In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 5A


(?He is crippled….. But I love him ?)

Written ✍️ by;- #mharhy


Sonia watched Jayden leaving with Annabelle leaving with tears in her eyes,

“Ouch! She cried in pain as she fell back on the ground

“Ma’am are you okay? Karina the maid who took her to her room last night asked

“I am, just help me up, Sonia said slowly and Karina helped her to stand..

” Thanks, Sonia smiled and limped to her room.

“Karina watched her in pity seeing how hurt Sonia was”

“Your Doom is near Annabelle, I won’t allow you to break this marriage like you ruined my family” Karina thought balling her fist angrily


Annabelle sat down on the bed dejectedly,

“The scene earlier kept repeating in her head and she sniffed

” She noticed the dropping of blood from her lips and sighed

” My lips must have bursted due to the slap,” she said walking to the mirror

True to her words her lips had bursted, she touch the wounded area and winced

“I need to clean it,where could the first aid box be? She looked everywhere before her eyes caught it beside the wardrobe

“Found it! She smiled going to where it is,

” She picked the box and walked back to the mirror, opening the box she took the wool and add methylated spirit to it before pressing it on the wound

“Ouch! She winced in pain as she use it to clean the wound.

“Although he may slapped me but am happy that he asked me to continue cooking the food which shows that he enjoyed the food this morning”,does it mean that he is getting to like me?” Sonia said happily

” Wow! He likes me” she smiled laying on the bed”

“I will do anything to make you love me Jayden” she mumbled closing her eyes..



Sonia was cooking with smile as the maids kept saying something that made her laugh.

“So how long have you guys been working for my husband?” Sonia asked them

” It’s been a long time and we are really happy to be working for him because he treats us nicely, it’s just that that witch called”Annabelle” is just a bad luck to his life,to me she is nothing but a gold digger” Kenzie one of the maid replied glaring at the air

“Really?” Sonia laughed

“,Yes young mistress and I will really advice you not to give in to her” fight for your right afterall you are Master’s wife so you should know what to do” being patient with Annabelle will only make you a fool” solar another maid added

” Sonia thought what they said and sighed,

“Maybe you are probably right about this” Jayden is my husband and as his wife i should have more right than his mistress” thanks solar, Sonia appreciated

” it’s nothing Young mistress,I just love your personalities,solar replied

“Thanks again” Sonia said and continue with the food..

They continue saying random things as Sonia cooked the dinner..


Annabelle was just coming downstairs when she heard laughter coming from the kitchen

“What are this low life people doing in my kitchen?” She said angrily and walked to the kitchen

Words could not explain how angry she felt seeing Sonia laughing with the maid
“What is going on here? She shouted furiously scaring the maids

” I think I just asked a question and you are not deaf and dumb!” Annabelle said loudly

” Woman we heard you so stop barking like a dog” Sonia replied rolling her eyes shocking Annabelle

“The maid giggled silently in mockery as they stared at the shocked Annabelle?”

” What did you just say now?” Annabelle asked balling her fist

” You are not deaf Annabelle, stop asking me question which I won’t answer, Sonia replied hissing

“How dare you call me a dog?” Do you know who I am to Jayden?” Annabelle shouted

“Of course I know who you are,you are nothing but my husband mistress, seriously you should be ashamed of yourself, having affairs with a married man proves that you are nothing but a dog and a home wrecker, but let me tell you this,you might be my husband lover but I Sonia promise you that I will make sure he forget everything about you and your existence, Sonia said seriously pointing fingers at Annabelle

“There’s nothing you can do Sonia, Jayden is mine and he will always be mine, Annabelle replied glaring at her

“Then watch me Annabelle how I will show you what it means to be called a wife, Sonia replied as they kept looking at in challenge..

“The battle line has been drawn Sonia” Annabelle said and left the kitchen

Yes it has” Sonia thought..

T. B. C

What did you think Karina is hiding?

Things are getting more hotter”


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