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Kiss Me Master Episode 3

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** Chapter,, 03 – ★★★★★

( Sunday 3:35 pm )

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” Eight years old Estefan yells out, looking around aimlessly and fearfully to find his mother but it is futile at this moment. Tears stream down his cheek, salt water drips off his face and hair down back into the ocean.

He’s laying on top of a wooden door, slowly it drifts away from the sinking yacht.

“Mom, mom where are you please save me.” his sobs are unbridled. His small body scorching under the merciless sun.

His gaze shifts frequently but no sight of anything at all, he moves his hand over the wooden door and tries to crawl further onto it.

A turn of events is proved to be rather tragic, just moments earlier the yacht was sailing peacefully on the ocean when it hit something hard and the bottom burst open letting water seep in, he fell off the front.

The wooden door starts to drift further as the waves grow bigger, the climate swiftly changes.

The wind becomes more rough, but suddenly he hears a splash. His heart starts racing behind his ribcage.

“Mom! Mom is that you? Mommy where are you…” a four feet wave comes and pushed him off the wooden door, and he never learned how to swim!

“M-m-mom (coughs) moom!” the sea becomes rougher and tougher by the second. The waves move his body left to right, up and down, his hands move erratically trying to battle the water.

Finally knowing that it is useless to fight water and the waves, he inhales deeply. Another high wave comes and he is forced underwater, he still moves his hands round and about trying to find something to hold onto but unfortunately couldn’t.

Now, he is sinking under the water and can’t find something to grab and pull himself up. To top it all off he is in dire need of air! Small water bubbles escape his mouth, he is in complete despair.

And pretty soon, inevitably, all the water comes out and he starts to choke. He tries to go up again, but fails…again. Just as he is about to give up hope and accept his near demise.

Hands hold onto him and the next thing he knows he is being carried to the surface in an alarming speed! Seconds later he could properly breath fresh air again, he coughs up the water out of his lungs and cries.

“M-m (coughs) mommy…” tears come again. The same person holds onto him and starts pulling him again. He can now feel drops of rain on his skin like someone poking it. The person, drags him onto what he can only describe as something circular.

With a hole in the middle, then something is put onto him.

He is confused and shivering.

“Mom talk to me please.” he cries.

The person stops what they are doing, the next thing he knows is his vision is… slowly becoming blurry. Shocking him utterly speechless! He squints his eyes and tries to see who it is, only thing he did manage to see is…

Someone with long, black hair, the person turns to the right and next thing he spots is, something hitting the waters surface splashing water onto his face.

And now, he is left alone stranded in the middle of the ocean a some meters away from the now almost fully submerged yacht, shivering due to cold and not knowing what just happened nor where’s his beloved mother is. He hugs himself, sadly.

“Drago.” Somebody whispers to him.

“Mom, i-is that you?”

“Draaaagoooo.” the whisper becomes a bit louder, “Drago!”


He wakes up with wide eyes and looks around, his breathing is ragged and beads of sweat are formed all over his chiseled body. His brows furrow when he realizes, it was nothing but a mere nightmare. A repeated one.

“Hmmm, Estefan…” Drago turns to his right, he spots moon also sleeping next to him. Lips slightly apart and her hair scattered all over the place.

Paying no attention to her, he throws the covers off and reaches for his phone.

“Evening, how on earth did I even fall into slumber at such time? How ironic.”

Drago drops the phone back on the table and takes up his gold rectangular box of cigars, he takes one out and reaches for his lighter. After lighting it he draws in smoke and releases it through his nostrils.

He gets up off the bed and walk towards the middle window, he shifts the curtain and looks down at the back yard. His half-brother who is exactly like his street name suggests, Kaos is there chatting with some of his men… including Kayne.

Ignoring the two men, he release the curtain and goes to sit on his couch. Thinking about the dream he just had, a dream that has haunted him up till present day.

His permanent nightmare, he just can’t pinpoint why the dreams is so repetitive.

“Nearly twenty eight years ago, my mother met her demise on a yacht. I, was was the only surviver. Only thing this old man could do is bring one of his useless concubines in claiming she bore his second and third child.” he stares at the cigar between his middle and index finger, he crushes it on the table.

Looking down at his pants, he sees only three colours. Black, white and grey. Only hues he has ever seen for so many years. In his words, to be born with Achromatopsiais similar to being cursed by a witch.

The term (Achromatopsia) means, he is colour blind. Unable to see any other colour than different hues of grey, white and black. It’s bad enough that he is unable to see colours, worst is his family…never seizes to remind him of his condition.

“Mhmm, (yawns) Estefan. Where are you?” Moon, who has now woken up looks around. She spots Drago sitting by a table, staring down at the floor. Her lips form into a smile, she couldn’t be more proud to call such a man hers. Forever.

“Darling, you know our three year anniversary is coming up…” she stood and wrap the sheet around her body then walks to him.

“I was thinking maybe, we could go to another country to celebrate it. Together you know.”

Drago leans back and furrows his brows, “Starlette. I will be going on a business trip soon. I do not have time for an anniversary. You know I am a busy man, every minute counts!”

“Yes but darling, you just said you are going on a business trip. Is it in another country or city?”


“Perfect! We can celebrate it there then.”

“Did I say you would be joining me?” he looks over at her coldly, “You are not coming with me.”

She gasps. “But darling, why am I not allowed to? It’s our third anniversary, please let’s celebrate it. I promise I won’t be hard to handle.”

“Starlette, do you not have your own crime family to deal with?”

“Yes but…” she walks further to him, blushing. She slowly sits on his lap and move the sheet, exposing her cleanly shaved leg.

“You are more important. My only priority. I’ll do anything for you, Estefan my love.” Starlette trails her fingers over his chest.

Though unfazed, unmoved and unimpressed by her attempts to convince him to let her go. He will oblige, “I will be going to Japan, visiting the leader of a Yakuza family. Something about a gun deal. You may tag along.”

Her eyes glisten with delight. “Oh yes! Thank you darling!” she hugs him still grinning childishly.

Drago doesn’t return it, however.

“So…” she pulls away, “Would you like us to go another round?”

“Just, head.” He spoke absentmindedly.

She nods. “Yes, master.”

••| EMERALD CITY _ Arnette Garden |••

“So Harlin, what do you think about the service today?” Tanya ask while they walk along the sidewalk to their respective homes.

Harlin shrugs. “Not too bad actually. Sort of enjoyed it.”

“Tsk tsk tsk. You need Jesus permanently in your soul. More than anyone else. Maybe then you would be less crazy.” Tanya and Harlin laugh.

“Oh, so you two forgot about me huh?” Khalid holds his chest dramatically and fakes crying.

“Oh no baby how can anyone forget about a cutie like you.” Harlin stops and pinches his cheeks.

He grins at her.

Khalid Wilhelm is the son of Pastor José Wilhelm. The only church in the community, the one Harlin happily attends every Sunday. And sometimes Saturday for sabbath.

They are one of the richer people in the community, able to afford nearly anything they want. As for Khalid, two months ago for his 25th birthday he received a brand new crimson red Ferrari.

“Yeah yeah come on guys lets keep walking it’s getting late.” Tanya interrupts them.

Harlin nods and interlock their fingers so they can walk together while holding each other’s hand.

Khalid glances over at Tanya who seems a little upset.

She looks back up at him, clearly unhappy that they’re holding hands.

He looks away and sighs.

After walking for a few minutes in silence, all three come across a cross road.

Khalid and Tanya lives on the same road so they turn right, Harlin on the other hand has to turn left to get to her house.

“So, Tanya. See you Monday at college?” Harlin smirks.

Tanya smiles and nods at her. “Yeah, I’ll see Monday.”

The two females embrace each other and pull away not too long after, Harlin faces Khalid.

“I will…see you…tomorrow at college. Okay?” Her cheeks heat up.

He looks down at her and nods.

“Do you want me to walk you home?”

“Oh, sure. I mean of course. Let’s go, I have a painting to go finish ASAP.”

“I can come too!” Tanya butts in.

Harlin is a little surprised but doesn’t say anything. “It’s okay Tanya, you don’t necessarily have to join us.”

“Oh come on bestie, I insist!” She grins.

Khalid scratches his head awkwardly.

“You know what, nevermind. K I’ll see you at college tomorrow.” Harlin leans forward and kisses Khalid who reciprocates.

Tanya folds her lips and looks away.

“Walk safe, love you.” Khalid holds onto her waist.

“You two, over you too.”

Later, Harlin walks off down the road leaving her boyfriend and best friend to walk alone. As her heels make contact with the ground beneath her, something in her gut just doesn’t feel right.

Is it that Tanya did not want Khalid to walk her home, doesn’t want him alone with her or maybe she was just being a good caring friend? She sighs.

Soon she is nearly three houses away from her own, her gaze falls open Henry and Bentley. A pair of identical twin boys who like to belittle and ridicule others. A combo she absolutely despises, the boys are basically using a small stick to beat a smaller kid who is probably 12 years of age. Her eyes darken.

“What you gonna do momma’s boy? That’s right nothing! Cause you’re poor and pathe…”

“Hey!” Harlin’s voice interrupts Bentley.

Recognizing her voice he scoffs and looks over at her. “What do you want lunatic?”

“Leave the kid alone. Aren’t you and Henry both 17 years of age?”

“So god-damn what? Mind your business Harlin, watch yourself and we won’t hurt you too. I mean look at you, so short. You should be in highschool!”

“Leave my height alone Bentley or I’ll come over and bend that iron pole around your neck.” She points to an iron pole leaning on a neighbor’s mint green wall.

“Ohh! Am so scared.” Henry laughs with Bentley.

“Go and play with dolls or something kid we don’t have time for your little girl crap!” he kicks the youngster in the stomach.

She looks next to her and sees a few stones on the ground, though she is a good painter. She is also a pretty good at aiming at a target and not missing. Like a markswoman, only without a gun. A mischievous smirk grazes her lips, let’s just say, crazy mode on.

( Harlin’s Home )

Jeffery walks into his one floored house, sweat soaking the clothes he currently wears. He combs his beard with his finger then rolls his shoulders back.

He looks around and picks up a half empty bottle of water, he gulps the whole thing down and proceeds to go to his room.

As soon as he enters, his phone starts to ring. Jeffrey walks over to the phone and picks it up, it is an unknown number. Strange.

Why would an unknown number be calling his phone? Who would it might be and why at this time?

Nevertheless the less, he swiped his faulty phone a few times before it eventually answers.

“Hello, who is this?”

“Ah, Jeffery. How long has it been eh? Remember me.”

The phone nearly falls from his hand recognizing the unmistakable voice immediately. But how could it be? He hasn’t heard from the man in approximately nine years.

“Hello, Jeffery are you there?”

“Y-yes am still here. How are you Soulja, still in the mafia bus?” just his voice alone, anyone could tell he is very nervous.

“Oh no, I have handed over the family to my first heir. You do remember Estefan am I right?”

“H-how could I possibly forget…”

“(Chuckles,) Not here for the whole conversation thing Jeffery you know me. Just a few words and that is all. I will be coming to visit you this week.”

“This week… But why?”

“What do you mean why, have you forgotten our deal so soon? I will not only be coming do discuss that matter… When I leave she will be joining me.”

“W-what you can’t…”

“I can’t? Pardon me? Let me remind you, nine years ago I gave you over two hundred thousand dollars to pay off not only your debt, but to provide food on your table. In return, your daughter would marry my first heir. Memory refreshed?”

“Well I didn’t exactly forget I just…”

“You just what? Jeffery, I do not have time for this chit-chat. Save my number, if you want you can return my two hundred thousand dollars and keep your daughter.” he says, Jeffery listens keenly.

“If you are not able to pay me back and we both know you do not have the sufficient funds to, prepare your daughter I am coming to fetch her. And I suggest not trying to run. I will find you and you of all people should know what I do to men who do not payback in time.”

The phone beeps, he hung up.

He slowly takes the phone away from his ear and drops it down, he still remembers? Dear lord!

“Daaaad!” Harlin yells from the front door startling him.

His worry increases instantly, after so long this man wants to take his one and only child?

“Daaad! Am home where are you?” He hears footsteps moving about the place.

“I am in my room I will come and see you soon!” He shouts back.

“Okay. I’ll be in my room.”

Jeffery goes and puts both hands above the threshold. “I did what I had to do, I couldn’t let her starve. I had to pay back everything I owed or else… But now, he wants my daughter.”

He sighs and starts to think back to the moment, “When Harlin was fifteen years old, at the time I was an alcoholic. I owed a good amount of money. I met Soulja who offered to pay it off for me. In exchange, when it was time he would come for my daughter.

“Basically, shamefully, I sold my daughter to that man. Now, when he comes she will go with him. Her and his son are bethrothed to each for nine years now. I don’t want my daughter to be married into that family. Nor move to that corrupted, notorious place, Imperial City…

“It’s too late for regrets. I should have been a better father and thought about the consequences of my actions. Now I will loose my daughter, what have I done?”

( TO BE CONTINUED…. ✿^‿^ )

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