Melody Episode 15

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Theme: [She is Dumb, but she is pretty]•
Solely written by: Oluwagbotemi o.✍️
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An epic story ?


?Episode 15?

?All girls of Melody Music Department should should put on a short Skirt and a blue armless top ? Signed by Queen Sophie.

Remita read the message and frowned. She knew she couldn’t wear that kind of dress because it was a free uniform day.
All students of Melody High School are to put on any dress because it’s a free uniform day.

“Just don’t come to school naked” said Mrs fiona, on the day of resumption. All kinds of clothes are accepted in Melody High.

Remita walked to her wardrobe and looked for a decent outfit just a long trouser and a blue shirt. At least she still comply with the rules but just with a different style.
She selected a white adidas snickers with it.

Different messages kept entering Remita’s phone but she refused to check it.

She did her hygiene and dressed up for school. She combed her hair and attempted to pack the hair but unfortunately the rubber loses it elasticity. It cuts.That was the last rubber she had.

So she decided to leave her hair unpacked. Her hair was so full. It was reaching her hips.
Her eye lashes was long.

She sprayed her favorite perfume.
She checked herself in the mirror but she was feeling uncomfortable with her hair. it was too long.

She looks natural.

She carried her backpack and went out of her room What she saw amazed her.
She saw Naomi wearing the dress code sophie messaged in the group chat.
Naomi saw her.

“what are you wearing?? won’t you comply with the rules?” Naomi asked and stared at Remita.

~I would never comply with the rules made by sophie ever. And if i would ever comply with her rules it would be with something decent. The cloth is too exposed ~ •Remita wrote.

“Whatever, suit yourself. you look beautiful though. Should i take your pictures?” Naomi asked.

Remita nodded negatively.

~ i hate pictures. where’s grandma?~Remita wrote.

“She has left already. She dropped us some money for lunch she said she couldn’t cook that she wants to deliver some knitted blanket to her customers. Here, take yours. $50 for me and $50 for you ” Naomi explained.

Remita nodded.

Nana entered.

“Whoa, you girls look so beautiful. I love your outfit Remita and you too Naomi” Nana said.

“Did you drop grandma in her customer’s place?” Naomi asked.

“Yes, I came for you girls. i want to drop you girls in school and go to my place of work. i work at Melody Entertainment industry” Nana said.

“Whoa, that’s great. The salary must really be good then” naomi said.

Remita nodded.

“Let’s go! we are running late” Nana said.

Naomi took her selfie and posted it on her Instagram page. She already got 300,000 likes immediately. Her Instagram followers have increased from $5m to $10.5m.

Remita dragged her to Nana’s car.

In the car, Remita plugged in her earphone and listened to her favorite K-pop music, Blackpink.
“Stay by Blackpink”.

Naomi was busy scrolling through her Instagram and saw many pictures of melody High School students.

Sophie posted a picture and tagged her friends Genesis and Regina.
Naomi really loves Regina’s outfit. She wished she could get her outfits.

After 30mins ride, They got to school.

Naomi was the first to get out of the car followed by Remita.”Bye girls, i am running late” Nana said.

“Bye” Naomi said and waved.
Remita waved.

She removed her earphone and put it in her bag.
Remita was not wearing her hoodie today.She looks like a goddess with her body.

The security man was lost staring at Remita.

“Beauty goddess” The security man said.

Naomi dragged Remita away from the security man.

They both walked into the main building.

All the students were lost staring at Remita.

Students started taking pictures of Remita and some of naomi’s.

The students commented on Remita’s look.

?Gosh, Remita’s beauty is killing me.
?Even with just a decent outfit, she stands out.
?Ah, she is a goddess. I want her. somebody should get her.
?Her beauty is out of this world, How can someone be so beautiful.
?how?? She is too pretty to be in melody High school.
?she is just like Alicia SIlverton in Alicia.
?Her beauty can never fade.
?Her hair, her lashes, her pink lips. Her b**bs, Her booty drives me nuts.
?Sophie can compete with her. With just a decent outfit she’s more than cute.
? With just a simple cloth she is pretty but sophie will look like a parachute in a tight drum.
?You are my role model Remita.

Remita heard many things about her. She wished she brought her hoodie with her she would have used it to cover up.

They started taking her pictures.
She covered her face. They don’t know how much she hates photos.

Her pictures flooded the internet. Naomi’s pictures weren’t that much.

Remita walked as fast as she could to the restroom. She needs fresh hair.

She heaved a sigh of relief immediately she got to the restroom.
She met Genesis spraying her perfume.

“Hey! Remita” Genesis said and beamed with smile.
Remita swallowed a lump of saliva and moved back.

“What’s wrong?? Why are you moving away from me? Did I do anything wrong??” Genesis asked.

Remita nodded negatively and smiled.

“you see, I am sorry for what my friends did to you. sophie and Regina. i am so sorry. I have warned them never to bully you again or else i will stop being friends with them” Genesis said.

Remita smiled. They both hug each other.
Tasha entered too.

“Wow,you girls just made up. what am I missing” Tasha said and joined them.

The 3 of them hugged each other.

“Best friends forever” Genesis said.

“Let’s go back to class, class is about to start” Tasha said.

The three of them went back to class.

The guys went crazy over Remita.
Remita felt shy and she quickly sat beside Genesis.
Then Red, Daniel and Jeremy entered the class.
Soon sophie and Regina entered the class.

“Babe” Sophie said and pecked Red.
Remita saw them and she wondered why they are not pecking elsewhere.

~ They aren’t the only couple in this class, Why must they peck each other here in class. That’s gross ~ Remita thought inwardly.

Tasha read her mind.

“Sophie likes over doing things. showing off her boyfriend” Tasha said.

Sophie settled and looked around the class. She spotted Remita wearing a different outfit.

“Why must she wear a different outfit when i just made the rules” Sophie muttered. Regina heard.

“She’s a proud peacock what do you expect and a terrible witch. With her stupid long hair” Regina said with hatred.

“She will suffer for this” Sophie said with powerful hatred for Remita.

Red eye searched for a curvy girl then his eyes landed on Remita.
Red was lost staring at Remita. Sophie noticed Red staring at Remita for a long time.
Sophie frowned.

Sophie wanted to talk but a music teacher entered and distracted Red from staring at Remita.

“Good morning students, Today we will be learning some dance moves but before i teach you. I need two girls to show me their dance moves” Miss kayla said.

Miss Kayla is the 7th music teacher in Melody High School.
Miss Kayla looked around searching for Remita.
Miss Kayla is a fan of Remita since the Scholarship Audition because she was there too.

“Miss Remita Johnson, please come out” Miss Kayla said.

Remita widened her eyes in shock.

~But i didn’t raise my hands ~ Remita thought inwardly.

“Please come out Miss Johnson” Miss Kayla repeated.

Remita obeyed, She adjusted her blue shirt and walked out.
She stood beside Miss Kayla.

All eyes was on her.
She wished the floor would open and swallow her.
Red’s eyes failed to leave Remita’s body.
He couldn’t control his eyes anymore.
He has never seen a girl so beautiful like Remita before.
His eyes betrayed him.

“So,I need one more girl. Who wants to volunteer” Miss Kayla said.

Sophie raised her hands.

“I can volunteer miss Kayla” Sophie said proudly.

“You can come forward Miss Cruzita” Miss Kayla said.

Sophie cat walked .

There was a gap between Sophie and Remita.

Sophie eyed Remita. Remita ignored her.

“Who will go first” Miss Kayla asked.

“I wanna go first” Sophie said.

“Love me by Alfred” Sophie added.

Then love me by Alfred played in the background.

Sophie danced and danced.
The song stopped.

The class clapped.

“Quite good” Miss Kayla commended.

“Miss Remita you are up next” Miss kayla said.

Remita breathe in and out.

“do you want any particular song??” Asked miss Kayla.

Remita nodded negatively.
Remita does not need any particular song to dance. All she needs is her body and her rhythms.

Then ‘love me by Alfred” played again.

Remita danced perfectly to the Alfred’s music. Her body twisted to the music.

“Whoa,” one of the boys said.

Everyone was lost looking at her.
Sophie too didn’t know when she started looking at Remita.

Remita looked so attractive while dancing.Her loves were perfect. She didn’t know where all these new moves were coming from but she did whatever that was coming to her brain.

Alfred was lost staring at her.
Sophie saw Alfred looking at her.
She became jealous and envious of her. She felt like going closer to Remita and dragging her hair down.

The song ended and Remita ended the dance with a perfect posture.

Alfred swallowed a lump of saliva.

TBC ???
Hmm, If Sophie is not careful she will die of jealousy?


  1. Na all this nonsense way i no dey like
    Abeg make owner no vex ooo why be say owner nay dey like finish story for this website they use am do owner no be say owner ney dey try ooo but please put more effort u people are keep us in suspences biko ejoor ooo

      1. I’ve been waiting for 4 months now for this story update. Been checking every day. Pls, owner, have mercy on us. Can’t wait to see what happens. But Naomi has some explaining to do when Alfred confronts her.


  3. I’ve been waiting for 4 months now for this story update. Been checking every day. Pls, owner, have mercy on us. Can’t wait to see what happens. But Naomi has some explaining to do when Alfred confronts her.

  4. ah please now we’ve been waiting for the next episode for almost 4 months now please owner pity us naaw we’ve tried naaw

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