Melody Episode 11

πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’™ MELODYπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’™

Theme: [She is Dumb, but she is pretty]β€’
Solely written by: Oluwagbotemi o.✍️
Β©All right reserved
An epic story πŸ”₯


πŸ’™Episode 11πŸ’™

Sophie started sweating profusely. She carried the jar up and shake the jar.
Leonie smirked.
“Such a fool” Leonie cursed under her breathe.
Red just stared at sophie. Sophie looks very confused and sweaty.

Sweats formed on her forehead.
She dropped the jar on the table since she couldn’t get it out.

“It is impossible to get it out..This is just a prank” Sophie said proudly.

Red sighed heavily and nodded.

“Really?” Leonie said and smiled.
“I am Sure” Sophie answered back.

Red knew sophie already failed. He left the guest room.Leonie is aware that red is annoyed already.

“Do you really want to know the truth? uhh? The truth is that i can never like you nor accept you for my brother. you are just a proud peacock without no brain. Average beauty with no brain” Leonie said.

Leonie carried the jar up and smashed it on the ground. She picked out the paper carefully.

“It’s just as simple as that” Leonie said.

“You little brat!! How dare you talk like that to me. i am so much older than you. You little 8 years old brat” Sophie cursed.

“I would really appreciate if you are older than me with brains. Even a zombie can’t feed on your brain” Leonie said and left the guest room.

A maid cleaned the broken jar.

Sophie became really angry.

“This is all your fault,Remita!” Sophie almost yelled.

Sophie knew that Remita is not to blame for all this but she just want to find someone to put all the blame on.

Red was in his room. He laid on his bed.
Sophie came on top of him.

“I am sorry” Sophie said.
“It’s fine, you tried your best. So am not getting mad at you” Red said.

Red smiled at sophie.Sophie stripped in front of him.Red switched places with Sophie. He was now on top of sophie. Red kissed sophie. He used the duvet to cover up.

Sophie’s moan could be heard under the duvet.

Everyone diverted their attention to the young guy.They all gathered around him and tried to help him but the young guy became restless.

The young guy jumped from one place to another trying to control his tongue. The garlic was hurting his tongue badly.

Mrs David rushed towards him.

“What is wrong??” Mrs David asked. The young guy became very angry that he gave mrs David a thunderous slap which send her to the floor.

Veronica rushed out with Naomi.

“Mrs David” Veronica rushed to Mrs david.

Naomi folded her hands and smiled wickedly at Mrs David.

Mrs David struggled to stand on her feet but her cheek was burning with the slap.

“uhn! That’s what you get for talking to my sister that way” Naomi said.

Naomi felt pity for the young guy.She gave the young guy water and his tongue stopped burning.

“Oh my gosh, thank you miss” The young guy said.

Finally Mrs David stood on her feet..”I am sorry sir, But there is absolutely nothing wrong with the food” Mrs David.

“Shut up Tricia, Why can’t you taste your stupid food?? Who prepared the food?” The young rich guy yelled at Mrs David.

“I am sorry sir but it was veronica who prepared the food”Mrs David said carefully because she knew that the rich young guy is capable of sending her to prison or closing down her Restaurant.

“Really and who’s Veronica?? The murderer who wants my tongue to suffer. if not for this young lady I would have died” The rich young guy said.

Naomi smiled.

“I am veronica sir’ Veronica said shakily.

The young guy shot veronica a deadly glare.

“I am sorry sir” Veronica said.

“Better be sorry for yourself..If not for this young lady i would have send you both to the prison and have this shabby restaurant demolished but i won’t do that because of this pretty young lady” The rich young guy said.

“Thank you sir” Mrs David and Veronica said together.

The young rich guy left but dragged Mrs David with him outside.

“I want you to give me that lady’s number. I am interested In her” Mrs David said referring to naomi.
“I am sorry sir but I can’t” Mrs David said.

“Then you would give me no choice but to have your restaurant demolished and not only that you and your Veronica will rot in prison” The young guy threatened mrs David. She became scared.

“Okay, Her name is naomi. I have her number i will give it to you” Mrs David said.

The young guy gave Mrs David his phone. She dialed naomi’s number on the guy’s phone.

“Good. My name is Vincent. i hope you know that” The young guy said and smiled.

Mrs David left.
Vincent smiled.

Vincente Manobal is a young guy in his 20’s. He is a mafia. He deals with drugs and he loves anything under skirt. He is a mafia lord.
He is 21.

Mrs David entered the kitchen.
Veronica and naomi were in the kitchen glaring at each other.

“Who among you prepared that food??” Mrs David yelled.
Naomi folded her hands waiting for veronica to get scolded by Mrs David.
Veronica lowered her head in shame but she was sure she didn’t add much salt and never even added garlic.

“Why can’t you all talk?” Mrs david yelled.
Naomi cleared her throat.
“Well, as you know. i am only in charge of taking orders and serving the food to the customers. So i am not sure who prepared the food but from what I saw in the morning it was veronica” Naomi said.

Mrs David turned to veronica.

“So you really prepared the food Veronica?? Why did you add garlic. We all know here that garlic is not a part of the ingredients used in making Rice balls” Mrs David said.

“I am sorry mrs Tricia, but I am so sure that i didn’t add much salt or even garlic in that food” Veronica said.
“Well whatever, Just thank your stars that we did not both end up in prison or this restaurant gets demolished….Thank you naomi” Mrs David said.

“It’s no problem ma’am. I just did what i have to do” Naomi said and checked her wristwatch.

“My duty is over ma’am.This is past 9:00pm in the night” Naomi said. She carried her bag and left.

** Next Morning **

All students were seen trooping inside the classroom. It was such a cold morning. Remita and Naomi came to school together.
Remita was still sad she still couldn’t find a job but she is not ready to give up for the sake of her grandmother.

“Guess what Remita?” Naomi asked.

Remita sighed. Naomi knows fully well that Remita is very bad at guessing.

“Just guess..Try guessing for once Remita” naomi said.
Remita nodded negatively.

“Fine, i will just tell you. The good news is that I finally made Mrs David pay for what she did to you.” Naomi said and smiled.

Remita raised her head and stare at Naomi.

“Aren’t you happy?? I got revenge for you dear sis” Naomi said happily.

~ There is no joy in getting revenge..The joy would not last long. Whatever you do will surely come back to you. I am going to class now~ Remita wrote and gave it to naomi.

Naomi read it and frowned.
Remita left leaving naomi.

“She is not even happy I got revenge for her. How many sisters do that for each other? Whatever” Naomi said and bumped into someone.

The person turned out to be Red.

“so what. Why can’t you look straight to where you are going?? why can’t you just open your eyes?you are not dea…………

Naomi Stopped talking when she raised her head to find Red staring at her.

“Look i am sorry for what I said to you in class..I know that i hurt you with the statement i am sorry about that” Red said to naomi.

Naomi became confused.

“Apology accepted” Naomi said.

TBC πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’™
Why is Red apologizing to Naomi?? Doesn’t he recognize Naomi from Remita because they look like each other? And why is naomi trying to pretend to be Remita in front of Red? πŸ˜”

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