Melody Episode 1

??? MELODY???

Theme: [She is Dumb, but she is pretty]•
Solely written by: Oluwagbotemi o.✍️
©All right reserved
An epic story ?


?Episode 1?

” Fire, Fire, Fire,” Naomi shouted from the backyard . She ran as fast as her leg could take her. she saw Fire burning. Some people were seeing running helther skelther carrying their loads on their head.

Inside the small room, Remita was coughing. She kept trying to talk and save her grandmother.
She tapped her grandmother countless times.
Finally, her grandmother woke up and sneezed.

“What is wrong Remita??” The 85 years old grandma said.
Remita did the fire sign with her hand.

Naomi rushed in with her slippers in her hands.
“Grandma, Fire is burning…we need to get out of here” Naomi shouted.
Grandma stood up on her bed and started packing their things.

Remita started packing their things out of the small house.Naomi helped.

Remita packed the few cloths they have inside a small wooden box.

“Oh Goodness, this is not good” Naomi said.
“Enough of the talking naomi, let’s pack first” Grandma said.
“Yes grandma” Naomi replied.

Naomi saw the fire spreading, coming to their direction.
Grandma saw it too.
She grabbed naomi’s hand and naomi grabbed Remita’s hand they ran out of the house and it exploded.

The house burned down to ashes.

“Where are we going to stay now?? Are we now going to sleep under the bridge??” Naomi complained.

Grandma tried to hold in her tears but it flowed down freely.

“Don’t say that Naomi. we will get another house soon” Grandma said.
Remita did not cry but naomi cried.

Remita brought out a piece of cloth and used it to wipe grandma’s tears away. She felt so down but she Couldn’t cry. she wished the tears could just flow down heavily but no matter what she did she wouldn’t cry.

“What are we going to do daddy. Our house is burned down…Are we going to be homeless now??” A little girl said.
“Don’t worry sweetheart, we are moving to the city tomorrow” the little girl’s dad said.

Naomi envied them.
“How i wish we can go to the city too and leave this uncivilized town” Naomi said.
Grandma shot her a hard glare.
“Your sister is not even complaining now you are complaining. why can’t you be contented with what we have” Grandma said.
Naomi frowned.
“Not like she can talk…I knew if she can talk she would have complained too” Naomi said.

Grandma spanked Naomi’s back.
“Grandmaaa” Naomi said and walked away angrily.
Remita and grandma looked at each other. They both know how hard naomi can get sometimes if she is not given what she wanted.

?Naomi’s PoV?

i am so sick and tired of our current situation. And i don’t know why we can’t get what we need. Did we offend someone?? why can’t we be rich like others?? I mean we are all equal people. i hate being poor and i am gonna do everything to get rich.

I am so engrossed with what I was thinking that i did not know when i accidentally hit my leg on a hard stone.

“Ouchhh” I screamed out.

Then I felt a hand on my waist, i knew who it was already. it was Alex, one of my suitor. He is also my friend.
I almost pushed him away.

“Can you stop fooling around please?” I yelled at Alex.
“Sorry, I heard about what happened to your house”Alex said.
“Oh, that was an hour ago’s news. i am so pissed off right now” I said and pushed my hair to the back.

“Sorry about that! But I am here to tell you something” Alex said and his face turned sour. I knew immediately that something was wrong.
“I am going to the city tomorrow with my family. we are relocating” Alex said.

I was dumbfounded, I didn’t know when I started crying.
“Does that mean that you are leaving me too??” I said.
Alex wiped my tears away.
I pushed him away from me.
But why is everyone leaving Me??
“I promise I am not leaving you. I promise to visit you at the end of every month” Alex said.
“You don’t need to visit me Alex, I know that as long as you arrive there you will forget me, so don’t bother” I said and left him.

Gosh, why is my life so miserable like a piece of trash??
Why is the people I know leaving my Side??

Then I saw Remita from afar.she walked towards me.
She stared at me with a sad eyes then I felt guilty immediately.
“What?? why are you staring at me like that?? you are making me feel guilty” I said.

Remita nodded negatively.
I know that she wants to talk. Remita is one of the reasons why I want to get rich. i want to help her get better i want her to be able to talk.
My grandma said that she went dumb immediately our parents died.
I felt pity for her.
I want to get rich and want her to get her surgery done. Grandma is saving up everyday for her to be able to the surgery done. yes! The doctor said that she needs surgery for her to be able to talk.

Our parents died immediately we clock 2 years old. it is so sad.

I want to achieve something great like my role model, Regina martins. She is a model and a fashionista and also a rapper.
I pray everyday to be able to see her and talk with her.

“Please Remita can you beg grandma for me to allow us go to the city” I said.

Remita nodded negatively.
“Please Remita, please. I want us to be able to achieve our dreams and become idols like Regina martins and Genesis Santacruz” I said.

i know Remita loves Genesis santacruz because she is a perfumer and my sister loves Beautiful scent and she is sensitive to smell.

Then Remita nodded positively.

“Thank you Remita” I said.

We went back to grandma.

?Genesis Santacruz ?

i am so happy about the new launching of my new perfume. oh my gosh! I so much love the perfume scent.

“I am so happy for you bitch” Regina said.
I blushed.
“Thank you bitch!” I replied and blow her a kiss.

I turned to look at Sophie who was busy staring at her phone and smiling.

“Hey! You are not even saying anything. just staring at your phone and smiling out of the blue” I said.

Sophie kept smiling.

“It’s just i and my babe chatting.” Sophie said and blushed.

Regina smiled.
“You and Alfred??” i asked
“Yes, got any problem?” Sophie said.
“No, just wondering” i said.
Sophie dropped her phone on the couch and kept a straight face at me.
“What?? Why the fuck are you staring at me like That??” I asked
“You are wondering about what?” Sophie asked.

I smiled. “I am planning on how to steal Alfred” I said.
Immediately I said that. Sophie threw the pillow at me.
“You said what??” Sophie asked.

“Nothing” I replied.
“Better, I can’t stand anyone not just anyone but girls with Alfred. i will kill the girl” Sophie warned.
“Well, I got no time. School will be starting soon. I need to prepare” I said.

“Do you hear that Melody High school is giving out scholarship this year??” Regina said.

Sophie smirked.

“Who cares?? Scholarships are for poor people” Sophie said.

Sophie hates poor people,i know.

“Baddass bitch” Regina said.

?Authoress POV ?

Alex helped Remita, Naomi and grandma to his house, since they don’t have anywhere to stay. The rain was pouring heavily.
Alex’s family gave them a room to stay.

“You can rest here as long as you want”,Alex’s father said to grandma. ” No don’t worry sir, we will leave tomorrow” Grandma said.

Alex’s father left.

Grandma laid the bed for Remita and Naomi to lay the bed. They all slept on it. Remita was feeling cold. Naomi noticed and gave Remita her blanket but she returned it to naomi when she was asleep.

Remita opened the window and stared at the stars up in the sky.

?Remita’s POV?

My dreams will come true I know. And i know that one day i will be able to talk and express my feelings to people.
I will be able to achieve my dreams to become a singer and a dancer.
One day I will be able to meet Genesis Santa Cruz, my role model. She is a perfumer. i like her.

I also want to go to the city and study hard and make my dreams come true.
I stared at the sky and count the stars.

Oh my gosh! They are uncountable.
How stupid of me.

I saw a shadow pass but I got scared and quickly close the window and drifted to sleep.

I don’t know what awaits us tomorrow .

⛅Next morning ⛅
Remita came out of the bathroom dripping wet with her hair. Naomi was all dressed up in a old, almost tattered cloth.
“This cloth looks old” Naomi complained.

“When will you stop complaining about the things we have. when exactly will you be contented” Grandma said.
“I am sorry grandma” Naomi said.
Then naomi knelt in front of grandma.
“Please Grandma, allow us to go to the city” Naomi said. Remita joined Naomi in begging grandma.

“okay fine, we will go ” Grandma said finally.

“Thank you Grandma” Naomi said and hugged grandma same with remita.
Remita was so happy. she will finally achieve her dreams.

“We will follow Alex’s family to the park today” Grandma said.

Remita hugged grandma.

Alex’s father helped Grandma with her things.
Alex has only his father, his mother died a long time ago.

Remita, Naomi, Alex, grandma and Alex’s father finally left the town and moved into the city.

“Wow, the weather is soo nice. i love it. That is the vibez” Naomi said.

How is the first Episode ?
You have met the twins and their grandma and Regina, Sophie and Genesis ?

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