“I am Britania” The eighth girl said.
“I am Terri” The ninth girl said.
“I am cindy” The last girl said.

“Good, now one of you needs to pass my test before you become my nanny. i can’t be smart and my nanny will have a dull brain” Leonie said.

Red was busy with his phone.

” cindy and terri should please come forward” Leonie said.

Cindy and terri came forward.

“Now all you need to do is to get that paper out of the jar without you opening it” Leonie said.

Terri was dumbfounded.
Cindy tried to open it.

“You are eliminated cindy, i told you without opening it” Leonie said.

Cindy left.

Terri tried but she failed too.

Terri left too.

“Now, we have 7 left” Leonie said.

” Britania and tonia, you are next” Leonie said.

britania tried but she failed.

” I am sorry ma’am but i can’t open it” Tonia said.
“You two should go out” Leonie said.

They both left.

“5 left, Vera and Rica” Leonie said.

They both tried..they still couldn’t get the paper out.

Vera and Rica left.

“Rihanna, Diana, Christiana. Y’all are up next” Leonie said.

Christiana was distracted while staring at Red.
Leonie noticed.

“Please, get out Christiana. you are distracted” leonie said.

Christiana left while staring at Red who was busy with his phone.?

Leonie sighed.

“Now, Rihanna and Diana.Try getting that paper out of the jar without opening it” Leonie said.

Diana tried but Rihanna folded her hands. Leonie saw her.

“And why are you folding your hands?? ?” Leonie said.

“Because it is impossible to get the paper out of the jar…That’s just a brain test” Rihanna said.

“Of course you are right. You are quite smart rihanna but try harder next time. You can both take your leave now. You all failed” Leonie said.

Rihanna and Diana left.

“They all failed, Red” Leonie said.
“They are all dumb…It is fucking impossible to get the paper out of the jar” Red said.
“Thank Goodness, you are aware. But if you were the one. What would you do??” Leonie asked.

“It’s very simple, just smash the jar on the floor and pick out the is just as simple” Red said.

Leonie clapped for Red.

“You are right . You are sure very smart….That’s why you are my brother” Leonie said.

“Don’t worry i will tell jewel to get you some more girls” Red said.

“Never mind brother, they will just all fail but i have one person in my mind. She is pretty and beautiful with brains not like sophie. And i am sure that if sophie was part of this…she would fail too ?” Leonie said.

“No way, Sophie is smart. She is smart.” Red said.

“Then let’s make a deal. If sophie can get this test correctly without you telling her, i promise to like her and accept her but if she can’t i will never like or accept her. Deal or no deal” Leonie said.

“Fine, Deal!” Red said.
Leonie smiled and left.
Red left too.


“You are welcome Nana” The restaurant owner said.
“Thank you Mrs david, You once told me you needed two people to work here with you.can they still work for you??” Nana said.
“Yes, there is still vacancy” Mr david said.

Mrs david is the restaurant owner.

“These are my neighbours. They just moved in but they needed a job” Nana explained.

Mrs david saw naomi and Remita behind Nana.

“Oh thank you nana. You two can have your seat. My name is Tricia David but people call me mrs david. so what are your names??” Mrs david said.

“I am Naomi johnson and my sister is Remita Johnson” Naomi said.

Mrs David frowned at Remita.

“Can’t you talk yourself. why is she talking for you??” Mrs David said.

“I am sorry but my sister can’t talk. But i can talk for her” Naomi said.

“No way, you can’t do that here. if you wanna work for me, you must be accountable for yourself. What if something gets missing in my restaurant?? Who will be accountable for you?? Will your twin sister also talk for you??” Mrs David said.

Nana nodded negatively.

“You are getting out of the line mrs david.”Nana said angrily.

Remita couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up. She just smiled and left the restaurant. She wanted to cry but the tears won’t just come out. It is like she was cursed not to cry. She felt bad.

Naomi couldn’t take it anymore. She left the restaurant and ran after Remita.

“You just made them feel bad, mrs david…seriously mrs david, you shouldn’t have said that” Nana said and left.

Mrs David regretted her actions immediately but she still won’t change her mind about remita working for her. She can still accept naomi.

“Remita, wait” Naomi shouted. Remita already went far. She didn’t hear Naomi shouting her name. But naomi ran as fast as she could.

“Remita, wait” Naomi shouted again. Remita waited.
Naomi moved closer to her.
naomi hugged Remita.

Nana saw them from afar.
She felt bad for the two of them.

“i am sorry Remita, sorry” Naomi said.

Remita suddenly wished she could talk.

She disengaged from the hug.

Nana walked closer to them. “I am sorry girls, sorry i never knew she could talk like that to you. Seriously it is my fault. we shouldn’t have gone there” Nana said.

~it’s not your fault, don’t blame yourself~ Remita wrote.

“Oh no, it’s really my fault remita…if i didn’t take you there. she wouldn’t have said fhat to you” Nana said.

~you should go back there naomi, i don’t want to be the reason you won’t be able to work there. I promise i won’t get mad~ Remita wrote.

Naomi read it.

“no i am so not going back there. i am really angry at her. i don’t know what i will do to her if i go back there” Naomi said.

Naomi gritted her teeth.

~No naomi, you have to go back there. you have to think of our grandma. She is working her ass out for us to eat. I really want you to help her till i get my own job. please, do it for me, do it for grandma~ Remita wrote.

Naomi read it.

Remita did the please sign.
She looks like she wanted to cry.

“Fine, i will go back there and i work but during my stay there, i will make her pay for what she did to you” Naomi said.

TBC ???
who felt bad for Remita?? Naomi is really protective of her sister. Leonie is just so good but kinda savage ?

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