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Kiss Me Master Episode 9

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** Chapter,, 09 – ★★★★★

As the car keeps driving, the sun sets and Imperial City starts to come to life. Blindingly beautiful lights on high-rise buildings, car lights that change colours, street lights place almost everywhere.

*How can a place be this beautiful, yet so corrupted?* Harlin thinks to herself as she gazes. The air also changes and gets rather, chilly. This place is colder than even Emerald City!

“Stop over there!” Soulja suddenly says startling both Maleficent and Louisiana.

She follows his gaze and sees that it’s by a restaurant, a restaurant that looks like something a comic artiste would draw. It’s so beautiful and decorative! People go in and out every now and then. Dear god!

On the front and side parts of the building, which is three floors tall. At the bottom has glass, while the very top looks open with glass beneath the railings. An open roof restaurant too, quite interesting. It’s painted in rouge red and royal blue. On the front there’s a veranda with people sitting and eating.

On the glass are paintings or maybe stickers, with Satan holding plates or various foods. Oysters, Noodles, sliced fish, ham or even spicy wings.

Men in black stand around it, guards of course.

However, the name makes her stomach sick. Are all the people in the city disciples of Lucifer?

“Satan’s Inferno Kitchen?” she reads the name out loud. “Who named this place? Do all of you worship Lucifer ‘cause I don’t understand a damn thing here.”

“Oh no darling, my son named it this way because the food here is exceptional good and spicy! This place is owned by your fiancé.”

“Sir, I don’t have a fiancé.” she looks at him coldly.

“Go and park. Maleficent darling, will you be joining us for a meal?” he turns to Maleficent who is gazing through the window.

“No.” she bluntly replied.

“Alright.” he kisses her shoulder.

When the driver parks by the left of the restaurant, his men opened the door and he climbs out. Then, the same men come and untie Harlin then pulled her out.

“Let go of me dummy!” Harlin pushes him away and stands on her own. She rubs her wrist that has red marks around them.

“Come my child. Let’s get you something delicious to eat!” Soulja smiles and offers her his hand.

“Look dinosaur I will not be letting you touch me so back the f–k up.” Harlin steps back towards the vehicle and folds her arms.

“Boys, bring her in. And please, be gentle with her!” Soulja takes his walking stick from one man and starts to move forward.

One hefty man with a tattoo of a snake of his bald head, grabbed her by the waist and threw her on his shoulder as if she was a bag of white rice!

They walked with her into the restaurant while she kicked and screamed. Even so, she noticed that whenever someone looks at the group they scatter like mice.

Whoever was planning on going in stopped and backed up, even if they had to go back across the street. People who were coming out ran back in and went a good distance out of their way.

No one dared to make eye contact with any of the men.

“Are you all f–king idiots why are you afraid of these guys?” she complains and rest her elbows on the man as if she is unbothered by being carried into a deluxe restaurant.

Everyone looked at her as if they’ve just seen a ghost.

Woman 1 “She’s being carried into one of Master Drago’s restaurants and she’s asking why are we scared?”

Woman 2 “Is this chick being for real?”

Woman 1 “She looks new, clearly she isn’t from around here. She’s going to have to learn the rules of Imperial City.”

Harlin roles her eyes at everyone, the glass doors open and they all walk inside. She looks around curiously, diners who are there avoid all eye contact immediately. However, all of them stand. Nobody sits.

Which further confuses Harlin.

*Just how much power does this old, emu looking man has?* She thinks to herself and shakes her head.


The man drops her down on a chair and pushes it up, Soulja sits across from her still smiling.

This makes her visibly uncomfortable. *People must think this, smaller godzilla and I are dating. That I’m his suger baby. Lord, get me out of this mess I can’t handle it at all.*

“So tell me dear about yourself.” he leans back, still smiling.

“I don’t like or trust human beings. What the f–k more do you want to know old man?” she coldly states and averts her gaze.

“What university did you attend? Was it a low rating or high rating one? Your keen interests and so on so forth. I’m just trying to get to know my daughter-in-law. Is that a bad thing, Harlin.”

“You don’t want to know me. I, don’t even know me. And yes, it’s a bad thing. Old pervert.” she mutters and heaves a sigh.

“Sir! Mr Soulja. You are here, it’s such an honor you know.” what she thinks is the head chef came out and talks to Soulja.

After chatting a menu is handed to them both. While Harlin stares at it, she wonders what the heck are these foods. She doesn’t recognize a single thing there.

“I would like to have roasted chicken legs, roasted sweet potatoes, and slices of barbeque ham. Also, a salad and grape flavored wine.” Soulja says.

He hands the man wearing a white apron the menu and smiles.

“What would you like Harlin?”

“To get the f–k out of here.” she throws the menu down and folds her arms.

“To eat, what would you like to eat.”

“May I just have noodles. I just want noodles. Non spicy ones. And I want poached eggs, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs.”

“Yes madam.” he quickly writes it down, bows to them both and leave swiftly nearly running.

She also, could see the fear and nervousness in his eyes. The curiosity grows even bigger.


“Mmm, that was damn good!” Harlin pops the last deviled egg in her mouth and gulps down some water. She doesn’t drink.

“Oh, you enjoyed the food.”

“Did I? These chefs are working wonders!” she rubs her stomach and wiped her mouth using a tissue.

“(Chuckles,) This is now your restaurant, anything my son owns belongs to you too. So, you may come back anytime you desire.” he stands up.

“Is it time to leave already? You really aren’t going to bring me back to Emerald City?”

“Oh no, this is your permanent home now sweetheart.”

“F–k you Soulja or whatever your name is!” she gets up and walks to another side of the table. She holds onto it then flips it over.

All the glassware breaks instantly and also the table since it is glass. Customers stared with wide open mouths.

Man 1 “Did she just flip a table before thee Soulja? Former leader of the BAD BLOODz?”

Woman 1 “Heavenly father, does this child have a death wish? Why does she even look so young, isn’t she a high schooler?”

Man 2 “Maybe she is his daughter of a past relationship. They however, don’t look alike.”

Woman 2 “Not even a little, he looks rather Italian and she looks like she just came from north Korea. Could it be that he had an affair with a Korean woman? Unsurprising though.”

Harlin who heard these comments and more looks at them with her eyes wide. Her fists balled up and her eyebrows start to furrow. She’s pissed.

“Hey! Hey you!” she yells at one of the women who were gossiping about the situation.

“Me? Are you referring to me?” the one with red hair touches her chest and looks around.

“Well you’re the only one who looks like the woman with the big red head from Alice in Wonderland so hell yes b–ch am speaking to you.” she starts to walk over to the woman who is stunned and speechless.

“Who the f–k are you saying looks like they come from north Korea? Huh? Well then, listen here honey.” she climbs onto the glass table and flips her hair.

“Everyone here looks like they’ve been born from a human being. Why the f–k do you look the Grinch pushed you out of his green hairy ass? Answer that!” she takes up a bowl of soup and pours it all over the woman who gasps and gets up almost immediately.

To say customers were shocked, speechless, dumfounded would all be understatements. Heck, a few even finds it amusing to watch her disrespecting someone she doesn’t even know the birth name of!

Another great thing is, her face shows not even the slightest sign of fear or regret. Confidence flows out of her mouth in the word she speaks like a cobra spitting venom at their prey.

“You—” Harlin cuts the woman off.

“I what?” she shoves the woman and she lands in a table. “Huh? What’s good b–ch. Say something to me come on.”

She ties her hair up and moves further towards the woman who now looks scared.

“You! You c-child. You say I have a big head, well you look poor. Very very poor. And ugly!” she tries to disrespect Harlin.

She throws her head back and laughs wholeheartedly. “And you look like your have a mosquito on your face. Let me get that for you.”

In the next moment, Harlin’s hand lands on the woman’s face making her tumble to the floor.

While people look at her as a weak person, she actually practiced boxing and wrestling. Not only can she paint, she can cause serious damage to people!

The woman holds her burning cheek with tears in her eyes and crawls backwards trying to avoid another devastating blow from Harlin who for her size and age is pretty, pretty strong.

As Harlin takes a step further something sharp pieces her neck, she turns sharply and see a man holding an empty syringe.

Her head starts to spin and she starts to loose balance, in no time she passes out again. The man takes her into his arms and walks to his Soulja.

“(Chuckles,) Take her back to the limo, she is just too problematic and unpredictable. Straight forward and very narrow-minded. I am proud that she will be apart of the family soon.” he walks out first and they follow.

••| TOKYO – JAPAN |••
( Penthouse Suite )

“So, how are you enjoying Tokyo so far?”

“Not a bad place. However, the view is boring and colourless.”

“You are a difficult man to please, you do know that right.”

“You and I are quite similar then.”

“When will you be returning? I want to come and visit you.”

“Tomorrow actually.”

“I will see you in under a month then. Have a safe flight back.”

“Goodbye, Venom.” Drago hands up the phone and sighs.

He sighs and leaves the balcony which has one of the best views of the city.

As he walks out he hears sobbing from a room, his brow arched and he opens the door to see who is crying at this hour.

“I just don’t know what to do, w-we came here for our anniversary and… He didn’t take me out on a date. When did he become like this Rhonda?”

Moon is on a call with one of her random female friends.

“Calm down Moon, you know he is a very busy man. Running a gang as big as his is, rather hard and tiring. You have to understand and be patient.”

“I know, it’s just… His heart is so cold and stony. Gosh!” she drops her cigarette and massages her forehead in frustration.

Drago stares at her back indifferently. Come to think of, he didn’t celebrate their third anniversary which is unfair. But he said it was a business trip, why is she being so dramatic?

Reluctantly, he walks up behind her and puts his hands on her waist. Then pulls her body closer onto his.

Moon, startled looks up and see it’s her lover of three years. “Uh, Rhonda I’ll call you back.” she hangs up the phone and drops it.

“Tomorrow, before our flight. We will go on a date at one of the high-class restaurants. To celebrate our third anniversary.”

His words made her heart freeze for a brief moment. “What? A date? Did you just say we will finally go on a date, baby?” she turns and faces him.

“Do you want to or not? We won’t stay long either. Choose a restaurant that isn’t too far.”

“Yes baby!” she wraps her arms around his neck and climbs onto him.

Drago holds onto her thighs and stared absentmindedly at the originally blue wall, but due to him being colorblind it’s grey. Though a gang leader, he doesn’t play with hearts. But, if someone falls for him that isn’t his fault.

“ Do not fall in love with me. Or else, you will end up falling alone and breaking yourself. ” he tells all females the same thing. Yet they rarely listen to his words.

And so, he received a reputation of being a player when he is not.

He remembers how his mother was treated by his father, how he never respected her at all. So, he never dared to play with anybody’s heart. His first and only girlfriend is Moon whom he started dating at twenty seven.

It’s true that he no longer feels anything for her, as a matter-of-factly he only dated her because he had some interest in her. And she is supportive but can get crazy and very clingy at times. But she does make a good girlfriend.

However, over the years, his heart has grown dull and cold. Towards her and all of humanity, he only stays with her because, not even he knows the reason.

So far, nobody is able to turn his black, grey and white world colourful. Nobody has been able to melt his neptune frozen heart.

Will I ever be able to feel the warmth of love and delightful passion again? Will somebody light up my dark and boring life?

“Estefan!” Moon’s voice brought him out of his thoughts.

“Baby, I’ve been calling you for so long what’s wrong?” she stares at his face, always unreadable.

It’s impossible to tell if he’s feeling happiness, sadness, guilt, regret or even anger. His face is always straight and always cold.

“I was thinking about you.” he forced a smile to please her.

“Awww.” she kisses him on the cheek and hugs him again.

He lied, but at least she’s happy.

( Mid-day _ Crimson Avenue )

“Young Madam. Young Madam please wake up you have been asleep since last night.” an amateur maid from Korea, Sue Min, shakes Harlin’s body to try and wake her up.

She snores softly and turns on her stomach, she’s so tired. A lot of thing’s took place yesterday that made her sleep this long.

“Young Madam, please I beg of you to awake. Senior Massimo requests that you get dressed and fed right away.” Sue Min shakes her body once again.

“B–ch, leave me alone and go tell your Master to shove a d–k up his ass.” she hugs the pillow.

Sue Min stops and stares at her in shock, even in her sleep she is so disrespectful, yet beautiful.

How does she manage to keep her hair so neatly kept?

Suddenly, Harlin gasped and sat up out of her bed. This is clearly not her bed, it’s too comfortable.

The biggest bed she ever saw in all of her twenty four years of living. And its so, so soft. The sheets are made of locus silk and the pillows, she doesn’t know what the put inside them but they are so comfortable.

The bed board, it is obviously the rare and expensive rose wood which she is seeing for the first time in real life.

About six pillows are their too, she looks around and the sight of her room impresses and shocks her even more! It’s like a delicious buffet for her eyes.

“Young Madam. Good afternoon, I am happy you are now awake. Would you like some water or something to consume now?” Sue Min bows at Harlin while smiling.

“Young Madam? Are you calling me old excuse me?” she climbs off the bed to confront the maid but the soft and smooth yellow carpet beneath her feet stops her.

“Do you like the carpet Young Madam? It is soft isn’t it?” Sue-Min questions at Harlin.

“What is your name?” Harlin puts her hand on her hip and looks over at the maid.

“Choi Sue Min. Young Madam, but you may call me whatever you wish.” she bows again.

“Sue Min, for the things I’ve done for twenty four years of my life I deserve to go to hell. What the f–k am I doing in heaven?”

“But Young Madam, this is not heaven. This is now your bedroom. With an adjoined bathroom and a balcony with a jacuzzi there.” she bows her head once more which annoys her.

“Bow another time and I will hurt you Sue Min.”

“Oh madam.” she drops to her knees and clasps her hands. “Please, I did not mean to upset you in anyway. Please do not report me to Madam Maleficent or Senior Massimo.” tears gather in her eyes and starts to pour.

Harlin’s eyes bulged in shock.

( TO BE CONTINUED…. ✿^‿^ )

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