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Kiss Me Master Episode 8

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** Chapter,, 08 – ★★★★★

•• ( 2 Hours Later )
“No, do not lay your hands on me Massimo! This animalistic girl, dares to insult me? Such insolence should be repaid by decapitating her don’t you know that? Huh?” Maleficent crosses her legs and looks out the window, anger written in bold all over her face and movements.

“Darling, calm down. I can’t control her mouth. Hopefully, after spending sometime with Estefan she will be more respectful. Darling, come here.” he massages her leg and smiles.

“No, do not touch me. That little girl you want to be your daughter-in-law so bad is rude and very disrespectful. Does she not know who I am? Tch.” she sighs and shakes her leg.

Hearing their conversation, Harlin groans lightly and opens her eyes. Everything is in doubles, everything is blurry.

Even so, she can somehow make out a man and woman sitting opposite her. The woman sits by the right and gazes through the window with her right leg which is crossed over the other one shaking. A man sits next to her and touches her body.

Both of them are having a conversation, which is muffled to Harlin at the moment.

“Where the, where the f–k am I?” she asks and groans, her head spinning slowly and aching.

“Oh, the brat is awake.” Maleficent huffs and brings her ponytail to the front of her.

“Louisiana, my beautiful dear. You are awake already, how are you feeling now tell me.” Soulja smiles as he gazes at god’s creation.

Harlin, who had her gaze previously facing the ground looks up. Her vision is still blurred and her mind is blank.

What the hell happened?

“You must he hungry my child, Donovan!” Soulja calls out to the limousine driver.

“Yes boss!” he replies.

“Stop by one of my son’s luxury restaurants.” he leans back.

“Yes boss. As soon as possible.”

“Gosh, what happened to me?” Harlin throws her head back, her headache slowly starts to fade and her vision became clear.

“So beautiful. Very beautiful. Extremely beautiful. You are heavenly made my child.” Soulja compliments still smiling.

“Bro, who the f–k are you and why are calling me beautiful?”

Her memories, suddenly starts to flow back in. Like waves crashing against each other. She remembers coming home and seeing these same two people.

The woman, called her a child and she insulted the woman back, the man signed her father a check of ten million and was staring at her creepily.

Then, her father told her years ago he sold her to the man who he says….is a mafia leader? He said he owed money and couldn’t pay it back so the man gave her father the money in exchange for her to marry his anonymous son.

And then he, Mr Mafia, injected something into her and she passed out while calling for her father.

“I take it that you now remember everything that previously happened.” Soulja speaks up.

”Sir, please go to hell.”

He laughs, impressed by her arrogant behavior and fiery tongue. “Darling, I rule hell.”

“No lies there.” she tries to get up but realize she can’t get up, she looks around. She, is legit tied to the damn seat. What the heck?

“Why. In the name of Jesus. Am I tied, to the damn seat?” she tries to pull away and looks at Soulja.

“Little girl! Be more respectful when you are speaking to elites.”

“B–ch I don’t owe you sh-t, shut the f–k up I wasn’t speaking to you. F–king ugly version of Angelina jolie.” she rolls her eyes at Maleficent and glare at Soulja once again.

“Do you see this? Do you see all this disrespect I am getting? This is the animal you want to marry Estefan? They deserve each other. Both annoying illegitimate children, pure bred disgraces.” Maleficent takes her purse up and took a red lipstick out then began to apply.

“Excuse me? Animal? Illegitimate child? Disgrace?” Harlin’s blood starts to boil immediately.

“Oh, shut up. You’re mother was a prostitute, so yes you are an illegitimate child and you will never get my approval. So ugly.” Maleficent pouts at the mirror in her hand and starts to apply black, sprinkle filled eyeshadow.

Harlin stayed quite. Her mother was a prostitute? What on earth!

“Saverina! Why would you say that to her? That’s disrespectful!”

She pauses and looks over at him like a dog glaring at someone who threw a stone at it. “Oh! And her calling me ‚the ugly version of Angelina jolie’ my one and only idol is not?”

“Why would you tell her that her mother was prostitute darling!”

“Because it is the truth. She is a lowborn, unlike Starlette who was born from a chain of model resembling mobsters, this insect was born from a Korean prostitute. And this is what you want for your own son? Your first heir? Pfft. Unsurprising” she faces her make-up mirror again.

Soulja shakes his head. “Sweetheart, please ignore my wife she is just always like this. Don’t listen to anything she says. You aren’t a lowborn, you’re perfect just the way okay!”

Harlin stayed quiet, deep in her own thoughts. This is the first time someone has insulted her and she didn’t clap back. At this moment however, hearing that her mother who she has never met before was a Korean prostitute shook her to the core!

Numbing her tongue. Is this why her father never talks about her?

“I would be ashamed to walk on the streets knowing my mother was a Korean prostitute. How embarrassing and hurt you must be to know about that, huh?” Maleficent smiles seeing that Harlin has become really quiet.

She must’ve hit a weak spot! That’ll teach that country girl never to stand up to an elite.

“Well if you are not ashamed of walking around dressed like a 30 dollar hoe while lookin’ like a green iguana why the f–k would you be surprised to have a prostitute of a mother. Huh? I’m not!” Harlin finally speaks up.

Maleficent’s face grew pale.

“Why so silent? You look like the rip-off version of Maleficent. Do you not feeling embarrassed to be the copy of a copy? How ’bout that?” she leans her ear towards her to hear a reply but non came.

“(Sighs,) Shut your mouth child.”

“Come and make me b–ch.” Harlin raises both her brows twice and grins at her.

“That’s it! You disrespectful child. I am tired of your behavior, shut up or I will come over there and slap you twenty times!” Maleficent throws her make-up mirror glass on the limo’s floor.

“You know, you have a lot of words for an old wannabe young woman who looks like a half squeezed tube of family sized toothpaste, having the legs of a pink flamingo, skin as scaly as a komodo dragon’s and a neck as long as an ostrich.” Harlin rolls her eyes and looks through the window clearly done with her.

Maleficent sat with her lips slightly open, she couldn’t say a word. She was too shocked to even blink. This girl, how dare she say so much bad things to her? Is this even for real?

“Okay enough between the both of you! I don’t want to hear another word. We’ll stop by one of Drago’s restaurants, eat then go back home understood!” Soulja finally speaks up sternly.

“(Ahem,) Your daughter in-law and I, clearly don’t like each other.” Maleficent leans back with her chin held high.

“No goblin, you don’t like me and I don’t give a f–k about you.” Harlin looks her up and down and then look back through the window. Her blood still boiling.

Though, Maleficent wants to go over and slap that little girl and insult her back. She will not be doing such, she instead smirks.

After all, Estefan already has a girlfriend of three years. Who also owns a smaller crime family of lone female assassins. She is also very protective of Estefan and gets aggressive whenever another female lays eyes on him even for a second!

*Humph. You have so much talk now, let’s see how you will deal with Starlette Tommaso aka Moon, Estefan’s current girlfriend who is equally arrogant and fiery!* Maleficent thinks to herself. While everybody else knows that Estefan will be getting married, she… does not.

( An Hour Later )

Everyone drove in the limo, still in silence.

Harlin, stuck in deep thought thinking about her mother who she is yet to meet. Her mother was a prostitute, unbelievable.

“Can the window be rolled down?” Harlin asked no one in particular.

“No, shut up and wait until we get home to get fresh air.” Maleficent speaks up firmly.

“B–ch, do you like women or something why do you keep talking to me when I’m not speaking to you?”

“Little girl. Shut up.”

“You sound like a scratched CD. You keep regurgitating the same damn b-llshit over and over again. Did your hoe áss mother ever taught how to diss people?”

“Firstly, don’t disrespect my mother, secondly, I won’t be arguing with a child.”

“Yeah, you’re old and dumb. You don’t know how to insult people and ma’am… Your mother is already being disrespectful by having…whatever you are.”

“Harlin! Yes, the window can be opened just stop answering my wife. Please.” Soulja sighs and presses a red button by the left side, the window rolls down.

Harlin pushes her head through it and gazes at everything.

That’s when she finally realized they’ve started driving over a bridge, a pretty wide and long one at that. The vehicles drove in perfect, acute order! Woah.

As she gazes as the wind blows on her face, she looks up and her heart skipped a beat. On the other side is an exceedingly tall and wide sign. Around it has light bulbs and the art written on it is rather beautiful, but dull.


The letters are in big bold letters, so, the City she always said she never wanted to end up at as a child is now a few meters before her. Worst day ever.

Her new home, “You have got to be kidding me!”

“What’s wrong dear?” Soulja asked.

“I don’t wanna be here that’s wrong, I want to go back to Emerald City not this corrupted hell hole. Get me out!” again she tries to move but unluckily can’t.

*Why did you do this dad? How could you do this, how could you sell me off to these Psychos. I don’t know here, how am I going to survive? This isn’t where I want to spend the rest of my life. Especially with a man that I don’t love, I wanna go home.* A tear slips out her eye as she thinks.

“Don’t worry. Louisiana. You will love it here, if you’re worried about the crime and mafias. They can’t hurt you, I promise.” Soulja tries to make her feel better but she sighs and shakes her head.

“Goodbye Emerald City. Goodbye my good, free lifes. Hello, hell.” she says as they finally cross the border and arrive in the new city.

Later on, nearly 16 miles in the new unfamiliar city. Harlin starts to gaze at the huge buildings and beautiful, glossy vehicles zooming by as if they are all in Need For Speed. Is this even a city or a fashion design?

One thing for sure, she can see a lot of girls dressed in overly visible, skimpy clothing. Walking around clinging to men leaning on their expensive vehicles.

Her stomach churned at the sights, this isn’t what she likes.

Not too long after, they arrived at a stop light. The right side of the road has people standing around in a circle with reporters and camera men.

“This is Monica Stanton reporting live from Imperial City. A shootout, not too long ago claimed the lives of five men. Sources say it as another gang feud…”

Harlin shakes her head as she listens to the woman.

When the light hit green and the limo starts moving again, for the first time in her life, she saw dead bodies laying in pools of scarlett blood, in real life!

Some of them have their eyes still open with guns held tightly in their hands.

Medics putting some bodies in black body-bags. Police are around the area, yellow tape too.

She hasn’t been here for a whole day and already murders happen? The rumors about this city are sure not cliche lies.

As the vehicle drives away from the fresh crime scene, one dreadful question runs through her mind like a hunted cheetah.

*What does this City have in store for me heavenly father?*

Unfortunately for Louisiana, the answer is…. Quite a lot of things.

( Tokyo _ Japan )

“You really think I wouldn’t find out that you are trying to con me? Do you not know I have global contacts and eyes in every single continent?” Drago crosses his legs while staring down at the brutally beaten man.

“Please, I-I’m sorry, don’t kill me I have a family Master Drago!” the Japanese Yakuza leader yells.

“I loathe liars and crooks. Men, like yourself can’t be trusted. Kazuko kept his promise, he gave me the exact amount of weapons I requested and I paid him his requested price. A done deal. But you, you, you….”

He leans over and pushes the lit part of the cigarette on his face making him scream.

“You just had to lie and try to cheat me didn’t you?”

“P-please let me go, s-sir. I’ll never try such again. I’ll do anything please…!” he begs.

His salty tears making his open wounds burn like the fire’s in hell.

Drago sighs and stood up. “You know what, fine. I will give you another chance, you won’t be doing this again. I’ll take your word Mantis.”

He looks up at Drago who is lightly smiling. “You trust me? You will let me live? Mr Drago?”

“Yes, after all. You won’t be living long enough to cross me again.”

In a swift move he takes his gun out of his jacket and fires three rounds in his head. Blood splashes on his face and suit.

He stretches his hand and Kayne passes him a tissue. “Get rid of all of this. Burn everything in an inferno. We’re leaving tomorrow, I want to return home by the least, mid-day. Or nightfall.”

He puts his fingers through the triggering area and swings it there, as he walks out he throws the gun at one of his mafiosos.

“Baby!” Moon pops up merely startling Drago.

“Moon. What. Are. You. Doing. Here.” he stares at her icily.

“I wanted to surprise you baby. I was wondering, if we could just have a date? Japan is amazing and the food is excellent!”

“No. This is a business trip. We are leaving tomorrow, I’m done with this place for now.” he says.

“But Drago—” he cuts her off.

“We leave daybreak.” he walks off not wanting to hear another word of what she is saying.

( TO BE CONTINUED…. ✿^‿^ )

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