Kiss Me Master

Kiss Me Master Episode 2

??KI$S ME,,
⟨ Mr. Mafia’s Strange Obsession ⟩

©️By, Authoress Passion

** Chapter,, 02 – ★★★★★

Harlin scoffs still holding onto her jacket, it’s the month of February and winter hasn’t ended too long ago. Yet, that cold winter air being the stubborn bastard it is still lingers around causing hell for everyone!

She rubs her hands herself and rubs her shoulders hoping to get some for of warmth, her lips quiver and goosebumps creep up her body. Suddenly, she hears the sound of a vehicle honking. Harlin moves from the corner and goes out, it’s a bus!

“Oh thank you sweet god!” She holds her chest and takes out some cash to pay the driver. Her along with some others who are at the bus stop wave it down and when it gets there, the bus turns from the road and stop at least a meter before the bus stop.

People who are shivering due to cold just as Harlin is rushing to the bus’s entrance, Harlin is the lucky one who made it in first!

“Evening Mr Welsh, how are you?” She smiles at the driver, the driver who is known as Mr Welsh is an African American man, one of the best drivers.

“Cold but good otherwise, how ’bout you darlin’ how was work?” He returns a smile, she stairs at the gold tooth glistening under the bus’s inside light then back at his eyes.

“Well, some chick nearly made me sin to god further up in the day but it was good otherwise.”

“Lovely sweetheart. Go ahead and take a seat you don’t have to pay, this is on me.”

“What? Oh no I will pay my for my ride it’s really fine.”

“Calm down Harlin, go ahead and take a seat may god bless you.” He smiles again, reluctantly she puts her money back and goes to take a seat at the back.

Inside the bus is much more warm, warm enough to get rid of the goosebumps and make her lips stop quivering.

She takes her mittens off then shoves them into her handbag and throws her hood over, she takes her android phone out and plugs her headphones in.

After scrolling for something in her music gallery she finally comes across the song she was looking for, she turns the volume up to max and leans back on the seat. She faces the window and gazes at everything as the bus drives forward. Her mind subconsciously drifts away.

••••••••••&&& ( 20 Minutes Later )

“Miss. Miss. Miss wakeup!” Someone taps on Harlin’s shoulder, her eyes open at once.

“Miss, Miss, Miss wakeup!!” The woman slaps her arm but not too hard, her voice now raised.

Harlin takes her headphones out and heaves a sigh, she slowly turns to the stranger.

“Touch me again, and instead of the wheels rolling on the bus your head will be there.” Her eyes darken, anger slowly building up.

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to I was just waking you to…”

“Shut up! Don’t touch me. Ever.” She puts her things away and gets up off her seat, she glares down at the woman who shifts her legs out the way to make her pass. Harlin walks through the middle of the bus with other people also getting off.

“See you Monday Harlin!” Mr Welsh says as she climbs down the bus’s steps.

“Goodbye Mr Welsh have a safe drive!” She waves at him, he smiles and closes the automatic bus doors then drive off.

Harlin sighs and puts her mittens on, she puts the hood over head which has fluffy fur going around the edges. She puts all her belongings into her bag and closes it, then puts the arm part over her head so it can stay before her where it is more safe.

Thieves are common here in Arnette Garden, almost every other week somebody gets robbed. Though Harlin doesn’t think any soul on earth would try to steal from her, a prevention is always better than a cure!

As she starts to walk down the rather flat and straight road which has a turn a few miles up ahead, she hears someone calling out her name and stops.

“Louisiana!” The voice yells, her lips curve into a smile knowing exactly who that is. She turns and looks way up the road, her father is coming down with a white bag on his back and machete in his right hand.

Almost instantly she takes her bag from around her neck and starts to run like someone in the olympics to her father.

“Dad!” She hugs her father when she finally reaches, he laughs and hugs her back.

“Ah, my beautiful child. Are you okay dear?” He smiles at her.

“Dad, Mr Welsh gave me a free ride today. I told him I didn’t want it but he still insisted.”

“What have I told you about taking free rides Harlin?”

“Chillax dad. Not like he can r-pe me or anything. He’s over 50 years old and isn’t too strong.”

“You do have a point, but just remember. A lot of r-pe are done by not strangers…but people who know you. I just want my little girl to be safe.”

“Ugh, dad. Am 24 years old and I’m going to college. I am not a little girl. Okay yeah, I’m short with a slim and petite body but am still a grown-up you know!”

“Yes you are. Come on let’s go home.”

Both of them starts to walk home and talk about random things, sometime later they come across a turn off into a forest like structure. A sign is over by the left side of the road, in bold red letters which reads ‘Welcome To Arnette Garden!’.

The road is a dirt road, red dirt to be precise. A good amount of potholes are present, both of them walk by the side to avoid the potholes.

Worst part is the road is still wet, rain has previously fell. All the residents here dislike it when the rain falls, when it falls and vehicles pass they splash water onto passerbys who couldn’t get to avoid it in time. Another fact is they do not care about it.

“So, how was work today dad?” Harlin shoves her hand into her jacket pockets. She looks over at her dad with a grin on.

“Not too good not too bad.”

“Dad, I promise that one I’ll have enough money so that you won’t have to work on a farm. I’ll have enough money to buy you a brand new flashy car and a nice house and we can have all the food we want and more!”

Jeffery(her dad) stops walking and looks down at his little girl. The child he raised alone, such a beautiful girl. He calls her little, but she’s FAAAR from innocent.

Heck, calling her chaotic would seem too much a compliment!

“I know Louisiana, I know. I wish I could give you more but, circumstances made me this way. Am sorry for failing you.”

“What? Dad no don’t say that!”

“It’s okay sweetheart, it is the truth. You should have your own computer, laptop and a better phone. I can’t even afford to buy you a new coat.” He gently brushed his hand over her brown coat.

“And who says I didn’t like it? I love my coat forget people. If they wanna talk let them talk. I don’t care, I love you whether you’re rich or poor and I’m not ashamed to scream it out loud!”

Jeffery can’t help but smile, though she is a crazy girl he couldn’t be more proud to have such a daughter. “Come here ”

He pulls her into a hug and she hugs him back, he kisses her forehead and smiles.

“Alright, how about we go home now huh? Want me to help you paint something?”

“YES!” She squeals in excitement, he just laughs.

“Can we buy ice cream along the way dad? I have enough money to buy us both cookie N cream!”

“Whatever you wish.”

She grins at him, “What’s in the bag by the way dad?”

“Nothing much actually, a few of my clothes, some working stuff, some CD’S and oh! I stopped by the grocery store and bought some chicken and other stuff to make dinner.”

“Ohhh, yummy yummy!”

“Harlin when will you stop acting like a kid? This is not how a 24 year old acts.”

“Pfff, nobody can tell me how to act dad!”

He shakes his head, “You are a one of a kind girl Harlin. Come on let’s hurry up, the sky clouds are dark. Let’s leave before another downpour comes.”


( Crimson Avenue _ 4:50 pm )

Massimo LaTouche, known more commonly by his gangster/street as Soulja. Walks through the halls in his mansion.

Heading towards one specific room, a walking stick is in his left hand with a ruby at the top. A real ruby, red in colour.

The stick itself is wrapped in blue paper and black. On his 3 right fingers are different rings. Different jewels and different shapes, type and design.

He looks above his head at the ceiling, which has paintings all over it, as in…the ceiling itself was painted. On the walls, paintings are also there. Some of his generations, some of great singers and actors. Some of other things like flowers, animals, houses, sky, planets etc.

Walls are in sun flower yellow, cream white and normal white. Each hall is wide, side to side it can fit about 20 people and leave space for ten+ more!

The sound of his footsteps echo throughout the empty halls. It seems he is the only present.

Which is not true.

Currently, he is on the 5th floor of the mansion. And pretty soon, he has arrived at the room he is searching for. The room that belongs to his first son. Drago.

He raises his wrinkly old hand and knocks at the door. No reply, which was highly expected.

Soulja didn’t stop however, he knocked repetitively at the door until be gets utterly annoyed.

“Drago, Open the door this minute young man!” He jams his stick on the ground causing a thud. Silence ensued.

Just when he is about to speak again, the door opens and a girl in a maid outfit looks at him.

“Sir.” She slightly holds up the tip of her gown and moves out of the way, Soulja ignores the girl and walks into the room.

Painted in black and gold, Italian limited-edition furniture placed neatly at certain spots. He looks over to his left where a bed is spread with silk quilt sheets, the edges being in gold. Broad enough to hold up to six people and still leave space. Pillows of didn’t shapes and sizes are put at the head of the head.

Approximately three windows are in the room by the right side, each with curtains over them.

The room itself is quite capacious, the floors are shined to perfection! He can see his somewhat blurry reflection on the polished floor. He looks over to the corner of the room, by the window, a distance from the bed.

Sitting on a wingback chair is non other than his first born son, current leader of the BAD BLOODZ, Master Drago/MD.

However, Soulja won’t be calling his son by his gangster name.

“Estefan my son. How are you?” He smiles gently at Drago who seems visibly irritated by his sudden arrival.

He turns to the maid, “Leave, my son and I must talk.”

“Yes, sir.” She bows and walks out without looking back at him.

“What do you want?” He replies sternly. Soulja, who is used to this sort of treatment smiles again and goes to sit on a chair.

“Just here to check up on you. You are always so distant from me, and your brothers. Can you at least try to get along with your siblings Estefan, it’s rather vexatious that you avoid them.”

“I do not have siblings. I do not consider them as siblings. And I will never, consider them both as more than annoying rascals.”

“Estefan Léon LaTouche!” He stands up and glares at Drago.

“Massimo Lucas LaTouche.” Drago stands up and walks to his father, the end of his coat swaying above the ground.

“How dare you address me by my real name? Do you not know that it is disrespectful! Have you learned nothing I have taught you? Answer me this instant!”

“Get out. Now.”

“Or. Else. What?”

Drago walks slowly up to his father, he stops just an inch before him and looks down at his old wrinkly face. He stares back at his pale blue eyes, “Or, I will pick you up myself… And. Throw. You. Out.” his jaws clench. Each of his words are said icily with the same tone.

Soulja looks into his son’s eyes, anger burning in his soul but at last sighs and steps back. “Ah, you always impress me Drago. You remind me each day of why I selected you four years ago as the leader of the family.”

“You speak as if I had a choice.” He turns and walks back to his seat, Soulja’s right brow arches.

“And what is that supposed to mean, Estefan?”

“What do you think I mean?” He sits back down and takes up the half empty bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon wine.

“Speak your mind, Estefan.”

“Get out, Massimo.” He flicks the loose cover off and turns the open part towards his mouth, gulping down a mouth full of it.

“(Chuckles,) You know Estefan, four years back I didn’t have faith that you would bring the BAD BLOODZ so far. But you have shocked me, speechless. At the time we had around four hundred and sixty five members. Now we have four thousand plus members, I am proud of you.”

“Go save your ‘proud father’ load of bullshit for Claw and Kaos who need it. Cause I sure do not.”

“You may say and do what you want my son. Nothing, will change the fact that we are blood. And blood, always comes first, before anything else.”

“It is a Saturday evening, I just returned from a meeting with my gang members. Do not pester me with your unnecessary lectures. They are not helping me or anyone here, father.”

“(Smirks,) Have a good night Estefan. Hope you have colourful dreams.” Soulja walks out with his left hand bent behind his back and his hand still holding the head of his walking stick.

Drago holds onto the bottle in his hand, he squeezes the head of it but after loosens his grip. Instead, he throws the bottle across the room smashing it on the wall in the process.

He balls and releases his right fist every now and then, he passes his hand through his hair and sighs deeply.

“F-ck him and f-ck this wretched family.” He takes his phone up which is laying carelessly on the table made of rosewood.

“Baaaaabe! I have been waiting for you to call me since Thursday, I’ve left so many messages and I know there is a load of miscalls why haven’t you answered any of them MD?”

“Starlette. I am a no chit-chat man, get to the family mansion and come to my room. Now.” He hangs the phone up then puts it on silent mode before she could even call him back. So annoying.

He often wonders why is he even with such a person, why’d he even get entangled with her in the first place? but at the moment something way different is annoying him gravely.

“Proud. Proud of me. (Chuckles,) If he was not my father… I swear on the ten mafia commandments that I would feed him to one hundred great white sharks.”

( TO BE CONTINUED…. ✿^‿^ )


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