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Kiss Me Master Synopsis

🖤💯KI$S ME,,
⟨Mr. Mafia’s Strange Obsession!⟩

©️By, Authoress Passion.



« Yes, I Do Have A Rather Dirty Mind. And Right Now, You Are Running Through it…. N@ked. »


In the far North lies a place full of towering sky scrapers. Vehicles that seem too flashy to be real, where some of the greatest and most tastiest delicacies are prepared. The place where bread is a rarity for the poor while caviar is in abundance for the wealthy.

The most corrupted place of them all, Imperial City. While other cities are calmer and have more peace, outsiders like to call this place ‘Lucifer’s Playground’, the mobsters however more commonly call it ‘Sin City’.

A famous, preferable living space for high ranking tyrants, politicians and business tycoons etc etc. But this region is more commonly known for it’s never ending, exceedingly large number of crime families.

“ Kill Or Be Killed ” Is the only piece of advice you need to stay alive. Laws are barely followed. Mobsters are the rulers of this city, they take, kill and overall do as they please. You either play by THEIR rules or go 48 inches beneath the earth’s crust.

But right now, that’s not the topic on the dish. Of all the mobsters and crime corps. One of them stands tall above everything, one group that people either envy, or look up to, or fear, most wanted crime family…


They are the largest Italian, American and Sicilian crime corporation in Imperial City. The men, who follow no rules but the ones they create. A crime family with an estimated 4,000+ members! Making it the largest in history.

But, the BB’z, didn’t always hold this title, they worked their ways up to the top. {More on them later down in the story.} So, without any further delay, let’s meet the MCs, ML and FL!


A man more commonly known by his street name, Master Drago or MD is considered an eye candy for all women, whether they are young or old.

They say, with a glance, he’s capable of making a christian turn to a prostitute!

But, he’s also feared. Most people look at him with terror and in fear, but the females see him as such a lovely dear. Just his callous demeanor is enough to make one shiver, unpleasantly.

Master Drago took over the BÃD BLOODZ at the age of 26, making him the youngest mob leader to ever exist! Since then he has led the crime family to many successful Mob wars, Extortions, Heists, Scams, Drug trafficking and much more. His father, “Soulja” could not of been more proud to have such a son.

Master Drago dreads many things, but what tops the list is love, falling in love is overated. He enjoys his lifestyle, he is drop dead handsome, one of the most respected men in history, he is feared by all the age groups.

Not only that, he owns chains of Hotels, Bars, Casinos, Night Clubs, Boutiques, Estates Etc. Non of which he got from his father, all was earned by him.

But his perfect, promiscuous life twisted when he received the most shocking outrageous news he has ever heard in years!…

Drago gently shook the wine glass in his hand, “Father, what do you want?” he questioned.

“You are now old enough to get married, I have picked out a lovely brunette for you. I will fetch her, and upon your return you will get to meet her.”

-Louisiana MIQUELON.

A twenty four year old young adult in her third year at a prestigious Art institution, St. Gregorian’s University.

One of the many girls who’s beauty is considered rather enviable. A straight ‘A’ student, born in Korea but grew up in a different country. She’s a mixed race girl, reputedly a quite polite and honest person. Considered a good example of a young lady.

But, do not be fooled, she’s no damsel in distress or a princess. Some say she is the real life version of Harley Quinn, the diva herself. Therefore, they combine the two words giving her the nick/street name, Harlin.

Harlin lives with her father in Emerald City, her mother and basically all her relatives has never been present in her life.

She dreams of someday owning her own Art Gallery, so her father can stop working on the farm.

Harlin wants to move to Swan City, it is a large city, similar to Imperial City but not as filled with crime and not as populated and filled with luxurious items.

However, her dream of moving to Swan City and owning an Art Gallery shattered in the time limit of roughly a few days!…

She looked at her father, “Dad, who are these people and why are they in our home?”

“Louisiana, my lovely daughter. It is now time, you need to start packing. You will be moving to Imperial City to meet your Husband to be and your brother In-laws.”


A young adult female who wishes to own an Art Gallery and move to the big City VS. A mafia leader who looks down on earth and doesn’t have remorse after killing for, sometimes no reason.

Why did fate decide they make a good coupe? Is this fate’s plan or is it something different….


How will Harlin react when she comes to learn she will be moving to the most corrupted place on earth, Imperial City❓…

How will Drago react when he receives news he will be getting married to a stranger❓…

Is a lifetime decision like marriage between a feisty college student and a psycho mafia really a good idea❓…

What happens when the whole plot of the novel takes a WILD and unexpected TURN❓…

Will they fall in love with each other or people they never imagined to ever fall for❓…

Being in the mafia means many enemies, will the enemies allow them to love peacefully in the all too infamous, Imperial City❓….


Genre;- Dark Romance

Subgenres;- Contract Marriage,, Action,, War,, Fiction,, Fantasy,, Drama,, Bloodshed,, Jealousy,, Pain,, Tears,, Heartbreak,,____,, Omegaverse (_Not Completely_).


WARNING!!💥 This story is for a TARGETED AUDIENCE ONLY!!!


(Next,, Interesting,, Nice,, Can’t Wait, Ride On, Thanks Authoress, Wow,, Lovely,, Please Next,, etc…)


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