Melody Episode 14

💛💜💙 MELODY💛💜💙

Theme: [She is Dumb, but she is pretty]•
Solely written by: Oluwagbotemi o.✍️
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An epic story 🔥


💙Episode 14💙

“You really did a good job in handling the grocery store and you sold almost all the goods in this grocery store. You are truly a goddess” The old woman in the grocery store said.

Remita smiled revealing her cute dimples with her flawless pink lips.
The old woman playfully pulled her cheek softly.

“You will go far, just keep doing good things” The old woman woman said.

~Thank you ma’am, But we have not talked about my salary~ Remita wrote.

The old woman adjusted her glasses and read what Remita wrote.
“Oh, about your salary. I have decided to give you $5000 every month. for your honesty about working for me” The old woman said.

Remita beamed with smile.

~ Thank you so much ma’am..That’s a lot~ Remita wrote and showed it to the old woman.

“You can call me susan. I am grandma susan call me grandma susan” Grandma susan said.

Remita nodded.

“You should go home now” Grandma susan said.

Remita waved goodbye to grandma susan.
She was really happy about the $5000 grandma susan will be giving her everymonth.
At least she would be able to pay the bills and save up for her surgery.

~ Lucky really shine on me today ~ Remita thought inwardly.

Remita walked in the street alone. Then she received a message from Nana.
She pulled out her phone from her pocket.

💬Where are you Remita?? Grandma is worried about you 💬

That was from Nana.

💬I am about to get home, I just finished my work💬 Remita replied and returned her phone in her pocket.

Then she noticed some strange movements behind. She turned back but couldn’t find anybody.

She continued walking , then she felt a hand grab her waist.
She was startled. The person carried her but Remita bite his arms very hard. The person dropped Remita and screamed in pain.

Remita used the opportunity to run away. She held her phone tightly and her backpack tightly. She ran as fast as her leg could take her. She fell down. She stood up quickly and continue running till she got home.

She opened the gate and adjusted her uniform. She arranged her hair and tried to act normal but she was restless. She does not want to scare her grandma. She tried to cool down like nothing happened.

Remita tried smiling.

She opened the door to their apartment.

Grandma sprang up and rushed over to Remita and touched her cheek.

” Are you okay?? What happened to You?” Grandma rushed words.

~ I am okay grandma, nothing happened. I finally got a job in a grocery store which will be paying me $5000 per month. i am so happy grandma~ Remita wrote and showed it to grandma.

Grandma read it. She was so happy.

“Thank Goodness, Finally we can save up for your surgery” Grandma said and Remita nodded.

“Congratulations Remita” Nana said and hugged Remita.

Grandma was really happy.
Remita looked around for Naomi.

“She is In her room” Nana said.
Remita nodded and rushed to Naomi’s room. She opened the door and didn’t meet naomi in the room.
Then she heard naomi singing from the bathroom.

Remita sat down on her bed and looked around, she saw an expensive bag on Naomi’s wardrobe.

~ it looks so expensive.Where did she get the money to buy that expensive bag?? ~ Remita thought inwardly.

Remita wondered where naomi got the money to buy those expensive stuffs.

Then naomi walked into the room naked without covering her body with a towel.
She almost screamed out when she saw someone sitting on her bed.
Then she heave a sigh of relief when she saw Remita.

“You almost scared me” Naomi said.
Remita turned to naomi and saw her naked.

Remita opened naomi’s wardrobe and she brought out a towel for her. She gave it to naomi to cover up.

~ I just got a job ~ Remita wrote.

“Wow, how much will they be paying you. Mrs david said she would be paying me $2000 dollars” Naomi said.

~ $2000 too ~ Remita wrote. But she lied. Remita knew she couldn’t trust naomi because of what tasha told her. Remita knew she could only trust her grandma.

“Wow” Naomi said.
Remita smiled.

~ i am going to my room. I have to Change ~ Remita wrote and she left.

Remita entered her room and locked the door behind.

🔥Vincent’s POV🔥

I held my arms in pain. Naomi will really pay for what she did to me I swear.
How dare she bite my arm? I was only trying to take a one night stand with her.

But something seems off, The naomi I saw this night is different from the naomi I saw in the afternon. The one i saw this night is beautiful, curvy, sexy, her body shape will turn men crazy at first sight but the one i saw in the afternoon is beautiful too, she has a short hair, a slim body with average size.

I am really so confused or is she a twins. They really look alike but different body shape.

I must find out. I think I like the one I saw this night but i dont care Naomi will pay for biting my arm.

👀 Morning 👀

Red opened his eyes thinking of Remita, trying to figure out who the real remita is. But he knew he was not going to school today.
Then he called jude, his personal manager.
He changed his mind about going to school.

📲Hello boss, Good morning boss.
📱Morning, I have changed my plans I am going to school today.
📲but why? boss!.
📱i just changed. Cancel all my schedule today.
📲Including the orphanage foundation party?
📱Yes or can you do me a favor ? Attend the party for me. I will transfer a huge amount of money to your account. Give it to them and you know what to say.
📲okay Boss! Anything for you.

The line went off.

Red sprang up and entered the restroom.
He took his bath and dressed up hurriedly.

Daniel and Jeremy waited for Red in the limousine.
Red is keen on knowing who the real Remita is. Jeremy was still sad about Genesis. The sight of seeing Genesis so sad makes jeremy feel bad.

“What’s keeping you waiting bro?” Daniel asks.

Jeremy scrolled through his phone trying to get Genesis number.
He called the genesis number but it was busy.
He called like times.

“I was busy dying my hair to Red. just like my name” Red said playfully and entered the limousine.

“I thought you have got so many places to attend today.Did you change plans?” Daniel said.

“Yes, I need to clarify something. Especially with that girl. it’s kinda confusing though” Red said and arched his brow.

“Hmm,don’t tell me you are hitting on another girl apart from sophie” Jeremy said.

“No way, it’s far away from that” Red replied.

“So what’s her name?” Jeremy asked.
“Her name is…Re..mi..Rem…oh I have a short term memory i can’t even remember. you know..those 3 girls, patricia. And those two other girls”Red said.

“Oh, those twins. i think I can remember one of them. Naomi, that viral rapper on the internet” Daniel said.

“Whoa, so they are twins” Red said in surprise.
“Yeah, Remita and Naomi. The slim one and the one always covering her face with a hoodie” Jeremy added.

“Yeah, that’s the problem i have got. I don’t know which is Remita. Either the slim one or the one always covering her face with a hoodie. The one covering her face with a hoodie is the one i hurt” Red said .

“You hurt one of them? Who? I hope she is not the curvy one because the curvy one is the one always covering her face with a hoodie. She looks innocent though” Jeremy said.

“The curvy one is Genesis’s friend and one more thing she is dumb she can’t talk so don’t mix them together” Daniel explained.

“So the girl in the hoodie is the one I hurt, and she can’t talk. So that means The second girl that can talk is only pretending to be her” Red said.

Red was angry and wondered why naomi is pretending to be Remita in front of him.

“What do you expect? Many girls are dying to be our girlfriend especially you” Daniel said.

“But why must she do that?? That’s wrong!” Red said.

The limousine stopped in front of the school. Red, Daniel and Jeremy got down from the limousine.

TBC 💛💜💙
So Red finally knows who Remita is now.
Naomi 👀

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