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Kiss Me Master Episode 5

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** Chapter,, 05 – ★★★★★

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Khalid opens the door and glances around but when his eyes land on Harlin his brows furrow in confusion.

“Oh, hi…Harlin.” he gulps nervously and itches the back of his head.

“I got you a pre—” she cuts herself off when she notices something on Khalid’s body that shouldn’t be there. A red mark.

“I ermm. Wasn’t expecting you to come over…so what’s up? Is that a present for me?”

“What the actual fúck is that on you mother fucking chest?” she crosses her arms and turns her head to the left. Her eyes wide.

“Baby! Language.”

“I don’t give a shit about, you know get out of my way.” she pushes him aside and marches in furiously looking for whatever or whoever gave him a hickey.

She climbs the stares faster than she climbs the ones at the university. Her blood is boiling, hotter than an any inferno.

“Harlin! Harlin wait!” Khalid yells trying to catch up with her.

It is too late.

She kicks the doors to his room open and Tanya who is putting her purple bra on screams in shock and in fright!

“Khalid what the—” her voice trails off when she see Harlin staring at her incredulously.

“T-tanya? What, what are you doing? And, and Khalid I don’t, what happened?” Harlin questions Tanya who still can’t seem to be believe she is here.

“Harlin baby wa—” Khalid trails off seeing she has already arrived and saw Tanya.

“Louisiana, best friend, this is not what you think it is. Trust me, it isn’t what it looks like!” Tanya tries to talk it out with her.

“Oh shut the f–k up Tanya. Even a one month old baby cana put two and two together and know what the f–k happened here.” Harlin drops the the empty box and turns away to the wall.

Khalid shakes his head and looks over at Tanya who is still frozen in one spot.

Tanya shakes her head and gulps. “Harlin, listen to me we—” her lame excuse was cut off by a resounding slap to the cheek.

It echoed throughout the whole room, Harlin stairs back at her with red angry eyes.

“I don’t want your lame ass. Stupid mother f–king excuse! You had one job Tanya, one job you f–king wh-re!” she slaps Tanya on the other cheek.

She stumbled back and holds her now red, aching face.

“I trusted you. I would have put my life on the line for you. How could you sleep with my boyfriend? How could you possibly stoop so low Tanya!”

Silence ensued amongst the three of them.

Tears still roll down Harlin’s cheeks. Her fists balled. Her glares murderous. Her intentions even worse than her glares!

“And you…” she averts her to her so-called boyfriend. Her now, most recent ex boyfriend. “Did the bible say you’re supposed to cheat on the woman you claim to love? What Psalms is that!”

“Harlin please let me explain it was just a mistake—” she cuts him off before he can finish.

“Do you mean to tell me your d–k magically reached inside her v-gina? Do I look like a damn fool to you Khalid Wilhelm!!”

He gulps and looks away.

“Cheating, is not a mistake. It a choice, a decision. And you chose to cheat on me…with her.” she points at Tanya. “Of all the people you can think of, you chose my best friend. Why?”

“Louisiana, my love. Listen to me, I am so sorry for—” she cuts him off yet again.

“Stop. F–k you, f–k your feelings, f–k your lies, f–k your lame áss excuses, f–k your family, f–k your friends, f–k your car, f–k your church and f–k everybody except your golden retriever!” she screams at him.

“And you…” she faces Tanya. “You, you, you. You backstabbing, conniving, sly little b–ch!!” she jumps on Tanya and stand to release numerous blows to her face and body.

“No Harlin stop!” Khalid moves to grab her but she swiftly gets up and grabs a broom.

“My name is Harlin, I am the 3D 4K version of Harley Quinn. And I’m gonna teach you b–ches a valuable lesson right now!” she swings the broom at Khalid which hits him in the ribcage.

He groans and falls down.

She turns to Tanya who’s covering her boobs and trying to crawl away. “Not today Satan.”

Harlin grabs a hold of her hair and kicks her in the face. Then she goes to Khalid and hits him repetitively with the broom stick.

Later, she moves back to Tanya and drags her by her hazel nut hair into his bathroom. She shoves her face into the toilet bowl and flushed it when stepping on her head, pushing her further down into it.

“AAAAHHHHHHHH!!” she screams out anger, pain and frustration.

Each time she thinks about the fact that her best friend and boyfriend had s-x, her heart plummets further down her chest. Her eyeliner stains beneath her eyes and her hair becomes disheveled.

Tanya who managed to get her face out if the toilet slowly turns around, she reaches for a bra and covers her br–st.

Harlin, seeing she got out become even angrier.

“Hey you!” she yells.

As soon Tanya faces Harlin she receives a devastating uppercut, knocking her out cold.

Satisfied she walks out of the bathroom and meets Khalid who is still on the ground groaning.

Feeling disgusted, she spits at his face and kicked him where he was already feeling pain.

“We. Are. Done.” she glares at him again then she takes her watch back up and moves to his side table.

Harlin picks up the framed photo of them and smashed it against the wall.

Then runs out of the house like a mad woman. She even meets his parents along the way but didn’t stop to greet them, only smiled at the dog names Rufus.

( At Her House )

“Dad!” she bust through the door still in unbridled tears

Jeffery rushes to her immediately, seeing his daughter like this…he didn’t have to ask what had happened previously.

“Come here.” he pulls her into his arms and hushed her.

“H-he c-cheated on me. W-with T-tanya dad. I-it hurts. It really, really hurts… It hurts so bad.” she sobs while resting on his shoulder.

“Shh. It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m here, you have me. You will always have me okay. They don’t deserve you. Don’t cry darling.” he walks her into her room and sits her down on her bed.

Jeffery somehow had a feeling something like this would happen. He sees the way that cunning friend looks at Khalid.

And him being stupid doesn’t tell her it is inappropriate to look at her friend’s boyfriend like that.

It breaks his heart to see his little girl like this but, he also feels great relief. Khalid just wasn’t the right man for her.

“Come now Harlin, I know you are hurt and I know your heart is broken. But don’t cry, those bastards aren’t worth your tears. You deserve so much better than that idiot Khalid. You deserve a man who loves you, understands and will be patient with you.

“You deserve to have good friends who will always have your back no matter what! Friends that instead of having s-xual intercourse with your boyfriend, tell him no and that it’s not the right thing to do.

“Friends whom you can trust. You aren’t worth what these two give you Harlin. Trust me.” he gently strokes her hair.

“(Sniffs,) You’re right, I’m not worth all of this. But it still hurts dad, it hurts like hell!” she burst into tears once again.

( Nightfall🌌 )

“Louisiana. Louisiana can you please open the door I just want to talk to you.” Khalid knocks repeatedly at her door.

The door eventually opens, but instead of seeing his ex girlfriend Harlin…her father stand there.

“Well I be damned. What is this?”

“Oh, goodnight Mr—”

“Boy, what do you want? After you hurt my little girl you bring your butt here to apologize do you think words can fix a broken heart, if you do you’re stupid.”

“No I…I just want to talk to her.”

“About? There is not anything to talk about Khalid. Harlin caught you in 4k—” he trailed off seeing Khalid not standing too properly.

“What is wrong with you stand up straight when you speak to an elder!”

“I, well. Ermm. Your daughter beat me up, with a broom stick.”

He stared into Khalid’s eyes for a few minutes before chuckling and eventually laughing. He holds onto his stomach and rest his other hand on the wall for support. “You deserved that.”

“Please, I just want to talk to her.”

“Pfff. Not a chance.” he slams the door shut in Khalid’s face.

It’s a good thing Harlin fell asleep, crying. Else, he would have to turn into flash and superman to escape her wrath.

( Private Airport )

After his men finished loading all his necessary luggages and items onto the jet.

Drago climbs up the steps with Moon clinging onto him as usual. Like a prized possession.

“Boss.” Kayne comes and greets him by the entrance as he walks in. “May we speak?”

“Moon. Leave.” Drago spoke not looking down at her.

Nodding she pulls away. “I’ll you later, my sweet dear.” she stretches and kisses his cheek.

She walks off swaying her hips.

Kayne makes sure to keep a straight face and not dares to glance at the boss’s girlfriend.

“What is the issue, Kayne.”

“It is Kazuko. Sir. I received a message from him earlier. He says he is wishing you a safe flight and good luck finding him.”

“Tell the Chinese man he will need the luck if he tries to play games with me.”

“Ermm. Boss, he is Japanese.”

Drago looks over at Kayne with a unmistakable glare. “He is what I say he is. Am I understood?”

“Yes boss. Loud and clear.”

He steps passed Kayne, making sure their shoulders meet.

Kayne gold’s his lips and nods after his boss walks away. He is the second in command. The second leader of the BAD BLOODZ. He’s been running the gang with Drago for 4 years now.

Though, much older than his boss and master. He still puts up with his callous and cold demeanor. Maybe he kills too much, and breaks too much rules. But he has never met a man quite as unique as Drago.

So, he stays by his side despite his kinky, unfavorable attitude.

The pay is also quite good. Sighing, Kayne walks off to attend to other matters.

Meanwhile, Drago sits in another part of the jet to avoid his all too clingy girlfriend. Sometimes, he wonders why and how they are still together till this very day.

Though being in a relationship with Moon, it doesn’t mean he respects it or values it. He looks over at the flight attendant walking his direction with her cleavage so visible her nipples are partly visible to him.

“Master, would you like a drink?” she smiles and stops next to him, still holding a tray.

“Drop the tray and come give me a blowjob. And don’t…let me tell you twice.” he takes his gun out and places it on the seat beside him in a threatening manner.

Her lips curve to a smirk of mischief. Obeying his command, she walks back and put the tray down them returns. She ties her hair up in a pony tail and lifts her skirt up revealing her thong.

She walks to Drago and blushed before kneeling between his legs. She moves to his pants and starts to undo it.

While he, lights a cigar and gazes through the window as the jet prepares to take off heading straight to Tokyo, the capital city of Japan!

( TO BE CONTINUED…. ✿^‿^ )

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