In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 9


{?He is crippled…. But I love him ?}

. Written ✍️ by;-#mharhy

Sonia munched her food slowly as she kept thinking about the last night event”

“why does he treat me like an animal” am also a human being” I got feelings as well”

.. she thought wiping the tears coming out from her eyes.

She pushed the tray aside and laid down on the bed burying her face in the pillow”

” Maybe I should really forget about him and stopped having feelings for him”

She was still thinking when her phone ring,

She sniffed before taking her phone”

Who could this be?” she mumbled seeing the unknown number”

..” Hello?

? Is this Mrs Sonia Mariquez, the voice asked

?Yes I am Sonia Mariquez, please who am I speaking with?

?Am calling from the city hospital”, your husband had an accident_

? what did you just say now?.. can you repeat yourself…. Sonia stutter with her chest tightening

?Mr Jayden has been admitted here, he was involved in an accident? He replied and tears dropped willingly from her eyes

? Where is your hospital? She asked in tears running out of her room with car keys in her hand wearing no slippers

? Thank you! She said hanging up the call..

She dashed out of the mansion not bothering to inform Karina,

She entered into her car and drove out of the compound immediately..


Sonia drive roughly till she gets to the hospital,

She unbuckled her seatbelt and get out of the car,

She ran like a mad woman to the OPD ignoring their looks

“Am here for Jayden!” She said loudly tapping the table

“Sorry ma’am” who are you to him? The nurse asked

“Am his wife and stop asking me question, tell me where my husband is?” She snapped in tears

” He is been operated on” the nurse said and Sonia gasped in shock

” You are Jayden Mariquez wife? A male doctor asked from behind and she turns back

“Yes am his wife” please where is my husband?” Sonia said breaking down in tears

” Madam am sorry to say this, your husband was badly injured, and there’s a lot of damages in his system due how fatal the accident was, the doctor said looking at Sonia with pity

Damages…” Badly injured?” Sonia stutter in tears covering her mouth

“Where is he? He survived right? She asked slowly in tears

“He Has been moved to OT {Operation theatre) and his chances of surviving is low” the doctor replied and Sonia staggered in shock

“Sonia?” Rina Jayden’s mother called from behind

“Mom” Sonia said running to her in tears

“It’s okay daughter” nothing will happen to him” my son is a strong man” Rina said patting her back also trying to hold her tears

“He said is chances of surviving is low” mom tell him to do something” I can’t live without him” Sonia said increasing her tears

“What? Rina gasped in shock with tears coming out of her eyes

A nurse rushed out of the operation theatre breathing heavily

“Sir ! Sir” the nurse called gaining Sonia’s and Rina attention

“What happened? The doctor asked

” His heart rate is dropping fastly and we have tried to stabilize it but_

The doctor didn’t let her finish before he rushed to the theater..

Sonia ran to the operation door and watched everything from outside,

Tears kept coming out from her eyes seeing how Jayden was gasping for air, how the ventilator machine showing his heart beat kept beeping loudly

But everything became silent at once, Sonia eyes widened in shock as the machine stopped beeping

“No! She said silently shaking her head

” No!!!

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