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Kiss Me Master Episode 6

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** Chapter,, 06 – ★★★★★

( St. Gregorian’s University )

“Thank you.” Harlin walks off after collecting a strawberry chocolate chip ice cream. She also received sprinkles and jelly beans on the top of the sweet creamy delight.

Harlin licks the side where the ice cream is dripping off.

It’s been two days since she hasn’t been to college, today she finally returns and of course received detention for not having a meaningful reason to why she didn’t go to college.

After all, she can’t tell the principal she got her heart broken by the son of a pastor.

Thinking about that awful memory her heart clenches and she briefly stopped walking and close her eyes. Her blood starts to boil again as she thinks about how she caught Khalid with hickeys all over his body and her ex best friend putting a bra on.

“Oh my gosh really?” her eyes flash open when she heard an all too familiar femalevoice chatting with someone else, also with a very familiar voice.

Slowly, she turns to her left and peers through the fence. She spots Tanya walking with Meera, smiling as if they’ve known each other since the beginning of time.

How ironic. Birds of a feather do flock together. This is rather, unsurprising to Harlin.

Tanya and Meera walk down the steps and turns her direction also heading to work the evening shift. Their eyes land on Harlin.

Both woman stood frozen.

Harlin’s head turn to the side, the ice cream in her hand crushes. The coldness not even bothering her, her eyes are even colder than the ice cream itself.

Meera and Tanya glance at each other as if smelling her glare. They decided on keeping the peace and resumes walking in her direction.

As they walk by, Harlin glares at them but surprisingly did nothing. Not even took a step forward.

This worried the girls cause someone like Louisiana aka Harlin isn’t the type to let things go so easily. You have a misunderstanding with her now it’s a permanent issue!

The only questions on their minds is, What is running through Harlin’s mind right now?

She turns back and watch Tanya and Meera walk away swiftly.

But suddenly, she feels a tap on her shoulder. She turns with a terrifying glare to see what being dare lay their disgusting fingers on her body.

“Here, I see your ice cream got crushed. I bought you a new one.” Khalid gulps and looks away from her. Fearfully.

Her already tenacious grip on the ice cream cone tightens as she pictures herself squeezing his neck rather than the innocent dessert she just bought with extra cash.

Slowly, she reaches for the ice cream and takes it. Skeptical, she examines it then nods.

He scratches the back of his head clearly wanting to say something but is nervous.

However, the pain in her heart and her angry mind synchronized and before she can even think about what to with him…the ice cream he just bought her is stuffed and smeared all over his apologetic looking face.

Shocking her, but satisfying her.

Khalid pauses for a while and wipes the cream away clearly in disbelief of what happened.

Harlin, shooting him a final glare then drops the crushed till unrecognizable ice cream on the ground and walks off briskly.

“Harlin am sorry about what happened okay please listen to me I want you back!” she heard him yell still standing where she left him.

She huffs and picked up speed rapidly, basically running. Simultaneously she takes a hand kerchief from her pocket and wiped her hands off the disposed of it.

His voice yelling out her name eventually drowns out.

Soon, she gets tired and stop by an alley, behind a wall. She leans by the wall and buries her face into her palms, they became wet instantly. She didn’t even realize when she started crying.

Harlin stoops on the ground and sobbed, eventually she kneels.

“I-I was played. Why, what did I ever do? It isn’t my fault I have anger issues. Even so, it doesn’t mean I deserve such treatment.” she sniffs and reaches into her bag for a tissue.

But then stops when she heard the sound of an approaching bike or maybe it is bikes?

Ignoring it, she wipes her tears and blows her nose. Then sanitizes and closes her bag, she stood up and brush her knees off.

Harlin heard the sound of a bike revving, she turns her head to the right and somebody on a bike swerves. A quite expensive looking bike. A bike that clearly isn’t common at all.

It is black in colour, a really dark shade of black. The rims are shiny enough to see your own reflection, it isn’t too big nor too small. Perfect size actually. In metal spray painted in red, the design of what can only be described as fingers run/crawl all-over the motorcycle.

What surprises her is the marking on the side of the bike, which she is definitely sure is the name of a gang. The same words are of the jacket he wears and helmet, initials are on the shoes too.

‘Young Blood Clansmen(YBC)’ it reads, in big Scarlett red letters.

The bike revs and moves onto the back wheel. It turns in her direction and speeds up. She had to jump out of the way so that it doesn’t knock her down flat!

“Hey! Watch it ásshole!” she yells at the strange biker.

To her dismay, the bike stops and the man reverses stopping just a mere two inches at her feet. Her heart pounds in her chest, forgetting her aching heart in the process. Visibly scared.

Harlin backs up to the wall fearfully.

She knows better than to mess with men in gangs/crime families. They are dangerous, heartless and cruel humans!

Harlin couldn’t see his face as it is covered with the helmet.

Only one eye is visible to her though, the right one is seemingly covered with what she can only presume to be, an eye patch or…she doesn’t know what exactly to call it.

His admiral blue eye piercing deeply into her hazel ones. As if he’s searching every inch of her soul just by gazing at her.

And that alone tells her, behind that helmet is a handsome man.

“He’s over there!” someone yelled.

Harlin and the stranger turns to look down the alley and see a police man coming their way.

The unknown, mysterious man looks back at her. As if not even bothered by the police that are chasing desperately after him!

He looks her up and down before like a tiger before they attack their prey, he revs his bike.

He looks forward and there is some men also on bikes that are still on, ready and waiting for him up at the head of the alley.

Also, in similar clothing.

The man speeds up and rides off with the men who are most likely his crew members. Leaving the police officers behind, weary.

“(Pants heavily,) Good evening young miss. Did you see the face of that outrageous man?”

She shakes her head. “No, only his eyes.”

“Would you mind telling me the colour of his eyes?”

“Blue. A real dark shade of blue.”

“Young miss, that man is a wanted scammer. He and his crew, is from Imperial City.”

Her eyes widen in shock. “Do you mean Sin City?”

“Yes. If you see that man or anybody from his gang call the police immediately.” he turns back and walk down the alley with the other officers.

Harlin holds her chest for a moment. From Imperial City?

She has heard of the corrupted place, she lives in the northeast so that place isn’t that far from her. Sin City is in the south.

That city is ruled by mafia’s, every night on the news a new death is reported. Sometimes a female or even male is raped!

And it seems as if, the corruption is slowly spreading throughout other cities. If that man the officer is talking about is from Imperial City what is he doing here in Emerald City? That’s odd.

Then again, non of that is her business. She swiftly gets herself together and starts running away like crazy. She does not want whoever that man was to return and see her there.

Who knows what he’ll do if he laya eyes on her again. After all, she did first insult him.

( Darling’s Diner )

Harlin walks into the restaurant and spots the other waitresses moving around. Serving multiple people at a time. She also sees Tanya and Meera working.

“Shit. I’m late.” she sighs and licks her lips.

She starts walking through the middle of the restaurant and didn’t miss the glare Meera shot her. Harlin however didn’t forget to shot Tanya a glare who looked away immediately.

Soon she reached the ‘Employees Only’ quartz and goes in, unsurprisingly. She meets the one and only, Miss Darling, owner of the restaurant.

As usual, scolding somebody.

“You nitwit. Is this how you mop floors? I can lick gravy gravy off of plates better than you can clean floors. Do it again you numbskull!” she gently pushes Nirvana and walks off.

In Harlin’s direction.

Belcalis Darling is an obese woman from Trinidad who moved here about a year ago and opened up her restaurant.

Harlin is one of the fortunate ones who was able to secure a job here, the pay is stable but the treatment from Miss Darling could make anybody quit in an instant.

Wearing long fake lashes, heavy make-up and a blue dress that is visibly too tight for her, long blue nails and heels that look as if they can break at any moment.

She cat walks, well at least tries, over in Harlin direction. Her brows arch one at a time. Her gaze moved up and down Harlin. As if judging her, which she is.

“You. Are. Late!” she crosses her arms over her chest and pouts her lipstick covered lips.

Which Harlin finds, unappealing.

“I was in a dilemma.” she replies.

“Was that my fault?”

“Did I blame you, Miss Darling?”

The workers around look at each other and giggle, Harlin is really the queen and boss of savage.

“Hey! Watch your mouth little girl. I can fire you at any moment, I wouldn’t try to get smart if I were you.”

“Yah….but you’re not me.”

“What did I just say? Behave!”

“Hmm…yeah. Something is stuck in your teeth, did you eat spinach just a while ago?” Harlin’s face wrinkles in disgust seeing a green thing that looks like a crushed up leaf between Miss Darling’s two front teeth.

“Harlin!” Betty whisper yells.

Nonchalantly Harlin glances over at Betty who is doing sign language trying to tell her to be on her best behavior. As if.

With her cheeks now glowing red, Miss Darling swallows her saliva and looks around in embarrassment. “What? All of you get back to work now!”

The workers quickly scurry off.

“You, that’s it. One more disrespectful comment and I will fire you Harlin I swear!”

“Ma’am. You could just, be a normal person and floss. You don’t have to be ashamed, such things happen to everybody.”

“That’s it. You’re fired!”

Harlin’s face dropped. “What?”

“Yes, you heard me. You are fired, I’ve had enough of your insolent behavior towards me.”

“You can’t… You know what. Fine. F–k you and f–k your restaurant I can find another job. I’m not worth the b-llshit you give me anyway! You think just because I work for you, you have the right to treat me any how?

“News flash Darling, that ain’t how I role. I won’t let you treat me like trash when I’m gold. Take your apron and hairnet.” Harlin walks away and takes up her personal items she has for working. She folds them up.

“And shove them deep up your hairy, fat áss you god-damn cow!” she throws them into Miss Darling’s face making her stumble back and nearly falling.

“I’ll see you around Betty. And you better send me my pay you old hag.” she pours a bucket of the black-ish mop water all over Miss Darling and storms out.

Outside, she saw Meera and Tanya there watching the fight.

They try to run but Harlin swiftly grabs Tanya by the hair.

“This is for betraying me you backstabbing b–ch.” she drags Tanya away and throws her body like a rag doll onto a table.

She uses her body like a cloth and wipes the table with it then runs off to catch Meera.

“No, Harlin wait, wait we can talk this out okay it doesn’t have to be like this. Let’s settle our differences like adults we—” before she could finish she received a slap so hard every single soul in the restaurant heard in. It even echoed.

Then, she moves to a table and pics up a cup of coffee which was left by a customer and pours it all over Meera before storming out. Slamming the door shut behind her.

( Earlier _ Arnette Garden _ 1:35 )

On Wednesdays, Jeffery doesn’t go to work. Rather, he stays at home and attends to his little garden and small farm.

Currently, he is at the back of the house in the yard. Planting pumpkin seedlings, Okra seeds, sweet potatoes, pineapples etc.

As he is digging into the dirt, he hears somebody yelling. He ignores it, maybe it’s the arrogant neighbors quarreling.

“Jeffery!” a male voice yells.

He recognizes the voice, it’s Pastor Samuel. Jeffery finds this odd, Samuel never visits his home. This must be serious.

After leaving the things in cool shade, he washed his hands then walks back to the front to see what does Pastor Samuel want.

He sees him standing there, his hands on the pale yellow wall. In his black and white suit, his belly bulging through it. He sighs and walks towards Samuel.

“Ah, brother Jeffery. How are you?”

“Fine. Just planting somethings. Since I didn’t go to work I might as well keep myself busy yunno.”

“Yes yes. Very good. Well, I came to talk about your daughter—”

Jeffery cuts him off. “Look Pastor Samuel, I’m guessing you came here about damages to your house. Your brat of a son cheated on my daughter and she did the right thing by beating the shit out of him!”

Samuel looked stunned. He didn’t know that happened. He just thought she destroyed everything no reason. She is a crazy and quite unpredictable girl after all.

There’s no telling when she’ll just randomly go off at someone.

“Cheated? What are you saying?”

“Yes, she went over to give him a priceless watch. She caught him with hickeys on his body and a girl half naked in his bedroom. Is this the type of things you allow? What type of holy man are you.”

Again, this took him by surprise. “Brother Jeffery. I didn’t even know that happened I—” he cuts himself off when his sight spots something rather shiny.

He turns his attention up the road and his eyes widen. He sees around, five black cars, all in different shape, brands and sizes.

The sun’s scorching, merciless rays ricocheting off of the vehicles surfaces.

“Pastor Samuel, what is—” Jeffery also trails off when he follows the gaze and looks up the road and sees the cars.

He knows immediately who that is, he meant what he said after all! Jeffery never expected him to arrive so soon. Dear lord.

“Do you know who might these men be?” Samuel ask.

“Yes, and they are bad news. You need to leave, now.” Jeffery throws the cloth he was using to clean his hands off aside.

“But brother Jeffery we—”

“Go! Leave, now!” he yells.

Pastor Samuel shrugs and starts to leave without another question.

As the vehicles up ahead approach, the fear in his soul increases. Today is the day, he will be loosing his daughter.

( TO BE CONTINUED…. ✿^‿^ )

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