In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 5B


{👠He is crippled…. But I love Him 👠}

Written ✍️ by;- #mharhy


~~~~~`< SONIA’S ROOM •~~~~“~~

Sonia smiled seeing her reflection in the mirror,

“I look beautiful and am sure Jayden won’t be able to resist me” she said checking out her clothes

” Her second plan in order to make Jayden her’s is to seduce him which was what she planned on doing tonight..

“So she dressed up in revealing singlet and a Crazy bum short packing her hair in rough ponytails and use a light make up.

She wore her slippers and check herself again before going out of her room..

**********AT THE DINNING*******

Jayden and Annabelle were already at the dinning waiting for the maid to bring their dinner.

Few seconds the maids walked in with different dishes in their hands.

They dropped the dishes and uncovered the food

“The sweet aroma hit Jayden’s nose and he inhaled the scent.

“Annabelle glared at the food in front of her although it look appetizing..

” Jayden let me serve you, she said sweetly and Jayden smiled giving her the go ahead.

Annabelle picked the spoon and as she was about to serve him someone hold her hand stopping her from doing so

“That’s my job you are doing” Sonia said holding Annabelle hand

Jayden raised his head hearing Sonia voice,his throat went dry seeing her,her clothes was so revealing that he could see her perking nipples…..

Sonia smirked seeing how Jayden was staring at her..

” What the hell are you doing?” Let go of my hand” Annabelle said gritting her teeth in anger

” what did you mean by what am I doing? Am doing what am supposed to do as his legal wife which means I should be the one to serve his meal not you, isn’t that right Jay?” She asked and winked at Jayden

” Jayden who was lost staring at nodded his head

“Yeah, it’s your right” he replied absentmindedly and Sonia smiled in victory

“What the hell!!!” Annabelle screamed..

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