In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 8


{πŸ‘ He is crippled… But I love him πŸ‘ }

Written ✍️ by;-#mharhy


~~~~~~~~NEXT MORNING~~~~~~~~

Sonia eyes flickering open and she groaned out feeling immerse headache,

She tried to rubbed her head but stopped when she noticed that a bandage has been wrapped around her head,

It was then the last night event appear in her head,

How Jayden pushed her to the glass table which lead to her hurting her head, how he ignored her when she was in pains,

Remembering all this disoriented her and she couldn’t help but burst into tears,

“She couldn’t believe that the man she had loved all her life, her so called husband hurt her because of his other woman”

” I think it’s time to let go of my feelings for him and I don’t want to be the reason why the two lovers break up.

“The door opened revealing Karina who was holding a tray in her hand

Good morning Karina” Sonia greeted silently

” You are awake?” Karina asked in suprise moving to Sonia bed and dropped the tray on the bedstand

“Yes, she replied trying to stand up

Easy” Karina said helping her up

Thanks” Sonia replied smiling

” How are you feeling now?” Karina asked checking her temperature

” Much better” tell me something who carried me upstairs last night cos I could remember blacking out in your hand” Sonia asked hoping it will be Jayden

” I called one of young Master security to help me” Karina replied

” Oh!” Sonia mumbled in disappointment but she quickly masked it up with a smile but Karina noticed it

“I bought breakfast for you, Karina said carrying the tray

“I will eat but I think I need a bath first” Sonia replied

” Ok let me help you” Karina said and Sonia nodded

She helped Sonia up and escort her to the bathroom before giving her privacy so she could bath..

Karina watched Sonia with pity,

“Am sorry Sonia that I had to take away your love away from you and I hope you Forgive me in the future” Karina thought staring at the air..



Jayden kept smiling as he drives to Annabelle’s house,

Knowing that Annabelle has forgiven made him exclusively happy,

His eyes caught the flowers and the gift box which contains the latest diamond necklace with the worth of 20 billion dollars which he had ordered for her..

He whistle as he continue driving,

He stopped whistling as he heard the ringing of his phone

He picked up his phone which was beside him and checked the name of the caller,

His smile grew wide as he saw who it was,

πŸ“²Hey love, good morning” he smiled

πŸ“² Good morning Jayden, how was ya night?” Annabelle asked

πŸ“²It was splendid but lonely since you weren’t there” Jayden answered but it was all lie,he couldn’t sleep last night cos he kept thinking about Sonia, feeling guilty of pushing her away hardly ..

πŸ“²I know but what could I do, I can’t bare you staring at your wife with admiration” it hurts alot”

πŸ“²Am sorry love, nothing can ever break us apart not even that woman” he replied slowly unsure

πŸ“² Thanks love, come quickly am waiting for you”

πŸ“²Will be there in few minutes

πŸ“²Ok,I love you

πŸ“²More,he replied and hung up..

“I hope she is fine?” He thought as he continue driving.

He got to the sloppy area and tried to slow down,

Pressing his right foot on the brake pads to slow down but it wasn’t working

“What the hell is wrong with this” he grumble as he continue pressing his foot repeated on the brake hopefully it will work

He tried to stop the car as well but none worked,

“What the hell is going on with this car” he panicked as he saw a truck coming

The truck got closer to him and he tried to move out of the way but it was too late,

The truck hit his car and it tumbled round before it landed at the road side..

T. B. C

Do you think the truck is a coincidence or planned?


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