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Kiss Me Master Episode 7

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⟨ Mr. Mafia’s Strange Obsession ⟩

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** Chapter,, 07 – ★★★★★

Pretty soon, all the black vehicles consisting of a Rolls Royce Limousine, Bugatti Chiron, two Range Rovers and a Lamborghini stopped right before his gate. He stared keenly at the vehicles to see who and who will be stepping out.

For a brief moment however, he looks around and unsurprisingly neighbors are looking. Some are stretching their heads through their windows and some are down right looking over there walls/fences. How ironic!

Jeffery takes his eyes back to the vehicle, the Rolls Royce Limousine to be precise.

In a few moments, men started to exit the other four vehicles. All of them tall, hefty, wearing masks and…have loaded firearms? Is Soulja serious? Is he not afraid of police coming to lock him up in prison for life?

Then again, an ex Mafia like Soulja wouldn’t be scared. If he even goes to jail they most definitely won’t be able to keep him there anyway.

The few men from the BAD BLOODZ started to walk around the area as if surveying everything. Two men walk back to the Limousine and stood at opposite sides like soldiers.

Non even made eye contact with Jeffery.

When they eventually finished walking around, they came back and stood near his wall and basically at random areas.

One of the men standing by the Limousine, opens the door.

Jeffery watch as Soulja climbs lut of the vehicle, dressed in a full black suit and sunglasses. A common Mafia look actually.

One man comes from the other side of the Limo and hands him a walking stick which could probably cost something over $500,000 for the jewel on the top alone! This still didn’t surprise Jeffery, however.

If he knows anything about Soulja, he knows he’s a narcissistic money consumed man. Neglecting his children for the sake of money and power.

He must be glad that his first son, the one they call the illegitimate child of the family has made them the number one crime family in the world. If it wasn’t for his son, they wouldn’t have so much money and power.

Soulja puts two hands on the stick and glances left to right before he looks at Jeffery. He smiles at him, showing off his gold teeth in his upper jaw. The expensive objects glisten under the sun’s rays.

“Ah, Jeffery Miquelon! It’s good to see you again, I see you haven’t made much progress.” he makes a sly remark while looking at Jeffery’s one floored house.

“Can we just get this over with, I don’t have time for you ridiculing remarks of my home.”

“Woah…” he looks around. “No need to be so aggressive. We have plenty of time, am sure my daughter-in-law is at college at the moment doing her lectures. She is attending college, right?”

Now glaring at him, Jeffery nods.

“Really? Mind sharing the name?”

“Why? She won’t be going there again anyway.”

Soulja smiles and steps out of the way. “Meet my wife.”

He puts out his left hand, the vehicle bounces up and down a bit then a leg pops out. A heel, shiny as a well polished diamond is on her foot. A red bottom heel.

And slowly, a woman climbs out and puts her right hand into Soulja’s left hand. She uses her other hand to bring down her visibly short dress.

“You do remember her, don’t you? Maleficent is her name.” Soulja smiles at him.

Maleficent looks around with pure disgust. She wears a black sun hat with a red ribbon tied in a bow around it. A skintight black dress with long sleeves, it shows off her curvy hips and stops a distance above her thigh. It also shows a good amount of cleavage.

Her hair, it obviously has extensions to make the ponytail so long, it stops by her waist. It is also clear she is wearing lots of make-up to cover up her wrinkles but the effort put into the look is proven futile because they are still quite visible.

Her look is accompanied with dark channel sunglasses, long black acrylic nails and her red bottom stiletto heels.

She obviously dressed to kill!

“This, is where the new Young Madam comes from?” Maleficent looks over at her husband incredulously.

“Oh yes, she is quite a beautiful and lovable damsel! I cannot wait for her to arrive and to see how much she has blossomed.” Soulja seems visibly excited.

Saverina aka Maleficent, doesn’t share the same excitement.

“Are you serious? A lowlife pauper cannot be married into our family!” she steps away and folds her arms, also pushing out her hips.

“Maybe, she is from a poor family. However, it does not mean she is not good quality.”

“But darling! How can you possibly refuse to let Moon marry into the family and become the first Young Madam then take a country girl instead?”

“Maleficent! My decision is final. I am here to collect my daughter-in-law. The newest edition to our elite family.” he turns his attention to Jeffery.

“Are you not planning on inviting me inside? How about some tea, while we wait for my daughter-in-law.” he smirks.

( Present Moment )

As Harlin walks on the dirt road home, she kicks random rocks while thinking about everything that has taken place previously.

She just lost her job, how will she support herself now? Her father’s money isn’t even enough for a three course meal.

“Damnit, f–k this. F–k working, f–k fake friends f–k everything. Maybe I should just be criminal, I mean technically I am Harley Quinn. It would pay better too.” she sighs and holds onto the straps of her bag.

Harlin stops in the middle of the road and looks up at the sun, already beginning to set.

“I know you’re listening. Let me just ask, why? Why? What did I ever do to deserve this? Haven’t I been through enough already?” she starts to speak to the sky.

“I lost my boyfriend, I lost my best friend and I just lost my main source of income. God, I may be called a demon but I trust you. I don’t know why you’re putting me through these things but, maybe you have a good reason.”

Sighing again, she starts to jog home. “Hopefully, you do.”

Soon enough she has reached her community and walks on the side of the road. Still thinking about Tanya, Khalid and Miss Darling who fired her wrongfully.

Suddenly, the sound of a car honking startles her making her flinch and move away. She looks to her left and sees that it is Khalid, at the front seat of his car, he is the one honking at her.

“Harlin, can we talk? Please.” he stops and clasps his hands.

As she gazes into his eyes, her heart plummets when the memory of him cheating on her goes on replay. She legit just forgot that this even happened and this stupid mother f–ker had to remind her of the pain she was feeling. She glares at him.

“It won’t be long. I promise.” he begs again.

She purses her lips and turn to the side, arches her left brow and then nod. “Yeah, let me hear your annoying, sorry ass excuses.”

Khalid nods and gets out of his car, he walks towards her and scratches the back of his head.

“Harlin, look. I know I messed up, please. I want another chance, we can work this out. I’m sincerely sorry for hurting you Harlin just let—” she cuts him off abruptly.

“No. I don’t give second chances. You did it once you can do it twice. You had one job Khalid, be loyal. You s–k at painting and you s–k at that too. Boy, forget you I don’t deserve this b-llshit.” she pushes him and starts to walk off, her heart still aching.

Khalid hops into his car and starts to drive her down while calling out her name.

Harlin, getting unhappy with his persistent behavior picks up speed and eventually starts running. When she reaches the crossroad she bolts down the hill to avoid his conversation.

Khalid stops at the head of the hill and watches as she runs away, sighing and silently cursing himself for letting Tanya seduce him. He turns the car and drives up the hill to his home.

Harlin slows down and leans against a light post, panting heavily as she looks up and sees him finally driving off. She heaves a sigh of relief.

It was rather tempting to give him a second chance, he looked so sincere and apologetic.

However, that’s what her heart was telling her to do. Her mind told her to reject him and go, while her intuition told her to smash his head against the vehicle’s windows then use the broken glass to cut his heart out.

Also, to his cut p-n-s off. But she decided to follow her mind, she can’t trust her heart nor her intuition at this moment. Both can get her into some trouble!

She spits on the ground then starts descending the hill again.

In around three minutes she finally reached the foot of the hill and at the last not-so-narrow turn towards her house, but she froze as she moves to cross the road. Her eyes land on the flashy black vehicles parked before her house. Did her father buy these?

*No way! He doesn’t have such money to by a limo, Bugatti, a Lambo and two ranges!* Harlin thinks to herself.

Her intuition spoke to her again, as if telling her these vehicles aren’t here for a good reason.

Then again, her father is in the house. What if they hurt him?

Ignoring her mind, Harlin starts to walk to her house. She also sees men standing outside of it like statues, they never move or sway. Just blink and breath.

Curiously, she walked up to a man and waves her hand left to right in his face. He didn’t even flinch, he just kept a straight face. Now that’s something new.

Shrugging, she unlocks her gate and walks in. Then locks it back.

She skips on the stones her father placed in a specific order on the walkway and reaches her doorway, she knocks then opens the door and walks in back way.

But the moment she locked the door and turned around ready to great her father and vent to him about everything that happened.

She meets visitors sitting at the table in the kitchen. A man, who looks maybe in his late 50s looking at her with a creepy smile. Along with woman who who is visibly unhappy with being in her humble home.

She looks at her father, “Dad, who are these people and why are they in our home?”

“Louisiana, my lovely daughter. It is now time, you need to start packing. You will be moving to Imperial City to meet your Husband to be and your brother In-laws.” Jeffery stood up.

Harlin looks at him and blinks her eyes slowly for a few moments then starts to laugh.

“Dad, I just lost my job am not in the mood for jokes please. Get them out I don’t want to see anybody at the moment.” she turns to walk away.

“How ironic. This is the person Estefan should marry? A child? This is a little highschool girl. Moon is a better option, she has height accompanied with long, slender gorgeous legs!” the woman in black (Maleficent) speaks up stopping Harlin dead in her tracks.

She turns slowly and looks at the outrageous, disrespectful and haughty woman up and down.

“B–ch, who are you and who the f–k are you calling a child? Who do you think you’re insulting? Listen grandma don’t bring your hoe lookin’ ass here and tell me anything I will hurt you!” she drops her bag to ground and starts to unbutton her red and white striped shirt ready for a fight.

“Harlin no! Behave!” Jeffery struggles to contain Harlin.

“Behave? Tell this b–ch who looks like a Christmas decoration from Dracula’s castle to back the f–k off!” she yells as Jeffrey pulls her back.

Maleficent gasps in shock. A female has never spoken back to, not even to talk about insulting her.

Soulja however, stares at her with so much interest. She has grown into such a beautiful woman! She may lack in height, but blindingly gorgeous non the less. Her orb like hazel eyes can be easily drowned in, a unique dimple on her left cheek, a slender yet curvaceous figure that cannot be hidden by the jean she is currently wearing.

Her lips, small yet quite plump. Her collar bones, prominent. Her nose, a button nose but fits her face. Her cheeks, fat but makes her cute. Even her hair, it reaches about an inch above her mid back, the tone however…a poor girl having such hair is shocking.

She has a quite beautiful, and deep shade of black hair.

Not to mention her attitude, no female dares stand up to his wife Maleficent. They fear her. Her name is Maleficent, the Mistress Of Evil so of course she is feared by many. She even lived up to her name!

This girl, however, downright insulted and threatened her with no remorse.

Not only does she possess immaculate beauty, she is also a fiery female. Perfect! This is exactly what he wanted.

“She’s perfect!” he suddenly stands up making everybody freeze. “Jefferey, you didn’t disappoint me at all. I know this child of yours would bloom into something beautiful. Now looks at her? She is a jewel! For that reason, I will sign you a check of ten million dollars immediately!”

As he said that he takes a small checkbook out and pen then starts to write on it. “There, ten solid million dollars. I don’t want to waste anytime. Boys, go and pack her things we’re leaving.”

“No!! What’s going on dad what is he talking about am not leaving what the f–k!!” Harlin steps back and looks around.

“Soulja wait! Let me talk to her first, she doesn’t know.” Jeffery says.

He nods. “Hurry up, much preparations are to be made.” he walks outside apparently going to his men to talk.

Maleficent also stands up, as she cat-walks by. She shoots Harlin a glare which she shoots right back at her.


Jeffery eventually manages to pull Harlin into her room and sits her down to talk to her.

“Dad. What the hell is going on?”

“Harlin, there is something I must tell you.”

“Say anything, as long as these people who resemble the couple from the Adams Family get the heck out of here!” she rolls her eyes and takes her shirt off.

“Harlin, listen. Remember when you were a teenager and I was an alcoholic and a drug addict?”

“Yeah, and what the f–k does that have to do with anything?”

“I was also a gambler. And I owed a lot of money. The man you see is mob leader from Imperial City, he lent me the money to pay my depths. And, I didn’t have the money to payback…”

“Yes, and? Wait what!”

“In exchange. I told him that whenever he was ready, he could have you…instead of me paying him money. Am sorry Harlin.”

Harlin’s mouth dropped, she couldn’t believe her ears. “Wait, are you saying you…sold me?”

“I… yes. I’m sorry Louisiana, it was really a stupid decision. If I could turn the clock back I would Harlin I—” Harlin cuts him off.

As the truth seeps in, tears start to roll down her cheeks. “Dad, dad…how could you? I…I trusted you, dad… Dad, I thought you loved me… you sold me…” she steps back towards the wall.

“Harlin, Harlin I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Why are they here? I just want the complete truth. Days ago, I got betrayed by my first love and my best friend. My heart is paining like hell. And today, I found out my father, the man who raised me…sold me? Just tell me the truth I just…I can’t.” she backs him and covers her face with her hands and sobs.

He sighs, seeing his daughter in tears and pain…knowing that he is the source of it. Breaks his heart, if he could only turn the clock back he would have found another way. But he can’t do that.

It’s already too late.

“Well, they will take you back to Imperial City. So, you can marry his first son. You and his son has been in a contract marriage, bethrothed for nine years now.”

“Dad what the f–k!!” she screams. “Are you f–king serious? I’m not marrying some some, some old man’s son dad please tell me you’re joking please just say it please…” she falls to her knees still crying.

“Louisiana honey I—” the door burst open before he could complete his statement.

Men in black just walked in, shoved him away and dragged Harlin up by the arm.

“D-dad. Dad what’s going on what are they doing dad!” Harlin screams as one man throws her over his shoulder.

“No! Let her go! Let my daughter go please!” tears drops from his eyes watching as they start to take his baby girl away.

“Be careful with her boys, that’s my daughter-in-law. Hurt her and you will suffer a painful death.” Soulja walks in and holds Harlin’s hand.

She flashes it off. “Eww! Don’t touch me pervert, move! Dad save me please!” she squirms and wriggles but they wouldn’t let her go no matter what she did.

Soulja on the other hand, he takes out an injector and a small bottle. He pushes the needle inside and draws liquid inside it.

He check the amount first to see if it’s enough then, when Harlin isn’t paying attention he pushes it into her neck and removes it.

She touches her neck and with time her erratic movements start to slow down.

“Harlin No!” Jeffery tries to get his daughter but the five men held him down not letting him leave.

“Dad… Dad… Dad…” she calls out repetitively, tears still running down her face as she inevitably blacks out completely.

“What did you do to my daughter you monster!” he yells at Soulja.

“You’re the monster for putting your own daughter’s life in danger and selling her to me. I left the check on your table, and don’t even try to contact me or your daughter. If you do try, you will be killed in a sinister manner.

“She is not only going to be, Young Madam LaTouche, but she is also my property. It was truly wonderful meeting you again Jeffery. Take care of yourself and I will advise you not to spend all the money all in one take.” he winks and slides his hands into his black gloves.

“Let’s go boys. We’re done here.”

( TO BE CONTINUED…. ✿^‿^ )

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