Melody Episode 13

💛💜💙 MELODY💛💜💙

Theme: [She is Dumb, but she is pretty]•
Solely written by: Oluwagbotemi o.✍️
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An epic story 🔥


💙Episode 13💙

“we have come to the end of this class. you all should make sure that your assignments are done before tomorrow morning” said Mr Gabriel, one of the teachers in Melody High.

“Yes Mr Gabriel” The students chorused except Remita.

It was closing hours already.
Remita arranged her books and laptops inside her backpack. She dipped her phone inside her pocket.
She carried her back and went out of the class. All her plan again is to look for a part time job to help her Grandma. Remita didn’t even wait for Naomi anymore because she thought naomi didn’t care about her anymore.

Genesis saw Remita going out of the class. she knew immediately that something is wrong with her.

“Hey! Tasha. Is Remita okay??” Genesis asked Tasha.
Tasha nodded negatively.
“Obviously she is not okay. Your so called friends bullied her, so do you think she’d be okay with that” Tasha said.
“What?? Sophie and Regina bullied Remita ? what for? What has she done to them?” Genesis said and frowned.
“Why can’t you ask your close friends ?” Tasha said and left.

Genesis frowned her face. Jeremy noticed and walk up to her.

“Are you okay Genesis?” Jeremy asked adjusting his hair.
Genesis didn’t reply at all. She angrily packed her books.
She wanted to leave but Jeremy grabbed her hands.
Genesis frowned her face and sighed.
“What’s wrong??” Jeremy asked.

“Not now jeremy” Genesis said and hijacked her hand. She left.
Jeremy became sad.
He seems troubled because of Genesis.

Jeremy left the class.


Genesis rushed over to sophie and pushed Sophie into the pool angrily. Regina sprang up immediately. She knew Genesis was angry.

“Hey! what was that For?? Are you possessed?” Regina said. She was in her bikini.

Genesis shot Regina that dreadful glare. She felt like slapping some sense into Regina’s brain but she wouldn’t do that because they were still friends.

Sophie frowned.

“Are you crazy? What was that for? What did I do to you?” Sophie shouted.

Genesis folded her arms.
“Why can’t you ask yourself what you did to Remita? Why did you bully her?” Genesis said.

Regina laughed.
” so you are behaving like this because of that poor bitch? And when do you start caring for them” Regina said.

“Just shut up Regina. Shut up! Because if you won”t shut up. You won’t like what i would do to you” Genesis yelled.

“Don’t tell me you are really getting angry because of that stupid girl” Sophie said.
“She is not a stupid girl. You are the stupid one here sophie. What has she really done to you? You just hate her for no reason, All because of jealousy!” Genesis blurted.

“Are we seriously arguing because of her Genesis? Are you really taking her sides? you stoop so low because of her.” Sophie said.

“This is so not ordinary..She has possessed you Genesis without you noticing.” Regina said.

“I don’t care if I stoop so low to her level. She is an human too. Because she is poor doesn’t mean i can’t be friends with her. i choose whoever i want to be friends with. You are just hating on her for no reason” Genesis said and left.

Sophie and regina looked at each other. They both burst into a terrible laughter.

It is so obvious that sophie and Regina are not ready to leave Remita alone even without doing anything to them.

“This is just the beginning of her suffering” Sophie said.

👑Remita’s POV 👑

I should really learn how to defend myself. This bullying is getting too much and is it actually my fault i am beautiful? God created me, I didn’t create myself.
I know What exactly is happening to Sophie. She is envious and jealous. If she is not contented with her body then she should do plastic surgery and she should stop bothering me.

I am only here in melody High school to study and not to chase after boys.
I just hope I can graduate and get out of this school.

Tasha is really kind hearted but weird though. i think I like her to be my friend. And i don’t know why she is keeping creepy dolls in her locker room.
Isn’t that weird??

My phone beeped for a message it turned out to be Genesis and Tasha.
I checked it.

💬Hey! are you okay now? Do your knee still hurt💬
That was from Tasha.

💬I am sorry for what Sophie and Regina did to you, I swear i didn’t know about it. It was Tasha who told me 💬

That was from Genesis.

I don’t wanna reply any messages now. I want to look for a job to support grandma.

I walked alone in a lonely street. I was scared of meeting sophie again. Then i took to my heels.

Then I saw a big grocery store.

I summoned courage and enter the store.

“Oh thank Goodness, you are here” An old woman in her 50’s said.

What?? I am here!?

“Take care of my store, i am going out to meet my friends. If you don’t know how much I sell my goods you can check the laptop. Thank you beautiful” The old woman said.

Whoa, That’s weird. Does she know me before?
Well thank Goodness I have finally seen a job.
Naomi served customers their food. The young guy whose name is vincent was in the restaurant again trying hard to talk to naomi.

“Can i take your order sir” Naomi asked holding a pen and book.

Naomi could recognize the guy.
Vincent licked his lips staring hard at Naomi.

“Hmm..I want you” Vincent said.
Naomi frowned.

“What??” Naomj said.

“Oh, nothing. i want Rice balls and chicken with a fruit juice” Vincent said and naomi wrote it down.

“okay..will be back in 5minutes” Naomi said and left.
Vincent stared at Naomi’s butts.
The way it was swaying left amd Right.

“I must have you on my bed tonight” Vincent said and sipped the wine.

“Rice balls and chicken with a fruit juice” Naomi said to veronica
“Okay” Veronica replied.

💬Finally got a job in a grocery store💬 Remita sent to Naomi.

Naomi pulled out her phone from her pocket and read the message.
Naomi beamed with smile.

💬Wow, thank Goodness. We can finally help grandma out and you will be able to get your surgery done😘💬 Naomi sent and added a love emoji.

💬Yeah, i am happy. When will you get home? Because I will be getting home late in the night💬 Remita replied.

💬oh, i will get home by 8:00 pm. it’s almost 7:00 though. 💬 Naomi texted.

💬okay we will meet at home and share the goodnews to grandma💬 Remita replied and naomi smiled.
Veronica noticed that Naomi was smiling.

“Someone is chatting with her boyfriend” Veronica teased.

Naomi glanced at her and put her phone back in her pocket. She folded her arms.

“Why can’t you just mind your business.” Naomi blurts.

“whatever, the food is ready” veronica said.

She dished the food into 4 plates and put it into the tray.

Naomi already prepared the juice. She carried the food and the juice to vincent.

“Thank you my lady” Vincent said seductively.

Naomi frowned.

“Bills please” Naomi asked rather rudely.

“How much is the food and you? i want to buy everything you have?” Vincent said.

“What the hell are you talking about?? you can’t buy me..and moreso i just asked you to pay for the food and it $900. just give it to me and let me go” Naomi said.

“C’mon i am just joking around” Vincent said and gave naomi $2000.

Naomi counted the money. it was $2000.

“$2000 dollars? what for? your money is $900 dollars” Naomi said.

“Keep the change” Vincent said.

“Well, thank you” Naomi said and put $1100 in her pocket and gave mrs david the $900 dollars.

Vincent licked his lips.

~You accepted my money surely means you accepted me.
there is no going back ~ Vincent said.


Naomi adjusted her dress after removing her uniform. She was wearing a tight blue dress and a white snickers. She dressed so seductively.
She arranged her hair.

“Good night, Mrs David” Naomi said and went out of the restaurant.

She walked down the lonely street staring down at her phone looking at Red’s picture.
She is so obsessed with Red. She wished she could just hug him and kiss him.

“I am ready to give my body to you Red. I love every inch of you, your body, Your handsome face, your dimples, your pink lips, your 6packs…I love you” Naomi said and kissed Red’s picture.

She had taken the picture of Red before in class.
Then she heard some footsteps following her.

She quickly put her phone back in her pocket and gripped her cross white purse tight. She hide behind a tree to see who the person was.

The person came out. it turned out to be Vincent.

“What does this guy want from me?” Naomi muttered.

Naomi summoned courage and she came out of hiding.

“so you have been following me, what exactly do you want from me??” Naomi asked.

Vincent smiled out. He stared at Naomi from her face to her toes. Then he moved his eyes to naomi’s thighs up to her breasts.

“I just want to be your friend” Vincent said.

“Is that why you have been stalking me?” Naomi asked.

“Yes” Vincent answered.

“Stop following me you stalker”Naomi blurts and she went home.

Vincent just wanted her for just one night. He is planning to use and dump her. He is most excited that She collected his money.

TBC 💛💜💙
Vincent! Who can guess Vincent motives towards naomi?? Naomi also staring at Red’s picture 🧐

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