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Kiss Me Master Episode 10

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** Chapter,, 10 – ★★★★★

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Harlin stares at the maid in utter confusion wondering why is she behaving such a way.

“Hey, hey am sorry I didn’t mean to say anything bad get up.” she takes the maid up and hugs her.

“I’m really sorry about what I just said to you, don’t pay me any attention sometimes I’m just really aggressive and can’t control the things I say.” she hushed the maid and brushes her chestnut brown hair.

“It’s, it’s okay. You don’t have to apologize.” Sue Min pulls away and still bows at Harlin.

“Hey, I said stop bowing to me. I’m no god I’m just regular a human. If you bow again I will report you to whoever owns this damn place.” Harlin warns her.

“Yes Young Madam.” Sue Min replies and smiles at Harlin.

She huffs and turns to look around her so-called room. Most items are in white which seriously annoys her. Black is her favourite colour not white. In the midst of the ceiling is a chandelier, not too big. Over to her left is a full-sized mirror next to the wall. On either sides of the mirror, wall lights are placed.

Across from the mirror on the other side of the room is a table with what looks to be an office chair, books are neatly stacked and jars are there with pens and pencils, even markers. In the midst of everything is a computer with a keyboard. Even an apple laptop on the side.

On the right side of her bed are two chairs, probably just for decorations or if she has visitors. On her left side is a table with a vase, a real rare breed of orchid is there.

In the midst of the room is a huge, pink and white fluffy carpet, in tiger stripes design. Also, before her on the other side is a door. On the left wall is also a door. She is rather confused.

That, is just a few of the items she can figure out. There is so much more she can’t even count.

This room must cost a fortune to be designed and fully furnished!

“Young Madam.” Sue Min’s voice made her snap out her daze and turn around to face her.

“Are you by any chance, a Korean?” her brow arches.

“Half. I think. My father said I was born in Korea. My mother was a Korean woman. I’m mixed.” she replied Sue Min.

“Oh, well that’s perfect! Now you and I are the only Koreans in the mansion yippee!” she jumped.

Harlin chuckles.

“Do you by any chance speak our language?”

“Ermm, no I don’t. I only know English which is unfortunate.”

“Oh.” Sue Min has a disappointed expression. “Well then. Can you please go and take a bath. Clean yourself, I will prepare suitable clothing for you and clean the room Young Madam.”

“Are you f–king kidding me? How do these people even know what size clothing I god-damn wear!”

“I do not know Young Madam.”

“Oh whatever. And what the hell are those doors even there for?”

“The one on the right is for all your clothing. For every and any occasion. Your nightwear is also there, jewelry, shoes, socks, colognes and much more.”

“Okay, and?”

“Before you, is the bathroom. Towels, soaps, sponges, bath bombs and all over personal hygiene items are already there Young Madam.”

“Pfft, fine. I’ll go change. But only because I need to ask them some questions. I don’t even know where the hell I am.” she starts to walk off grumpily.

“Oh. Madam! We are in Crimson Avenue. We are the only ones who inhabits this specific part of the neighborhood. Houses are rather far, far from each other.”

Harlin stops and turns to Sue Min in a flash. “You said what?”

“Yes Young Madam. Crimson Avenue, house number 58.”

“I’ll go use the bathroom.” she quickly rushes inside and slams the door shut behind her.

“Oh. My. Sweet. Pepper.” she said the moment her gaze settles on the bathroom, her jaws fell.

“My god. Did a fairy come and sprinkle dust all over the place?” she leans off the door and starts to walk around in there.

There isn’t only a shower present here, which is on the left side of where she is but also a tub. A good sized tub where she could fit her whole body in and still have extra space left.

Most likely two grown adults could fit comfortable inside it. That is over to the left with a detachable shower head, to fill it of course. A curtain is also there just in case she needs privacy.

And the fragrance, if she could bite the air she would do so.

On the door are towel holders, on her right is a mirror and a sink. On the sides of the sink is tubes of toothpaste, a bottle of mouthwash, toothbrushes etc.

Above is cupboards. Most likely containing extra useless items.

She walks over and picks up a soap wrapped in paper, after taking it out she stared in awe. Inside the soap is a red rose, it looks neatly carved and designed. And the smell makes her want to taste it even more!

“Hmm. Got my heartbroken, and got betrayed by the people whom I cared about the most. Then I got sold. But, this doesn’t seem too bad. Might as well enjoy it.”

( 30 Minutes Later )

“No Halo, baby am the reason why hell’s so hot
Baby am the reason why bad’s so fun
Hell’s so hot, oh so
Terribly the terrible, she’s a villain
One as sweet as caramel, she’s my saint
Think I’m getting butterflies, but it’s really
Something telling me to run away…” Harlin sings as she finally dries her body and gets out of the bathroom.

She legit sampled every soap she could find and now the place is a wet frothing mess.

“(Sniffs,) Gosh, I smell so good I would eat me if I could.” she laughs wrapping the towel around her body then another around her wet dripping hair.

A knock came at the door making her pause.

“Young Madam. Young Madam are you done? You have been there for over 20 minutes is everything alright?” Sue Min’s small voice is on the other side.

Harlin rolls her eyes and didn’t bother to answer, she opens the doors and meets Sue Min’s gaze.

“Oh, Young Madam you are now done! You look undeniably beautiful, I envy your looks.” Sue Min bows and Harlin sighs.

She also notices that the sheets have been changed to black, which satisfies her now. Also, a suit of clothes has been laid out.

“Are those for me?” she looks at Sue Min who moves to the side.

“Yes Young Madam. This is your outfit for the rest of the day.” her head remains bowed, despite Harlin telling her to stop that.

“Okay you can leave now. Or do you want to stay and stare at my n&ppl¢s.” Harlin stares at her.

“I will leave at your request. I will let Senior Massimo know that you are getting dressed!” she bows again and quickly rushes out.

Sighing, Harlin goes and slumps onto the bug empty bed. She stares down at her legs that still have droplets of water there. As she gazes, her mind, on its own starts to replay old memories.


“What? How can you say that! I’m not faking anything he r@ped me.” Harlin yells at her school principal who seems unmoved.

“How dare you seduce one of our teachers and have the guts to come here and say he forced himself on you?” the principal shakes his head.

“I knew this girl was trouble the first day I laid eyes upon her. Framing my husband like that.” her math teacher’s wife stares at her with a scowl on her face.

“So you’re all just going to take his words and don’t believe my daughter? He has been molesting my little girl for months and this perverted bastard finally let his disgraceful desire get the best of him and he forced himself on her!” Jeffery tried to defend his daughter.

Harlin sits down on a chair with a never ending stream of tears, rolling down her face. The flashbacks of the previous night torture her so much. The vague memory of seeing scarlett blood smearing her thighs, the hard and unbearable thrusts. Her screams shooting through the night. It’s so painful to think of.

And even now, the culprit who did it is standing and smiling. Knowing fully well no one will believe her story, knowing that he will get away to ruin somebody else’s child. Nobody has her back except her father.

But he, can only do so much.


The feeling of something warm and wet on her thighs made her come back to reality. She didn’t know when she started to cry.

“No no no, don’t cry. You aren’t going to cry anymore okay. We got over this. It’s just a memory, it happened years ago.” she wipes her tears and gets up.

She takes the towel off and starts to dry her body off, then lotion her body with the lotion Sue Min left on her bed. Even though the smell of the lotion compels her to taste it, something else catches her eye.

She takes up the lacy underwear and matching bra Sue Min had left there for her. Something about this, she just likes. Even though she herself has never worn such things. She likes the sight of it and thinks….

“I wonder how this would look on me if I tried it on?” with that she slides her legs into the underwear and pulls it up. Then she puts the bra on and goes to stand before the full-size mirror.

“Well, I think I like this.” she puts her hands on her hips and admires herself in the mirror.

Her being in it makes her feel, confident about herself. She has even forget about the dreaded and painful memory she had just reminisced on.

After drying her hair out completely and giving it a thorough comb she takes up the outfit Sue Min picked out. Which is not her choose of clothing.

“Skimpy dress, a whole lot of unnecessary jewelry, make-up, high heels. What do these rich lunatics take me for though?” she tosses the dress across the room and walks to where Sue Min said her dressing items are.

“Well damn. Now this is awesome.” she walks down the small flight of stairs and starts searching the hangers and boxes. Eventually finding clothing that’ll fit her body.

“What! $500 for a crop top? $200 for a pair of socks? $100,000 for a pair of ruby earrings?” she says in complete surprise. “Now these people are rotten rich!”

She puts on a grey flair skirt and a turtle neck blouse that she tucked into the skirt which is white. Harlin also wears a pair of white shoes and just a necklace, since she despises earrings.

Walking around for a while she finds well smelling cologne and sprays herself then wears a 600,000 thousand dollar Rolex watch with diamond studs on it.

And, after lazily combining her hair again and tying it up in a ponytail. Putting on some random lipgloss she finds she walks out, now she wants answers for all her questions.

Why is she not home?
When will they return her home?
How does that darned Mal or whatever her name is knows who her mother is?

This place may be expensive and she likes the VIP treatment but she needs to go home to her father. She has a whole life in Emerald City and she can’t just give it up.

But the moment the door opens she sees another maid. This one clearly isn’t Sue Min. Her skin is a paler shade and, she overall looks and is a completely different human being.

“Young Madam. You are beautiful.” she bows at Harlin.

“Who the hell are you?”

“I was sent here to guide you to the lounge. Please, follow me.” she starts to walk and Harlin frowns a little, thinks and then follows her.


After walking for what seemed like forever in this labyrinth they call a mansion Harlin finally gets bored and decides to question the maid. Who looks Chinese.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Harlin stops walking and folds her arms.

“Oh, are you referring to me, Young Madam?” the maid faces her.

“No ’cause apparently we aren’t the only people here. Yes I am speaking to you.”

“Well, my name is Mei Zhen.”

“I’m Harlin. Can you now tell me where are we going and why are we taking so long to get there?”

“I am so sorry Young Madam. We are heading to the lounge where Senior Massimo and Lady Maleficent awaits your arrival. However, I, ermm….”

“What is it?”

“I… Do not remember the way back.”

Harlin facepalms herself and sighs, her week just can’t get any worse than it already is!

“You. What?”

“I am sorry Young Madam.” she falls to her knees and clasp her hands to start and beg Harlin.

“Nah ah, enough with this crap get or I’ll slap you.” she warns.

“I sincerely apologize Young Madam. It’s just that, I am also a new maid here. It’s not simple. It’s only a blessing I know some sort if English. Forgive me.”

“Yeah whatever. Just do me a favor and…” she walks to the maid. “tell me, about the people who live here. Some information. That’s all I want from you.”

The maid hesitates, she gulps and steps back. “I am sorry Young Madam. But, I cannot do that. I signed an agreement that says I wouldn’t speak a word of anything that takes place here.”

“Come on Mei Zhen, I’m here too. I just need a little information.” Harlin tries to inveigle the maid but this is harder than she thought.

“I am terribly sorry Young Madam. I cannot provide the information you request. But…”

“But what? Tell me it’s okay.”

The maid looks around carefully and then walks closer to Harlin.

“Anything you do, do not trust anybody you see here. Do not let yourself be coaxed by the sons of Senior Massimo. Do not mingle with Lady Maleficent.”

“Yes and what else?”

“I will not tell everything. Just know, this ISN’T a normal family. They are all, members of underground crime organizations. The eldest son being the leader. Stay away from that one especially and don’t be swayed by his charming looks.

“Once more, do not trust them. Do not believe their words. They say one thing, but mean another. Don’t even trust the workers here. But if you do, and you get entangled with at least one person. Do not expect a positive result.

“I may haven’t been here long but I have seen things that are far from normal. Heard the most sinister and bones chilling words. Experienced pain. Do not trust them or you will regret it.

“These walls you see here, behind them, in every room. Holds secrets that are beyond imagination. Do not mix with or trust anyone you see here. You… have been warned.” she steps back with her head still bowed.

When Harlin was about to ask her something someone calls for them. “Mei Zhen! Mei Zhen!”

Both turn to see an older woman wearing a similar grey and blue maid uniform. Except hers is a little different from Mei Zhen’s.

“You haven’t been here for six months yet and you are already late to bring the Young Madam down. Senior Massimo is furious. Leave, I will take her.” she stops and glares at her.

“Yes, Madam Grace.” Mei Zhen glances at Harlin and leaves.

“Young Miss. My name is Madam Grace. The head of all the maids. I apologize for Mei Zhen’s clumsiness. She is still new and getting used to things. Pardon her will you.” she faces Harlin.

Her skin, a real dark shade, her head is wrapped with a white cloth. Her eyes are dark brown and she has plump lips. Not to mention, she’s pretty broad.

“It’s okay. She is a good girl.”

“Indeed. Follow me.” Madam Grace starts walking away with her hands still behind her back.

As she leaves with Madam Grace, the maid’s words make invisible spiders crawl up her spine and whole body. She also didn’t miss the scared look on the maid’s face as she spoke to her. It makes her curiosity grows even more. Even excitement!

But nothing beats the fear she feels, what could have possibly happened in this building?

Why did the maid warn her so much from mixing or trusting anybody in this whole place?

Who exactly are these people?

*Dear god, what have I gotten myself into now?* Harlin gulps.

( TO BE CONTINUED…. ✿^‿^ )

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