Melody Episode 4

??? MELODY???

Theme: [She is Dumb, but she is pretty]•
Solely written by: Oluwagbotemi o.✍️
©All right reserved
An epic story ?


?Episode 4?


The reporters were seen at Genesis’s perfume launch. Many models were present, Tori, the president’s daughter, Emilio, the governor’s son and so many influential people.

Genesis was looking good with her beautiful dinner gown.
Her pictures and posters were everywhere.

Top model, Bea cruz was not absent. Bea is genesis’s role model.
Soon, Regina and Daniel arrived.

“Congratulations girl” Regina said and pecked Genesis cheek.
Jeremy was not absent as well. Genesis is Jeremy’s crush.
“Congratulations beautiful” jeremy said.
“Thank you jeremy” Genesis said.

Jeremy stared at Genesis for more than 1 seconds but genesis moved her eyes away feeling awkward with the way Jeremy was staring at her.

Regina noticed and winked at Jeremy.
Daniel cleared his throat.

Only top models, the reporters, some fans were invited to the perfume launch.

Just then a white limousine arrived. The reporters rushed to the car. They all knew it was the Country’s sweetheart, Alfred Melody.

Alfred’s guards rushed out of the second black car and blocked the reporters. Alfred personally hates all those paparazzi stuffs. it makes him angry most of the times but the most important thing is that He loves his fans so dearly.

Alfred stepped out of the car wearing his nose mask. His dressing was so perfect. He waited for Sophie to adjust her dress in the car. Then she stepped out of the car. She holds hand with Alfred. He walked inside but the reporters kept disturbing him.

Then he stopped on a spot.
He signals to his guards.
Sophie stopped too.

?How do you feel about coming here, Alfred.
?Are you excited about coming here??
?Can you please tell us ??

The reporters covered Alfred with questions.
Sophie just smiled but whenever those female reporters try to get close to Red. She will frown at them which will scare them to move far away from him.

Alfred prepared to answer only two questions and get off the set.

Alfred pulled his nose mask away.
The Camera light flashed on him. He covered his eyes.
The flashlight hurt his eyes. But he managed to talk.

His hands went to his pocket. “I am very excited to come here. i and my girlfriend” Alfred said.

“Genesis is my friend and I will support her with whatever she does, Thank you” Alfred said.

Sophie held hands with Alfred. so they both entered.
Genesis saw them.

“Sophie, Alfred” Genesis said and waved to them. She moved towards them.
“Hi” Alfred said and smile.
“Babe, congratulations” Sophie said and hugged Genesis.

Genesis hugged Alfred too. “Thanks for coming” Genesis said as soon as she disengaged from the hug. Genesis’s staff led Sophie and Alfred to the VIP seat.

Remita, Naomi and Patricia looked at each Other in surprise……….
“What??” Patricia said.
“No way…?. We won? Am I dreaming?” Naomi said.
Remita widened her eyes in shock.

“Yeah, we won” Naomi screamed out.

“Come up to the podium please” Jewel said with the microphone.

Patricia ran up to the stage happily. The contestants applauded her.

Naomi dragged Remita up to the stage.
The people admired Remita. She looks so beautiful. But Remita was nervous. She felt like passing out mostly because she hates crowd and attention.

written by:Oluwagbotemi O.

Naomi was extremely happy.
The camera flashed light but Remita covered her eyes…she hates photos.

“What’s wrong with her” One of the contestants said.
Naomi smiled.

“Why is she covering her face??” Leonie asked.

“because she hates photos and crowd” Naomi said.

“oh, stop taking pictures then” Leonie commanded the photographers.

“She has a weird personality though but i like her” Jewel said referring to Remita.

“Congratulations girls” One of the staffs said.
Leonie was just looking at Remita. How beautiful she is. How long her hair is. She wondered if Remita is a woman.

“This is the kind of Lady I want for my brother not that stupid sophie” Leonie muttered lowly.

?Leonie’s POV ?

I may be 8years old but the way I think is far way better. I like Remita.

How can a girl be so beautiful like a goddess??
Her hair, her curves, her pretty face, Her beautiful smile. She looks like a model.
She looks innocent to me not like that foolish girl sophie. I hate sophie.

Remita looks cool and fun to play with it. Maybe I should hire her as my nanny. i really want her close to me and my brother ?.

Unfortunately she can’t talk but I like her like that.

I must show my brother the pictures and videos i snapped and recorded.
I must find her a way to get them close to each other.

“Because she hates photos and crowd” said her twins sister, naomi.

I chuckled. How can a dancer not like photos and crowds?? That’s weird though.


“This loads are fucking heavy” Naomi rushed words as if she was rapping.
Remita and naomi carried the gifts given to them.
They walked home but suddenly a car pulled over beside them.
Someone stepped out of the car and collected the gifts from Remita.
Naomi frowned.
“Who are you??” Naomi said.

Then Leonie waved at Naomi and Remita.
“Oh, leonie” Naomi said.

“come on in, let me take you home” Leonie said.
“No, thank you” Naomi said.
Remita stared at leonie.she nodded negatively.

Then leonie stepped out of the car.
“c’mon i wanna help you home, don’t refuse my help please” Leonie said and wanted to cry.

“Oh don’t cry please” naomi said.
“if you don’t want me to cry then accept my help please” Leonie said.

Then leonie’s guards helped naomi to carry the gift in the boot.
Leonie grabbed Remita and Naomi’s hands. She dragged them to the car.

The Air conditioner was cool. Naomi was wowed.

“I love the color of your car” Naomi pouted.

“Gracias (Thanks)” Leonie said in spanish.

Naomi scratched her neck not understanding what leonie said.
Leonie noticed.
“I said thank you in Spanish”Leonie said making it clear.

~wow, I like the accent. can you teach me??~Remita wrote.

She showed it to Leonie.
Leonie beamed with smile.
“Of course” Leonie said happily.

Finally, they got to Naomi and Remita’s house.

Remita carried the gifts while naomi helped her.

“Thank you” Naomi said.
“It’s nothing just consider me as your little sister” Leonie said

~Thank you~ Remita wrote.

Leonie left.

remita and naomi carried the gifts inside the sitting room.

Naomi didn’t wait.She quickly unwrapped her own gifts.

What she saw amazed her. She saw a brand new iphone.
Naomi screamed out loud. She jumped around the house. Grandma was not around.

Remita unwrapped her own gifts.She smiled and saw another brand of iphone.

They both saw makeup kits, letters of Admission into Melody High School.

Grandma entered.

“Good evening Grandma” Naomi said.
Remita hugged grandma.

“See what we got here” Naomi announced.

Grandma widened her eyes in shock.

Naomi explained everything to Grandma including the scholarship they got.

“Thank goodness, you will be going to school now…You girls have made me so proud..” Grandma said with tears in eyes.
~c’mon grandma don’t cry, This is a blessing~ Remita wrote and showed it to grandma.

“You are right remita I shouldn’t cry” Grandma said and hugged the bothof them.

Remita turned on the iPhone. it looks so expensive.

Naomi turned on hers too. Naomi created her instagram account immediately. Remita hates social media. To her, social media is like a Life intruder.So she refused ro create an instagram account.


She did a video of her rapping.
She posted it online , just immediately she got like 200 followers in 50mins.
Naomi posted her pictures.

Her videos went viral. In 1hour she already got 50,000 followers.

She got so many comments like;

?Are you a professional?? Oh my gosh she rapped like a professional. She is far better than Regina martins.
?The rap lyrics is lit.
?Girl, you so good.
?Oh my gosh!! Regina martins will blow up when she sees this.
?you are a pro, someone should tag regina martines till she sees this.
? You and regina should somehow collaborate.You are gonna break the record gurll!!

Naomi read the comments happily. She chuckled as people compared her to Regina.

“Grandma, school is resuming next tomorrow, we should go early” naomi said.

Remita agreed.

“yes, i will make sure to follow you there” Grandma replied.
“Never mind grandma, we can do it ourselves. we don’t wanna stress you. we want you to rest” Naomi said.

~You don’t have to worry grandma, we aren’t kids anymore~ Remita wrote.

In Alfred’s House ?

Alfred got home very tired. He met leonie watching sonething on her phone.

“You are so engrossed that you don’t even know that i am here already” Red said.
Leonie raised her head up.

“Alfred” Leonie said and hugged him.
“What are you even watching??” Red said and snatched the phone from leonie.

His eyes widened when he saw Remita dancing. He watched all her moves. He stared at the screen.
Remita danced perfectly.
Even Red knows that Sophie can’t dance like that for the fact that sophie is a dancer.

Alfred’s eyes caught her hair, it was long and her natural Pink lips.Her massive curves.

Then Leonie smiled as Red was engrossed in Remita’s video.

She checked her wristwatch.

“Do you like her??” Leonie asked.
The Question jolted him out of the video.

Red gave Leonie back her phone.

“Who is she?? ” Red was forced to to ask that Question.

“Well, she is part of the scholarship winners. She will be attending Melody High School with you” Leonie said.

“What is her name??” Red asked.

“Her name is……” Leonie wanted to talk but Red cuts in.

” I don’t care. I don’t need to know her name” Red said and went to his room.

He entered his room. He kept thinking about the dance. Red wished that he knows who the girl is.

In Sophie’s Pent house ?

Regina and Genesis went to sophie’s pent house after the launch party.

Sophie was busy scrolling when she saw a video.
She saw a girl rapping.

“This gurl is fucking good!! She got skills” Sophie said.

“Who??” Genesis asked.

Sophie checked the comment section and burst into a serious laughter.

“They even compared her to you, Regina.” Sophie said and burst into laughter.

Regina stood up immediately. she collected the phone and watched naomi’s video.


Regina checked the girl’s name.

“How dare they compare her to me??” Regina said and frowned.


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