In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 4


{?He is crippled….. But I love him ?}

Written ✍️ by;- #mharhy


Sonia!! Annabelle shouted in shock

Do you mean it was Sonia that cook this food? Jayden asked looking at the cook

“Yes sir” the cook answered nodding her head repeatedly in fear

Annabelle look at Jayden whose face is expressionless,

“What could he be thinking?”

“Is he probably thinking about that woman”

“Jayden I know loves woman that can cook”

” I hope he won’t start falling for her”

” Arrghh!! I just hate this woman” Annabelle balled her fist in anger

The sound of someone coming down downstairs brought her out of thought,

Jayden eyes almost popped out of it’s socket as Sonia climbed the stairs in all glory,

She was looking deadly gorgeous with the short gown she was wearing,the gown wasn’t too tight but her curvy shapes was revealing,

The gown had a slit at the front and it has no arm,

Sonia came down with smile on her face which made her beauty more glow than before”,

Good morning Jayden” she greeted smiling but Jayden ignored her and went upstairs

, Annabelle stared at Sonia with jealous expression

“Why must she beautiful?” I just hate the fact that she ranked 1st at the most beautiful lady in the country”

” Now Jayden is looking at her differently” I must do something before she will take Jayden away from me,no! I can’t let that happen” Jayden is the key to my success” Annabelle thought glaring hard at Sonia who is eating already

“Hey! Annabelle shouted tapping Sonia’s neck!

” Any problem?” Sonia asked calmly

“How dare you stare at me like that? Do you know you are a slave here? Who gave you the right to sit here? Annabelle shouted

“I need no one’s permission before I can sit here, because I am the owner of the house as long as it’s belongs to my husband, Sonia replied eating

Annabelle furiousness had reach it peak, she raised her hand to slap Sonia but her eyes caught Jayden coming downstairs with his face on his phone

She smirked as a new plan came to her mind

Slap! The loud sound of slap echoes the room as Annabelle slapped herself hard on face

Sonia stand up in shock while Jayden look up as he heard it

His eyes grew wide as he saw Annabelle on the floor crying,

Annabelle?! He called running to her

He gasped seeing how red her face was

What happened? He asked seething his teeth in anger

“You ask the pig you called wife, she slapped me because I compliment her food and ask if she can be cooking for us, Annabelle lied flatly

Sonia watched her with mouth opened not knowing what to say,

How dare you slap my woman?! He asked coldly getting on his feet

Jayden I…did.. Sonia stuttered not knowing what to say cos everything Annabelle is still a shock to her

“You bîtch!” Jayden said and slapped her directly on her face

Slap! Sonia hold her face in shock and in pain staring at the emotionless Jayden

“Listen to me bîtch you are nothing but a slave here” got that? He asked and Sonia nodded repeatedly in tears

“Now listen you will be the one to cook all the meals” understand? ” She nodded and Jayden pushed her away and she fell flatly on the ground in the process..

Jayden ignored her whimper and carried Annabelle going upstairs.

Annabelle winked at Sonia in mockery,

“This is just the beginning” she mouthed to Sonia..

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