In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 6-7


{πŸ‘ He is crippled…. But I love him πŸ‘ }

Written ✍️ by;- #mharhy

CHAPTER 06 & 07

What?? Annabelle screamed out which seems to bring Jayden’s out of his thoughts

Annabelle what happened? Why did you screamed like that? Jayden asked in confusion while Sonia kept watching with smile

Knowing that Jayden was drooling on Sonia angered her the more

“You are asking me why I screamed? Annabelle scoffed

“Find out yourself” am outta of here” she dropped the spoon angrily on the table before running out.

Annabelle! Annabelle!! Jayden run after her

Sonia watched them leaving with guilty Expression

“Am I doing the right thing separating the two lovers apart?” She thought


Jayden was able to catch up with Annabelle as she was about to take a cab.

“Annabelle wait!’ Jayden said holding her hand

” Let go of my hand Jayden” she said silently concealing her anger

” No, until you tell me what I did wrong?” Jayden said tightening his grip

” What did you want me to tell you? Huh? That you were drooling over your wife? Or the fact that you made me feel unimportant in her presence? Tell me? Annabelle shouted in tears

“Annabelle am sorry, Jayden look at her in guilt and she scoffed

“Sorry? Your sorry cannot change the fact that you made me look like a fool? Am I not that important to you? Why did you gave me a false expectations if this was how you are going to behave?! Why? Anna said crying

“Am really sorry Annabelle” you are the most important person to me and you know that, Jayden replied touching her cheek

“If it’s was then I would have believed you but now I don’t think I know you anymore…. She said and jerked off her hand away from him before entering the cab..

“Sh*t!” He cursed watching the cab leaving..

” What the h**l is happening to me? I can’t believe that Annabelle is angry with me!” And it’s all because of that woman” he clinched his fist in anger..

” Sonia” he said silently seething his teeth..


Sonia was pacing round the living room waiting for Jayden to come in

She saw Annabelle Leaving through the window and she hopes that everything will be fine between them, she was brought out her thought when Jayden walked in with hardened Expression

Jay! She called running to him

Where is Annabelle? She asked touching his hand

“Don’t you ever f**kin touch me again with your miserable hand again” or you will see the worst!” He said giving her a dangerous glares and Sonia withdraw her hand

“Am sorry,I never meant for this to happen?” Sonia said silently in guilt

” But you did and now you must be happy that you are already breaking us apart” Jayden laughed looking at her in disgust

” Am so_

She couldn’t complete her words when Jayden gripped her neck

“Don’t say anything” I just hate seeing you and please do me a favour, get lost from my life.. Jayden said and pushed her away angrily

Due to how hard the push was Sonia fell and hit her head on the glass table..

Ouch! She whimpered in pain with her head still on the table
Jayden walked out leaving her to sort herself…

Karina who had been watching everythingrun to where Sonia is and helped her up.

“Young mistress? Are you okay? She asked lifting Sonia’s head up from the table

Karina gasped seeing that her head was bleeding

“Young mistress you are bleeding” Karina said covering her mouth in shock

Don’t worry about it,I will just have it treated” Sonia lied flatly as she felt a throbbing headache

“No let’s go to the hospital” Karina said helping her to stand

I hate going to hospital” you can just follow me to my room so you could help me to clean the wounded area, Sonia replied smiling lightly but the headache kept increasing that she felt dizzy

“Ok let’s go, Karina said unsure and holding Sonia’s hand

Sonia nodded and took a step when darkness overwhelmed her and she blacked out falling to the ground..

Young mistress!!” Karina shouted..


{ πŸ‘ He is crippled.. But I love him πŸ‘ }

Written ✍️ by;- #mharhy


“What have you just done Annabelle? You shouldn’t have left his house? The unknown guy shouted

” Calm down it’s not like the plans are ruined” Annabelle rolled her eyes

” Of course it has” what made you think that the plans is not ruined? He said angrily

“Of course it’s not,the Jayden I know will call me soon”

Oh really? Then why hasn’t he called you since you left his house? It means that he is not interested in you again” he said taking a stick of cigarettes from its pack before lightening it

“He is, and am sure that he will cal_ her words was cut off by the ringing of her

” Am pretty sure he is the one calling” Annabelle said bringing out her phone from her pocket

” A smile crept up on her face seeing the caller

” Told ya” he is the one calling” Anna said and he smiled

” Answer the call and tell him to come here in the morning that you need some time to think,he said and Anna nodded..

Anna cleared her throat before pressing the answer icon

πŸ“ž Hello, she answered

πŸ“ž “Anna? Where are you? Are you okay? Jayden asked rushingly

πŸ“ž”Am fine Jayden, just need some time to think, she replied silently with fake sad voice

πŸ“ž”Am really sorry Annabelle,I promise to make it up for you, just don’t leave me baby” Jayden begged and Annabelle smile in victory

πŸ“ž ” It’s okay Jayden,I have forgiven you, Annabelle replied slowly

πŸ“ž ” Thank you so much love, should I come over now? Jayden said

πŸ“ž”No, don’t! We will just see each other tomorrow, Annabelle replied

πŸ“ž”Ok if that’s what you want” we will just see tommorow, Jayden said

πŸ“ž”Yeah tommorow,ok bye, Annabelle said

πŸ“ž ” Goodnight love πŸ’–’ Jay replied and ended the call..

“Wow! Never knew that he is so much in love with you,he is really dumb” Unknown said puffing out smoke from his nose and mouth..

” I told you he is dumbly mad over me” Annabelle replied winking.

“Our plan is going as planned and I can’t wait to see his downfall,

“Same as well, Anna replied walking to him

I have missed you so much” Annabelle said sitting on his laps directly on his d**k and was facing him

“Me or my monster? He replied laughing

” The two” she said seductively and put his hands on her b**bs

He pressed the two b**bs and she moaned

“And I missed your body” he said and captured her lips…



Karina wiped Sonia’s face with towel soaked in water,

She touched her forehead and sighed in relief seeing that her temperature had gone down

After Sonia fainted she had to call one of Jay’s security to help her carry her to her room..

“She was still wiping her face when her phone ring

She brought the phone out of her apron and smirked seeing the caller

πŸ“ž “Tell me? She asked the caller

πŸ“ž” Done with it” the man replied and she smiled

πŸ“ž”Good*” she said and ended the call

πŸ“ž”She stand up from where she was sitting and walked to the window side

“Am sorry Jayden,I don’t suppose to do this but you are also among the reason why my family was ruined. ” Karina thought…

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