Melody Episode 3

πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’™ MELODYπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’™

Theme: [She is Dumb, but she is pretty]β€’
Solely written by: Oluwagbotemi o.✍️
Β©All right reserved
An epic story πŸ”₯


πŸ’™Episode 3 πŸ’™

Night πŸŒƒ

“Tell me leonie, why did you behave that way to her?? She is older than you” Red said and stared at Leonie in amusement.

Leonie frowned.”You should have known I don’t like her. i don’t like her for you Alfred” Leonie said with her tiny voice.

Alfred breathe heavily. He is aware of Leonie not liking sophie. “Is that it?? You don’t like Her ?? But why?” Alfred questioned.

Then leonie stood on her feet.
“I don’t just know, something feels not right about her. I don’t like Sophie” Leonie repeated.
“Please i am begging you Leonie, Treat her like a human. Just please like her for me. Do it for me please” Alfred said.

Leonie became really angry.
“Did she say that I treated her like an animal? And you can’t force me to like sophie. Never! Whenever I look at her, my blood will start boiling. I hate her! I hate every single thing about her” Leonie yelled.

“Are you really getting angry because of her? If you are ready to talk to me nicely, my door is open” Alfred said and left feeling pissed off.

Leonie became sad.
“This stupid woman is causing trouble between i and my brother” Leonie yelled and entered her room. She slammed the door.

Red was watching her from the CCTV camera in his room.
He wondered why Leonie hate Sophie so much.

“She is just 8 years old and she is already thinking like a paranoid adult” Red said and sat on his bed tiredly.

Red is the short form of calling Alfred.

Red looked at his parent’s picture beside his bed.
He is careless with his things. All of his phones were scattered at the other end of his bed. Even some money was carelessly scattered beside his bed.
He wanted to shed tears again but he remembered what Daniel and jeremy told him. He restrained himself quickly.

Then his personal manger called him, Jude.
He picked it.

“What??” Alfred said trying not to raise his voice at jude.
“I wanted to remind you about your invitation to BEAUTY SCENT new launched brands of perfumes tomorrow at 12:00pm on Dot” Jude said.

Alfred groaned.
“Fine, got it!” Alfred said and hang up.

He switched off his phone and threw it on the other end of the bed.

Alfred slept off.

written by; Oluwagbotemi O.🍹

Grandma, Remita and Naomi gathered around the table and ate. Grandma had prepared food for them.

Remita ate silently. Naomi and Grandma talked.
“I hope you girls like your rooms” Grandma asked.
“yes, grandma. we even saw clothes, bags, perfumes and so on. Those rich people are too rich to notice, just one snap of their finger can bring millions home” Naomi said and munched on the boiled egg and fries.

“Just make sure to be careful around here.Don’t play with the neighbors anyhow” Grandma warned.
Remita nodded agreeing with Grandma.

“Yes grandma” Naomi said and choked on her food.
She coughed badly.
“Oh” Grandma said.
Remita left her food and poured water into the c cup and gave it to Naomi to drink.

Naomi calmed down.
“Thank you sis” Naomi said to Remita.
grandma patted naomi’s back.
“It’s fine! The most reason why it is bad to talk while eating” Grandma said.

“Yes grandma” Naomi said.

Remita brought out a small book and a pen. She wrote something on paper.


Grandma and Naomi read it.
“What?? you want to work?” Grandma said.
“I agree with her Grandma, we will both look for a job tomorrow. I have been thinking about it too” Naomi said.

Remita wrote something on a paper.

~ Please Grandma, I love you.~ Remita wrote again.

Grandma adjusted her glasses and read it.

“Okay, fine” Grandma said.
“I will also start knitting again and sell” Grandma added.
“Okay grandma”Naomi said.

~Thanks Grandma~ Remita wrote.

Grandma replied with smile.

Grandma retired to bed but Remita and Naomi refused to sleep.
Remita wrote a lyrics for Naomi.
Remita is the one who used to write rap lyrics for Naomi. Naomi can’t write songs or rap.

Naomi played “Love me by Alfred Melody” and shr danced to it.

~play me “Love me by Alfred”, please.~ Remita wrote.

Remita danced to it..Her body was rhyming with the beat of the music. She danced and danced. Naomi wished that she had a cellphone, she would have recorded it and send it to the internet.

Remita finished dancing. Naomi started rapping. She rapped so fast.

Remita smiled and clapped for her. she really wished their dreams will come true so they won’t be poor anymore. Most of the things remita hates is Competition. She hates competing with people.
Even naomi is aware of it.

Naomi finished dancing and Remita clapped for. She did the thumbs up sign for naomi.

~ Let’s go to sleep, i am sleepy already. i am tired~ Remita wrote on paper. Naomi read it.

They both agreed.
They went to their respective rooms.

Naomi jumped on the bed,she still couldn’t sleep.
“This bed is so soft and comfortable”Naomi said and jumped on the bed.

Then the Air conditioner starts working immediately and she drifted to sleep.

Immediately Remita got to her room, she locked the door and removed her clothes.
She entered the washroom. She couldn’t use the bath tub. she saw a bucket and poured some water into it. She looked for a bowl and started bathing.

She removed the rubber on her hair and it cascaded down her hips, she has a very long hair but naomi”s hair is just up to her shoulders.

After Bathing, she used the towel she found in the restroom.

She tied the towel and walked back to the room. She didn’t know what to wear. She tried looking for a comfortable nightie to wear.

Remita opened the wardrobe and saw different nighties but they were all white.

Remita smiled.
She put it on and went to sleep.

……Next morning…..🌀

“We are giving 3 scholarships today but thousands of people applied, how are we going to answer all of them today” Jewel said.

Jewel is one of Alfred’s most trusted staff
Alfred raised his head up.

“I don’t care jewel, Just give 3 people the scholarship and they should all get out” Alfred said coldly. He was really angry about what leonie did last night.

“That sounds odd, Are you okay red??” Jewel asks.
“None of your business just do what I asked you to do and stop asking what you shouldn’t ask” Red said.

Jewel moved out immediately. He knows Alfred as a kind hearted person who cares for people but this attitude and his anger issues is the only problem.

Alfred realized that he just shouted at Jewel. But he didn’t care but was still feeling guilty.

Then Jude came in.

“A beautiful morning to you Boss red” Jude said with smile. Alfred frowned but he still looked handsome.

“First, I have told you never to address me as boss…You are far older than me. Second, what do you want??” Red questioned.

Jude smiled, He is aware of how much Red hates being addressed as boss.

“I am here to remind you about the invitation of…..

Red didn’t wait for Jude to complete his statement.

“Of BEAUTY SCENT at 12:00pm, C’mon jude i don’t forget things easily. Now what do you want from me again?” Red said.

“Uh…about my ….sal..salary” Jude stuttered.

“Check your account! Anything else? if there is nothing else please you can excuse me…I am very busy” Red said coldly.

Jude made a sad face wondering about Red.

“What’s wrong?? Something is definitely wrong with him. Sir red is a very kind guy with a cool behavior” Jude thought inwardly.

Jude left.

Leonie knew that what she did was wrong. So she decided to talk things out with Red.

She opened the door to his personal studio. Red raised his head up and his face met with leonie.
He dropped his guitar and attempted to leave but Leonie hugged him.

“I am Sorry Brother. I am sorry” Leonie said with her tiny voice.
Red smiled. He knew his sister is already feeling bad.

“Won’t you still talk to me brother?? Don’t you love me anymore?” Leonie said and made a sad face.

Leonie started crying.
Red felt guilty.
Leonie wanted to walk away but Red carried her up on his arms.

“Of course I love you dear sister, But I still don’t understand why you refuse to like sophie” Red said.
“Please Alfred, don’t let us talk about her” Leonie said gently and rested on Red’s shoulder.
“Fine, I won’t talk about her anymore” Red said.
“Thank you brother! I love you” Leonie said and pecked Alfred’s cheek.

Red smiled.

“Do you want a nanny?” Red asked.
“I think so, i am tired of being lonely at home The only friend i have is Juliet but she is moving out of the country next week” Leonie said.
“I’ll try to get you one” Red assured Leonie.
“But make sure she is smart enough to pass my test” Leonie said and smirked.

Red laughed and it showed his cute dimples.
Red knows that Leonie is troublesome but she is very smile and he knows that Leonie wants someone who is smart like her.

“Of course, sister.” Red said and put leonie down.

“I want to go to the Audition centre with Uncle jude, I want to watch their performances. Since school has not resumed I want to keep myself busy” Leonie asked for permission.

“Anything to make you happy” Red said.
“Thank you brother” Leonie said and left.

Red allowed Leonie to go and represent him in the audition centre because he won’t be able to go because of his invitation to BEAUTY SCENT launching.
Remita and Naomi dressed up to look for a job.
They waved goodbye to their grandma.

“Don’t be late,Be careful, Come back before 7:00 pm” Grandma said and continue knitting.

Naomi dressed in a black Baggy shirt and a pencil blue jeans with sandals. She didn’t pack her hair. She left it.

Remita dressed in a simple white turtle neck and a blue jean trouser with sandals. She packed her hair but it is still reaching her hips.

Any guys they meet on their way will try to flirt With Remita but Naomi will deal with them.
There was a guy who tried to slap Naomi’s butts but naomi didn’t waste time in giving him a hot slap.

Remita hated being touched on her body anyhow. Another guy tried to touch Remita on her breast but Remita pushed him away.

“This guys are pushing it. They really want me to show them how Bayani people treat brats” Naomi said and squeezed her face.

Remita is too beautiful. Naomi is beautiful too.

Then Naomi sighted a lot of people at the front of the gate.
“Let’s check it out, Remita.” Naomi said and dragged Remita’s hand but she refused to go.

Remita nodded her head negatively.
She brought out her pen and book. She wrote something on it.

~ Don’t let us go, What if we get into trouble? Grandma is gonna be mad at us” Remita wrote and showed it to Naomi.

Naomi read it.

“We are not doing anything bad. We are just checking out” Naomi said.

Before Remita could write anything naomi dragged her.

They saw many people.

“Looks like they are doing an audition here” Naomi said.

Then naomi tapped on a girl’s shoulder.

“Hello, please what is happening here” Naomi asked politely.

“Melody Organization is organizing scholarships for people. But you have to go through an audition to be able to get in. It’s just for 3 people anyways..I hope i can get the scholarship” The blonde girl said.

“Okay thank you” Naomi said and walked back to Remita.

“Let’s try this. our dreams might come true…please” Naomi said.
Remita nodded negatively.

`~ I am scared, Grandma might get mad at us~ Remita wrote.
“No she can’t. Please Remita” Naomi said.

~Fine, do whatever you want. I am going home~ Remita wrote and wanted to walk away.

Naomi dragged her back.

“Please, we are twins. i can’t go without you” Naomi said

Finally, Remita agreed.

Just then a beautiful, fancy Red car pulled over at the front of the Audition centre.

Then Leonie came out of the car.

πŸ‘€Oh my gosh!! Alfred’s sister is here.
πŸ‘₯yehhh, it’s Leonie.
πŸ‘₯I love her hair, she is so cute.
πŸ‘€Alfred is so lucky to have her as his sister.
πŸ‘₯ Her bag looks expensive and beautiful, but hey! isn’t that Bea cruz’s bag.

“Oh my gosh! leonie is here” The blonde girl said.

Naomi and Remita stared at Leonie in amusement.
“Wow, she looks so expensive and rich” Naomi said.

Then Naomi tapped the blonde girl again.

“I am sorry, but who is she??” Naomi questioned.

“She is leonie melody, The younger sister of Alfred Melody, the owner of Melody Organizations. She is 8 years old and Alfred is just 17” The blonde girl explained.

“Wow, she is just 8 years old?” Naomi asked.

“Yes she is. She is here to represent her brother” The blonde girl said.
” who is Alfred Melody?” Naomi asked.

Then the blonde girl brought out her phone and showed Naomi the picture of Alfred.

“Wow,” Naomi said.
“He is like a demi god..He is the most handsome guy in the whole world” naomi said again.
“you can say that again” The blonde girl said.

“You said he is 17 years old right?? Wow, a 17 years old guy as already achieved a lot like this” Naomi said.

Remita just stared. she didn’t make a move..she saw and heard everything the blonde girl said.

“Nice to meeting you, what’s your name??” Naomi asked.
“I am Patricia Pius, You are??’ the blonde girl, patricia said.

“Wow actually I am a twins… I am Naomi Johnson and this is my sister Remita Johnson” Naomi introduced.

Remita waved to Patricia.
Patricia waved back to Remita.”Wow, your sister looks like a goddess…with a beautiful face..You ate beautiful too” Patricia said.

~ Thank you patricia, if ever we win, I hope we can become friends ~ Remita wrote on paper and showed it to Patricia.

Patricia read it and was surprised and wondered why Remita wrote on paper instead of talking.

“Oh, thank you!, but instead of writing you could have talked” Patricia said.

“Actually, she cannot talk. But I love my sister” Naomi said.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if she can talk or not…I like you both already. I hope we can be friends if we win the scholarship. Do you know that many gifts are attached to this audition. Brand new phones, an apple laptop, a full makeup kits and so on.” Patricia said.

“Wow, Remita let’s try it out” Naomi said.

Remita finally agreed.

Naomi was tagged number 50
Remita was tagged 49.
Patricia was tagged 47.

Soon, Leonie sat on her huge blue seat.
She looks small on it.

Number 1 to 48 did the audition.”we will get back to you soon miss Patricia pius” Leonie said.

Patricia bowed and left.

“Number 49& 50, it’s your turn” Jewel announced.

Both Remita and Naomi entered together holding hands.

Naomi was nervous.
But Remita pat her Back.

Leonie raised her head up and saw Remita.

“Wow” Leonie muttered slowly.

“What’s your name?? Contestant 49” Jewel asked.

“She is Remita Johnson, my twin sister” Naomi answered for her.

“Can’t she talk by herself? why are you talking for her??” Leonie interrupted.

Naomi wanted to frown her face but she restrained herself.

“I am sorry but she can’t talk” Naomi said.
“So why is she here?? what is her talent?” Jewel questioned.

“she can dance” Naomi replied sharply.

“So what’s your name??” Leonie asked.
“I am Naomi Johnson” Naomi replied.

Leonie felt bad for Remita.

“So let’s start. what is your own talent?” Leonie asked again.

“I can rap. I hope to be a rapper’ naomi replied.

“Cool, so you go first” Jewel said.

Then “Frenemies by Alfred Melody” Played in the background.

Naomi didn’t rap. She stood still then the music stopped.

“Why aren’t you rapping??” Leonie asked.
“Because i have my own rap lyrics. i can use that” Naomi replied.

“Fine, you can use it” leonie said.
Someone gave naomi the microphone.
Naomi started rapping.
She rapped so fast.

“wow” jewel said and clapped.

“Fantastic, i love it…you rap like Regina martins” Leonie said.

“Thank you” naomi said.

“Contestant number 50” Jewel said.

Then “Love me by Alfred Melody” played in the Background.

Remita danced to it

she danced perfectly, even Sophie can’t dance like that.

Her body rhyme with the beat of the music.
She danced and danced.

Leonie didn’t know when she started recording Remita.

She ended the dance with a perfect posture.

Jewel,Leonie and the judges didn’t know when they stood up and clapped for Remita.

“Wow, i love your moves” Jewel said.

“Excellent!! This is so good…i like your moves can yoy teach me please” Leonie said.

Naomi and Remita laughed.
“You can go, we will get back to you as soon as possible” Jewel said and looked at Remita.

He licked his lips because of her Massive curves.

Remita and Naomi left.

“We have seen enough today..
let’s stop here” Leonie commanded.

“Yes ma’am” the judges chorused.

“I agree with you Leonie” jewel said.

“I think I like those twins and that patricia pius…They are the winner in all I. have seen today.

“I hope we will win” Patricia said and hold hands with Remita and Naomi.

“I hope so” Naomi Said.

“The results will be announced today, in fact it is time for it to be announced.

Then All of the contestants were asked to converge at the auditorium to announce the winner. There are 50contestants.

Remita,Naomi and Patricia were present too.

“As we all know that the results will be announced today.” Jewel said.

“So let’s welcome Leonie Melody to announce the winner” Jewel said again.

The contestants clapped. Then Leonie came to the podium and announced the winner.

“The 3 winners are Remita Johnson, Naomi Johnson and Patricia Pius” Leonie said.

The contestants and the judges clapped.

Remita, Naomi and Patricia looked at each Other in surprise……….

TBC πŸ‘‘
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