Kiss Me Master

Kiss Me Master Episode 1

??KI$S ME,,
⟨ Mr. Mafia’s Strange Obsession ⟩

©️By, Authoress Passion

** Chapter,, 01 – ★★★★★


It is a Friday night, a rather blissful and fun night. After all, on these nights workers get paid. To treat themselves, they go out and have boys night out or girls night out. Activities do differ.

On Fridays the parties of the night light up, clubs. Just like all other clubs, in the Black Widow’s Nest, music booms so loud it is nearly deafening! Girls scream the lyrics of the ongoing songs whether they know it or not.

A fun time, everybody drinks everybody dances to their favourite songs…but that is not the case for this specific person.

He isn’t here for fun, drinks and games. It is payback time!

Drago reaches into his suit and takes out a golden rectangular box, he opens the box revealing approximately twenty cigarettes.

After retrieving one, he closes the box and stuffs it back into his jacket’s inside pocket.

He reaches into his right pocket for a lighter then lights his cigar, “I do not belong in this world,” he says looking at the buildings before him. On the tenth floor where the club have already come alive, he stands at the balcony.

Staring motionlessly at the things visible to him, cars pass repetitively down below. Lighting up the streets, as matter-of-fact everything before him has lights.

“Such pretty colours, hmph.” He puts the end of the cigar into his mouth and sucks in smoke, he pulls the cigar away and slightly parts his lips. Smoke floats up into the night sky eventually disappearing, he walks over toward the railing and put his right hand on it still looking over.

“Boss.” A man, coming up behind calls out to him. He gave no reply, he simply shuts his eyes.

“Boss, Mr Lyle requests your presence, what should I tell him in the meantime?” He stands at least three feet away from Drago, not wanting to upset his easily angered master.

“Tell him I will be there in a few minutes.” He replies, not opening his eyes.

“Yes boss, do you need anything else?”

“Leave, now.”

“Yes boss, immediately.” He turns and walks away without another question or glance.

“(Chuckles,) It seems another round of murders will be reported tomorrow on the news.” He lightly smiled, he opens his eyes and throws the cigar away.

⟨Black Widow’s Nest⟩

Shredder leaves the balcony and arrives at the top of the staircase, his gaze averts at every second until it eventually lands at the corner of the club.

The Black Widow’s Nest, despite the name the club is not in dark colours. On Shredder’s right side is where the DJ stays and plays the music, a staircase leads up to him, on his left is a stage where the strippers entertain their guests. A staircase leads up there too, down below him is many couches situated to the sides, all in either purple/pink.

The lights in the club are similar colours mixed with red and normal white light, around the club men sit down and strippers dance for or on them. Music booms and people dance to it.

He ignores everyone and climbs down one of the two staircases infront of him, he went down the right one and walks to the corner where his other boss is sitting.

“Shredder, where is Master Drago?” Kayne stands up when he sees him.

“He says he will be here in a few minutes. Excuse me.” Shredder leaves Kayne and goes to stand next to the rest of BAD BLOODZ gang members.

Kayne, sits down and pours himself a drink, he looks over at Mr Lyle who is tapping his fingers impatiently on the glass table before him.

“Pfft, where is Drago? Why is he taking so long? I don’t have all night for this shit yunno!” A man wearing a blue suit which is visibly too tight for him and golden yellow tie complains, his big belly strains against the suit.

“Shut your mouth! Boss said he’ll be here in a few minutes, do not rush the boss, E V E R.” Kayne glares nastily at him, Mr Lyle smiled cockily and leans back.

“Hey you b-tch come here!” He calls out to a stripper walking by wearing a shorts that could be mistaken for a panty, a black bra and stilettos. All that along with rather, heavily applied make-up.

“Heyyy handsome stranger how are you doing?” She cat walks over and sits next to him crossing one leg over the next.

She plays with the end of her mid back length brazilian human hair, blonde in color. Her other hand constantly stroking his chest, her eye lashes batting each second.

“My name is Mira….”

“Boss is here!” A man from the BAD BLOODZ announced, all of the gang members got up and stopped doing whatever they were doing at that specific moment. They all line up and prepare the couch for Master Drago, Kayne uses his kerchief and brush the seats off.

He moves away and goes behind Mr Lyle, all of Drago’s present men stood the same way. Heads high, hands joined behind their backs, legs apart, face straight.

Meanwhile, Drago starts to descendant the stairs which has lights attached to the edges and side of them.

Both hands shoved into his pockets, face as cold and stoney as usual. As he made his way down, strippers get distracted and can’t help but stare at god’s greatest masterpiece.

He walks straight to where his men are currently standing. He seized in his steps when he sees Kayne waiting for him, still holding a straight face he walks up to Drago.

“Boss, he’s the one who sent the men to poison you.” He whispers to Drago, a smirk grazes his lips.

“Oh? Is that so. What does he want with me now.” His gaze moves to Mr Lyle with the stripper now bouncing on him.

“Something about a deal.”

His smirk grew wider, “A deal huh? How generous of him.” Drago chuckles and walks over to where the couch is, his men bow at the sight of him and move away giving him space.

One man from the group, comes out, grabs the stripper by the hair and drags her away despite her screaming. “Doesn’t she know b–ches don’t come around when the boss is here unless asked?” Kayne watched her being dragged away with disgust evident in his eyes.

Drago crosses his right leg over the left and puts his elbows on the the couch’s head, Mr Lyle looks over at him and smiles cockily.

“Master Drago, man of the hour. Look at you, handsome and wealthy as a bastard. Just the man I wanted to see.” Mimicking Drago he also crosses his legs.

Which looks, unpleasant.

“Kayne here, my second in command said you were here about a deal. Hmm?”

“A what? Oh, oh yes! Yes a deal. Hehe, I love the way you execute things Drago. All your work is done on time and without trace. Just the man I need, I want you to perform a heist for me. If proven successful, you’ll get a 30% cut while I get 70%. How about that, sounds good right?” He chuckles and pours himself a glass of champagne.

Kayne’s face contorted with anger, how dare he make a mockery of the boss? He steps off to confront him but Drago puts two fingers up signalling to be patient, he steps back.

“So, you love my work?”

“Oh yes indeed. You are such a smart and tactical man. You get everything done easily without using much effort or strength! A smart, narrow-minded, dignified and well educated man as well. I would love to possess a body like yours, you get girls to swoon over you just by blinking!”

“Hmm, yes. Yet still, scumbags like you always try to screw me over and play games with me.”

Mr Lyle stops and look over at Drago, “Pardon me?”

“Do you think I am a fool? How dare you send your men to poison me, then show up here smiling like a moron. You claim you know me, do you not know what I do to liars and crooks, Charles?”

At this point he starts to sweat, he knows? But how, not even a hair strain was left at the scene for him to trace. “W-what are you talking about Drago?”

Drago gets up and smiles at him before starting to walk out. His hands still tucked into his pockets, eyes following him like ants following brown sugar.

“Light it up boys!” He stops and closes his eyes, next thing he heard is a stream of never ending gunshots and blood curdling screams of pain.

He laughs at that and continues to walk out, he met some more of his men by the door and walks pass them heading to the first floor, it’s been quite a bloody and interesting night for him, as always.



( Next Day _ Mid-day )

“Order at table number 5!” Tanya yells, Harlin flashed her hair and looks over at her.

“Coming coming!” Harlin replied, she quickly takes her apron off and rushes out towards table number 5. It is a couple.

“Hi, welcome to Darling’s Diner what would you like to order?” She stands smiling at the couple while holding a small notepad and pen in her hands.

“Yeah, I’d like to order a cheese burger, large fries, medium sized drink and a potato salad.” The woman closes the menu and drops it on the table, Harlin nods and quickly writes it down.

“Sir, may I take your order?” She turns to the man with a smile, he looks up at her. For a while, he sat there silently. Just gazing into her eyes, she smiles awkwardly. The woman, sees the way he’s looking at poor Harlin.

“Hey! Baby, what are you doing?” She shouts bringing him out his thoughts, Harlin gulps.

“What am I doing? Am deciding what I want to order. Why do you always overreact over simple things. Sheesh, give a man a break!” He closes the menu and drops it down on the table.

“Ermm, sir I still haven’t taken your order.” Harlin butts in.

“Hey you! Why the hell are you flirting with my boyfriend?” The woman stands up and glares ferociously at Harlin.

“Flirting with your boyfriend? Ma’am, am afraid you are terribly mistaken!” Harlin steps back trying to avoid problem.

“Oh yeah? Then why were you checking him out? I saw the way you were staring him up and down you’re such a whore!”

Harlin’s eyes slowly widen, she looks over at her boyfriend. He is legit eyeing her body. His eyes are scanning her body like a damn metal detector! When he finally notices that Harlin is watching him dumfounded he just winks at her. What the hell?

“And you’re still checking my boyfriend out? What exactly is your problem dumb waitress!” She shoves Harlin and she stumbles back, she closes her eyes for a while and then glares at the woman furiously.

“Listen hoe, first of all…” Harlin gets ready to disrespect the haughty woman but Tanya intervenes at the right moment.

“Ladies ladies settle down. People are watching.” She looks at Harlin with a ‘don’t create a scene’ expression.

Harlin rolls her eyes and heaves a sigh to calm down, “It’s a Saturday, am trying my absolute hardest to keep my unfiltered mouth shut. But this outrageous woman, is testing my god-damn patience…” she throws her book in a random direction and walks into the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Tanya talks to the angry woman and perverted boyfriend and she soon calms her down. “Better tell that dumb waitress to stay away from my man or I will leave a bad review here!”

“(Rolls eyes,) May I now take your order? Ma’am.” Tanya forces a smile and gets ready to write down what they want.

⟨ Kitchen ⟩

Still in anger, she grabs a knife and a cabbage. She starts to chop it up as if chopping wood!

Other cooks and waiters who are there watch unsurprisingly, something like this isn’t quite uncommon. It’s better if she chops a cabbage up than an actual person.

“Harlin sweetheart, who pissed you off now?” An older chef with a much darker complexion wearing a white apron walks over to Harlin.

“This little whooore, saw her man looking at my body and said I was flirting with him. Betty, I was this close to beating the literal Lucifer out of her…” She stops chopping the cabbage and demonstrates with her fingers.

“Well, am sorry about that Harlin. But you need to stop taking your frustration out on the cabbage. What’d the cabbage do to you?” Betty laughs and pats her shoulder.

“Her head should be here right now.” Harlin pauses and imagines the woman’s severed head on the cutting board.

“Oh come-on Harley Quinn, let it go girl. You know you are the baddest chick out there, just ignore her and her perverted man.” Dawna, a dishwasher says coming up from behind.

“(Sighs,) Pffft, maybe you guys are right. But if I see her outside of work nobody can tell me nothing!” She stabs the already delaminated cabbage and walks off.

“Humph, why do people always choose to pick fights with her. Of all the souls on planet earth, someone always wants to fight Harlin.” One worker whispers to the next who nods.

“Don’t they she’s the reason why hell is so hot? Hahaha.” Both turned away and got back to work. After all, nobody wants Miss Darling on their tails.

••••••••••&&& ⟨ After Work ⟩

“So, what are your plans for this evening Louisiana?” Tanya ask.

Harlin shrugs, “Don’t have any plans actually, think I’ll just go kick it with my dad at home.”

“Boooring, but it’s your choice. Are you sure though, I mean you could come over to my place…”

“Nah, I think I’ll pass. Just remembered I promised my dad I would watch a movie with him.”

“You’re such a daddy’s girl.”

“Oh shut up Tanya.” They started laughing while the cars speed past them on the main road. A passing car suddenly stars to honk at them. Tanya smiles.

“Oh, sorry Harlin. Seems I can’t take the bus with you today. My dad is here to pick me up, he bought that car a few days ago.” She points at the blue Jeep.

“Wow, that’s amazing. Well ermm, later. See you at work Monday and take care K?” Tanya reaches over and gives Harlin a warm hug before departing.

They wave at each other as Tanya climbs into the front seat if her father’s vehicle. Harlin watched on, sadly. “Swear am going to own a car one day.”

Sighing, she takes out her phone and dial Khalid’s number. He picks at the third ring, “Louisiana, babe how are you?”

“Am fine, Tanya just went home with her dad. Am still walking to the bus stop, hopefully I will get a bus to Arnette Garden.”

“Damn, wish I was there to walk you home but am busy with school work and you know…”

“No no, it’s quite okay. I can walk solo, besides. A bus to Arnette Garden isn’t that hard to get. And jeez the place is so damn cold!” she holds onto her fur coat tighter. The wind blows on her, scattering her hair all over.

“Yeah you’re probably right you would be fine. Anyway am sorry but I have to go. You know how studying works right?”

“It is really okay Khalid. Just take care of yourself.”

“Yeah you too.”

“I love you!” She says before he could hung up.

He stayed silent for a while before eventually replying, “Yeah I love you too. Bye.” he hung up.

Harlin locks her phone off and puts it back into her pocket then clutch onto her jacket. The thunder started to rumble and before she knows it, a downpour of rain came. She groans and covers her head with the hood then runs to the bus stop merely missing a few mucky puddles.

She stands to the corner of the bus stop where no water is leaking, she shoves her hands into her jacket’s pockets and look up and down the street.

“Hey ermm, do you by any chance know when the last bus came?” She asks a woman in a blue nurse outfit.

“No darlin’, I recently got here.” The nurse replies, Harlin sighs and looks away. Guess she’ll be waiting for quite a long time.
( TO _ BE _ CONTINUED _ ✿^‿^ )

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