Melody Episode 2

💛💜💙 MELODY💛💜💙

Theme: [She is Dumb, but she is pretty]•
Solely written by: Oluwagbotemi o.✍️
©All right reserved
An epic story 🔥


💙Episode 2💙

🎶You are the melody in my music,
🎶Always in my dream,
🎶It’s you before anyone,
🎶it’s between you and i, no one else.

Alfred sang whole heartedly remembering the night his parents were killed. Of course! He has been the one taking care of his younger sister, Leonie. No family, no relatives. Just him, his sister, Sophie and his two friends. Daniel and Jeremy.

He dropped his guitar on the table since he couldn’t concentrate. He kept screwing up. Whenever he tried to sing he will always remember the night his parents were killed right in front of him.
Then Daniel and Jeremy entered the studio and saw Alfred almost crying again. They knew all about his trauma.

Daniel dyed his hair blue, Jeremy dyed his hair White while Alfred dyed his hair red. Alfred loves anything red.

“Bro, don’t tell me you are screwing up again” Jeremy said with care. ” Yes bro! We have a concert this weekend. you can’t be like this bro” Daniel said.

Alfred wiped his eyes with his white handkerchief trying not to feel bad.
“I just feel tired that is all” Alfred said sadly. His voice sound like an angel.
Daniel is the second richest after Alfred, while Jeremy is the third richest.
“You can’t lie to us again bro. it won’t work on us. you are thinking about your parents again” Jeremy said. “Jeremy is right. listen to me Red, Your parents won’t be happy seeing you like this at all even leonie. Think about her she is still young. what if she finds out about it” Daniel said.

Then Alfred stood on his feet. “Fine, I won’t do it anymore” Red said.

Red is the short way of calling Alfred.

Leonie entered and jumped on Red.

“Alfred” Leonie shouted happily. She is so playful. Leonie is 8 years old but she has a matured mind.
She is pretty with a long hair and very outspoken. She does not hide her feelings.

Alfred carried her and pecked her cheek. He pat her hair. Red loves leonie so much since she is the only family he has left.
Leonie loves Alfred so much. As young as she is, she used to look out for Red and make sure everything is okay.

“I miss you brother” Leonie said with her tiny voice.
“I miss you too sister” Red said and put her down gently.
Leonie saw Daniel and Jeremy too.
“Hello brothers” Leonie said to jeremy and Daniel.
“Hello cutie” Daniel said.
“Hello ugly” Jeremy said. Leonie widened her eyes . it almost popped out of it’s socket.

“who are you calling ugly?? Un!” Leonie yelled and chased Jeremy around the studio. Leonie and jeremy are like cat and rat always chasing themselves around whenever they get the chance too.

“Don’t allow me to catch you okay? Because if I catch you. I will break your leg” Leonie said.
“Catch me if you can” Jeremy mimicked.

Leonie and jeremy chased each other. Jeremy is also 17 years old too but he acts like a baby sometimes.

Then leonie pretended as if she fell. “Ouch! it hurts…jeremy come and get me” Leonie said.

Jeremy fell into her trap and ran to meet her.
“Oh my gosh! Where does it hurt??” Jeremy asked.
“Gotcha!!!!I got you” Leonie laughed and grabbed jeremy’s leg and pulled it.

Leonie sat on jeremy’s head.
“Feels soo good” Leonie said and laughed.
Then Leonie fart on Jeremy’s nose.

Daniel and Red laughed.

“eww…so gross” jeremy said and struggled to get away from leonie.

Finally Alfred came to Jeremy’s rescue. Daniel helped too. They both pulled Leonie away from jeremy’s head.

Jeremy finally stood up.
“so gross…i have to use the bathroom, what the fuck did you eat today?? You released a terrible gas in my nose..don’t let me get you Leonie” Jeremy said.
“Well, I ate chicken, egg and fish today. just for you!!” Leonie said and laughed.

Then Jeremy rushed into the restroom and came back after few minutes.

Leonie laughed at him.
“Do you want more..Brother jeremy” Leonie said again.
“Do you want Jeremy” Jeremy mimicked he tiny voice.
Leonie wanted to rush to meet Jeremy but get pulled back by Daniel and Red.
She hates being mimicked by someone and the fact that it came from jeremy made her so mad.

Someone entered and it turned out to be Sophie, Genesis and Regina.
Leonie frowned when she saw sophie and Regina. She actually don’t like them and the fact that sophie is her brother’s girlfriend made it worse.
Sophie was aware that Leonie does not like her and would often cry to Red.

“Genesis” Leonie said happily and jumped on Genesis’s body.
Genesis pecked her cheek.

“So adorable” Genesis said.
“Thank you” leonie said and Genesis put her down.

“How are you doing??” Genesis asks.
“I am fine…gosh!! I love your perfume scent” Leonie said.
“Oh thank you. Do you want one?? well i brought you one” Genesis said.
Genesis brought out a brand new launched perfume from her fancy bag.

“Yehhhh…I love you Genesis..That is why you are my role model” Leonie said.
“Awwwnn…thank you baby” Genesis said and blushed.

of course! Genesis is everyone’s favorite.

Sophie and others watched them.
She felt bad and jealous because she knew that leonie hates her.
Alfred noticed and pecked her cheek.

“Don’t be sad baby. She is just a kid” Red consoled her.”It’s okay baby” Sophie said and rested her head on Alfred’s chest.

Leonie smirked when she saw Red and sophie.

Regina pecked daniel’s cheek.
“I miss you babe” Daniel said. “I miss you too” Regina said.
Regina is Daniel’s girlfriend. Jeremy does not have a girlfriend but he likes Genesis.

“School is starting soon guys..we should have fun before it starts..I have an idea. let us go shopping” Sophie said.

“Well, you have to count me out, excuse me brother i wanna play with juliet at the mall” Leonie said and left.

They all stared at her in awe. “Well, it’s fine guys we can go without her” Regina said.
Genesis disagreed.
“no, we are not going without her. if she is not going then i am not going” Genesis said.
“Then you can stay here with her” Sophie said.
“I am not going either” jeremy said.
“Then let us not go” Daniel said.

“That’s a better idea! Let’s practice the song guys” Red said.

They all took their positions and practiced.

Regina and Sophie sat together.

“That girl really has a problem with you..” Regina said referring to Leonie.

“That little brat…i am still treating her nicely because of Red. i don’t want him to think i am a bad person. you know how much leonie means to him” Sophie said.

“Then why can’t Red just send her to london instead” Regina said.

Sophie stared at Red and smile at him.

Red looks so handsome even with the simple cloth he is wearing. Just a simple joggers and a baggy shirt. And a red bandana tied just to prevent his hair from falling on his face with a red snickers.

“The scholarship session is starting tomorrow” Regina said.
“So??” sophie said and turned to look at Red again.

“Whatever” Regina said.
“Like i care” Sophie replied.

🎸Authoress POV 🎸

Naomi, Remita and grandma alighted from the public boss. Naomi smiled happily.

“Finally, we are here. The weather is so nice..I like the vibez not like that stupid town” Naomi said and pushed her hair backwards.

Remita looked around.
Alex and his father already went to their own destination.

Grandma coughed out.
Remita and naomi moved to her immediately.
“Are you okay grandma??” Naomi said.
“I am fine, i am just thirsty” Grandma said.
“Okay i will get water for us” said naomi.

Naomi went to the small stall and got 3 sachet water for them.
She gave Naomi and grandma their water.

Grandma drank the water.

“Are you okay now Grandma??” Naomi asked.
“I am fine now..Thank you” Grandma said.
Remita smiled.

“Let’s look for a house to leave in” Grandma said.
“let’s just rent a cheap house because of money. we still have to work and save up for Remita”s surgery” Naomi suggested.
Remita nodded, agreeing to it.

“no, I have enough money with me.I will rent us a comfortable and decent house for us to live in”Grandma said.

Naomi was happy.
Remita smiled too.
They both hug their grandma.

Fortunately for them they walked into the silent street.
They saw a big house for rent.
She saw a woman.

“Please ma’am, who is the owner of this house. it is for rent right??” Grandma asked the woman.
“yes ma’am..i am the owner of this house. $1000 per year” The woman rushed words.

“Thank goodness, can we pay now..we really need the house badly, the thing is that we don’t have anywhere to stay” Grandma said.
“Yes of course, let me help you with your things” The woman said and collected the old wooden box from Grandma and the old travelling box.

Remita, nancy and grandma followed the woman.The woman is kind hearted and nice.
They entered the house.

“Wow” naomi said.
Remita looked around the house.
“You are really lucky grandma, because the one who stayed in this house before won an american lottery $50m. He helped me rennovate this house” The woman said in one said.

“Wow, $50m! That’s so huge” Naomi said but grandma glared at her.

Naomi kept quiet immediately.

“Let me show you around the house” The woman said.
Remita stared at the woman in awe and wondered how a woman could talk so fast without giving a space to breathe.

“There is water you don’t need to worry about water. There is 4 rooms in this building. A large sitting room, 4 rooms and a pool.” The woman said.
“Wow!! a pool..This is so Fantastic” Naomi said.

Remita became scared immediately the woman mentioned pool.
Remita is Aquaphobia- The fear of water.
She gets cold easily.

Grandma stared at Remita.
She knew what happened to her. She has a fear for water.
Naomi understands and she kept quiet.

“Enjoy your stay here, There are home appliances here already. you don’t need to buy anything again” The woman said and hand the key over to Grandma.

The woman left.

“you both like the house right” Grandma said.

“Yes grandma” Naomi said.
Remita nodded.

“Go check out your respective rooms” Grandma said.

Naomi and Remita checked the rooms.

“Wow, I love this place. This will be my room starting from today” Naomi said and Remita smiled.

Remita went out and checked out her own room too. Wow!! It looks so beautiful.

Remita’s room is more beautiful than Naomi but it was fine with Naomi.

Naomi’s room is painted Pink.
There is a bed there and a wardrobe and dressing table.

Remita’s room is painted White, it looks more mature than Naomi’s room.
There is a bed there, a fancy wardrobe and a moderate dressing table.

Naomi opened her wardrobe and found pretty Teenager’s cloth and pairs of snickers and Bags.

“Those rich people must have forgotten all these here..Maybe they are too rich to notice” Naomi said.

She took a cloth and went to Remita’s room to show her the cloth she found but she met Remita checking out the fancy bags she saw in the wardrobe.
Naomi went back to her room feeling jealous of Remita.

“I should have chose that room” Naomi said.

Naomi entered the restroom and saw the shower.

“wow” Naomi said.
“This is too much” naomi said.

Remita found many Teenager’s clothes of her size. It really look good on her.
She found bags, clothes, shoes, makeups.

Remita hates makeup and fancy dresses but loves perfumes.
She saw brands of perfume.
She sprayed it on her body.

~Thank you for making my wish come true~ Remita thought inwardly.

She really wished she can talk.

y’all have met Leonie. What do Y’all think about leonie??
Episode 3 coming soon.🥂

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