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** Chapter,, 04 – ★★★★★

( Monday _ 12:13 pm )

“Why bother honey, I do not see reason in marrying off that no good son of your’s.” Saverina Lombardo aka Maleficent says.

She lays on the king side bed in her husband’s room. Wearing nothing but a burgundy robe, her legs are crossed and in her right hand is a glass of champagne.

“Darling. It is something I must do. He is of age now. It is time for him to get married.”

Maleficent sighs. “Then, why choose an outsider? I mean, what about Starlette? She is a beautiful, intelligent and resourceful young lady. She even owns a crime family. In my opinion, she would be a much better option!”

“Ah yes, the all so beautiful and charismatic, Moon. Indeed she is a beautiful young lady. However, I do not want her for my son.”

Maleficent scoffs and drops the wine on the table. “So, basically, her and Estefan would have to end their three-year relationship.”

“Darling, you and I both know that relationship means nothing to my son. He still lives a promiscuous life even with her by his side. She hasn’t been able to make him settle at all.”

“They just need more time.”

“Time, we do not have. You and I will be going to Emerald City to meet our soon-to-be daughter in-law. We will take her back here and they will get to know each other. When his birthday rolls around, the wedding will be held.”

“What? You and I? Honey, I am not joining you to that city.”

“I never asked you that Maleficent. I am telling you.”

He gets up and walks out of the room, not even looking back.

Maleficent folds her arms and stares at the door. Her husband wants her so-called stepson to marry a girl from Emerald City, a country girl that is. She, doesn’t agree with this decision.

“Moon is a much better choice.”

( On The 4th Floor _ )

As Soulja makes his way through the halls of the mansion. The sound of his footsteps and walking strick echoes. He walks with one hand behind his back.

His now grey black and white hair is tied up. He wears a black wool jacket over his suit. His hair is also trimmed and an earring is in his left ear.

Though old, it doesn’t mean he can’t dress decently.

Soulja walks until he spots a group of maids coming towards him holding towels.

He stops them and start questioning the group of girls.

“Master Soulja.” they bow.

“Where is my son? Drago.”

“He is in his private Tub Room. He says he doesn’t want to be disturbed, Master.” maid 1 speaks up and bows again.

“Good. You may all go.” he fans them off and proceeds.


He comes across the room the maids are talking about.

Not being respectful and knocking on the door, he turns the knob and walks in.

Basically, half of the room is a hot tub. It isn’t as capacious as the other bed rooms but it is big enough to be the lounge of a middle class home! It is dark and painted in black, opposite to what you might expect to see.

The tub has water-resistant neon lights in it. Sky blue in colour. Illuminating the whole room, across from him at the head of the wall are rectangular windows, that are slightly open.

On the back of the tub, he can see Drago’s clothing neatly folded at a corner. A pack of cigarettes are next to him, a three quartz full bottle of red wine, a phone and a white towel. A black robe is also on a towel/robe hook towards the right of the room.

Drago who was about taking a sip from his wine glass pauses when he heard the sound of the door opening. He slightly turns.

He doesn’t need to turn completely to know who it is, the cologne already gives him away.

Drago gently shakes the wine glass in his hand. “Father, what do you want?” he questioned.

“You are now old enough to get married, I have picked out a lovely brunette for you. I will fetch her, and upon your return you will get to meet her.”

He seizes all movement, did he just hear what he thought he hear or maybe he heard something completely different?

“Excuse me? What nonsense are you talking about old man.” Drago turns his gaze to glass in his hand.

“Do not play dumb Estefan. You are turning thirty(30) years old in April. You are now the perfect age to get married, settle down.”

“Settle down?” Drago at last turns to his father, he puts the glass down. “Is this a joke? That is the most humorless joke I have ever heard in my life.”

“Do I look like I am joking? I don’t have time for games, Estefan.”

“And neither do I. Do me a favor and get out. I want to be alone.”

“When you get back from your trip to Japan. You will meet your bride to be do you hear me?”

Drago sighs and touched the bridge of his nose. He looks back at the water bubbling before him, then he starts to get up.

Soulja backs Drago giving him some privacy.

Drago climbs on the stairs leading into the hot tub. The water on his body races down and lands all over the area.

He walks to the left of the room and takes up the robe. After successfully putting it on, he reaches for the towel and begins to dry his hair.

“I do not know what stupid game you are playing at but I will not be joining you. I am not never getting married, ever. And you, dear father. Will not make me.” he turns and starts to walk out of the room.

“Estefan! Stop right there!” Soulja, in frustration yells.

As a man who doesn’t like being yelled at, Drago balls his fist but unballs them later.

Soulja walks to Drago and goes to stand before him. Drago looks down at his father. His eyes cold and has a look of destruction.

“You are my son. And you will do what I tell you to. Who do you think gave you this life? I did. How dare you disobey and reject an order who do you think you are? Do you think because you are now a gang leader…you are above me? Answer me!”

“I am my mother’s son. That is what I am.” Drago retorted.

“I did not cause your mother’s death, Estefan.”

He shakes his head. “Did I say it was you? You sound a little, Guilty. Are you the cause?”

“Look boy. You will be marrying whoever I say you will be marrying. Do I make myself clear to you?”

Drago slightly turns and side-eye his father. “We’ll see about that.”

He walks out and slams the door shut. Leaving behind his clothes and other certain items of his.

Soulja gulps in anger. That son of his never does or listens to anything he says.

He just does whatever he pleases.

Not this time however, he will be marrying the brunette he exclusively out picked for him.

( St. Gregorian’s University )

Harlin pushed through the crowd of students who are running out the building. It is now 3:02 pm and she must be at work by 3:20 pm.

If she takes a taxi or bus she can arrive on time but if she does that she wouldn’t have enough to take a bus back from work to home.

Though her boyfriend whom she has been in a relationship with for nearly 6 months now, for some reason she has never been into his vehicle nor did she ever ask to be in it.

Which is rather odd, after all.

Who wouldn’t find it strange that your best friend has been inside your boyfriend’s car a good amount of times but you, the ‘girlfriend’ has not been there?

Unfortunately, Harlin doesn’t have the time to focus on cars and best friends she needs to get to work! A scholarship can only cover school expenses. And she needs money for home and personal items.

“Harlin!” she stops when she heard Tanya yelling her name.

Her head snaps to the left and she sees her waving while standing next to Khalid who is continuously smiling.

Rolling her eyes she runs over there speedily.

“What do you want Tanya I really, really don’t want to be late for work!” she checks her the time.

“Jeez Harlin, chillax. I was just saying I will not be coming to work this evening. Am sorry.”

“Then where the heck are you going Tanya?”

“To the mall. Khalid offered me a ride too, would you—”

Harlin interrupts. “Yeah yeah look I really have to go. Bye.”

She swiftly hugs Tanya and kisses Khalid then runs off as if being chased by a wild wolf.

Tanya and Khalid glance at each other.

“So, are you… Ready.” Tanya bites her bottom lip.

“Tanya. This isn’t right, she’s a good girl. I shouldn’t be doing this with you Tanya I—”

“Shh. She, doesn’t have to know.” she holds onto his arm and starts pulling him towards the back of the university.

( 3:18 pm _ Darling’s Diner )

Harlin bursts through the restaurant’s glass doors. She pauses, all eyes are on her.

“What? What are you looking at?” she looks at her own clothing to see what is wrong with her. Nothing is there.

“Hey! Eyes on your plates and not me!” she rolls her eyes and walks through the restaurant.

When she reaches the other side she knocks on the door with the sign marked ‘Employees Only’ on it, Meera opens the door.

“Well well well, ain’t it the one and only, Harley Quinn.” she leans on the threshold grinning.

“No, no, no and no. You and I will not be doing this Meera. Move out of my way and you won’t get hurt I am in a rush you know.”

“Pfft so what does—” before she could finish her statement.

Harlin pushes her aside, so hard she nearly lost her balance but managed to hold onto the door’s handle and pulls herself up

Meera and Harlin are in the same age group but attend different college’s. They are also enemies.

Both competing for a promotion of ‘Head Chef’ in the diner.

Another shocking fact is Meera and Tanya are great friends.

This doesn’t bothers Harlin, she is here to work and make money not to chit-chat and mingle with friends or co-workers.

As Harlin walks Meera glares at her, hatred burning in her eyes.

“Harlin honey, how are you doing? You’re rather early this evening.” Betty who is kneading dough asks Harlin.

“Am doing great Betty thank you for asking. I literally ran all the way here. I know how Miss Darling is always complaining about me being really late.” she sighs as she takes her school bag off and puts an apron on.

“Oh don’t worry honey. You won’t always work here you know. One day you’ll probably own your own diner! Cheer up.”

She smiles. “I know Betty. Believe me I know, I just wish that day would come sooner.”

“Patience honey. Good things come to those who wait.” she dusts the flour off her hands.

“Pfft. I will be sure to keep that in mind.” she winks.

After finally putting a hair net on and washing her hands she goes to pick up a basket of tomatoes to slice them one at a time.

( After Work )

Wearily, after finally finishing work and getting home she slumps on her bed in her room.

Jeffery, hearing his daughter arriving, he goes into the small fridge and pours a glass of ice cold water for her.

He walks to her room and knocks before entering.

“Louisiana. Are you okay dear?” he walks towards her who is laying on the bed. Eyes closed.

“Am tired. My legs hurt. My head hurts. Am so fucking tired dad.”

“Language Louisiana.”


“Here.” he sits on the bed and hands over the glass of cold water.

Sighing she sits up and takes the cup of water which she gulps it down.

He puts his hand on her shoulder, he stares at his epitome of beauty he calls his daughter.

She may be short, Hot-Blooded and crazy at times but… She is a daughter any man wishes to have. Supportive, intelligent, kind hearted, treats everyone fairly, a no nonsense young woman.

It pains his heart to know that when she inevitably finds out what he did she will never forgive him for it. At all.

Aside from her being known as, crazy, feisty, Hot-Blooded and beautiful. She is someone that will not trust anyone so easily, and she isn’t the forgiving type.

Nor does she believes in second chances. So, if she trusts someone and that person should break her trust…it would be rather, devastating for her.

“Oh god.” she suddenly says.

“Harlin, what is the matter?”

“No I, I have something for Khalid but I forgot to give to him today on campus. Damnit!”

“It’s okay I can deliver it.”

“No dad. Stay home I’ll be right back. I just need ten minutes.”

She reaches into her school bag and takes out a box with a brand new Louis Vuitton watch in it.

“I didn’t give him anything for valentine’s day. Which was my 24th birthday. He brought me to an art gallery, bought me ice cream, took me to the movies, took me ice skating. Then we went to the palm tree and just painted till nightfall. It’s the least I can do for him, you know dad.”

Jeffery smiles at her, how thoughtful can she get? Some girls wouldn’t do such a thing.

A Louis Vuitton watch is rather expensive. It’s a miracle she bought one for her boyfriend.

“It’s okay. I understand. Just be careful around that boy, I don’t want you having a child you aren’t ready for, Louisiana.”

“Okay dad. I will be back.” she hugs him the rushed out the house.


“I’m gonna kill you Harlin!” Bentley yells when he sees Harlin jogging up the hill.

She stops, flashes her hair and looks over at him with a ‘are you talking to me look?’ expression.

“Yeah I’m talking to you! Damn psychopath, sociopath, mentally ill lunatic who belongs in an asylum!” he touches his head, the spot where she threw a rock and hit him.

“Thanks for the compliments. But what do you expect from a girl they call Harley Quinn?”

“I’m gonna kill you!”

She starts walking towards him and he swiftly runs off to hide.

She laughs and keeps jogging up the hill to her Khalid’s house.

And soon, she eventually arrives and stops to catch her breath, she holds onto her chest and presses the buzzer. Nobody answered, she presses in repeatedly but still…no reply.

“Pfft. I come over all the time. They won’t mind if I go in without permission would they?” she jumps over the wall and walks towards the front door.

Before she could open the door, somebody opened it. What she saw and found out next broke her heart to small fractions!

( TO BE CONTINUED…. ✿^‿^ )

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