In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 3


{👠 He is crippled…. But I love him 👠}

Written ✍️ by;- #mharhy





Sonia woke up early so she could cook for Jayden before he wakes up.

She entered the kitchen and find the cook trying to cut some veggies

“Good morning’ Sonia greeted cheerfully

” Good morning ma’am” the cook greeted bowing

“What are you doing?” Sonia asked looking everywhere which look tidy and clean.

“Am preparing the breakfasts” the cook replied

“Leave it to me,I want to be the one to prepare my husband breakfast” Sonia said

” No ma’am,sir will be angry about it” the cook replied fearfully

“He is my husband,he won’t be angry if I cook and if he is I will make sure it doesn’t affect you”, she said

” But_

“No but,am your boss wife so you must obey me” she said sternly

” I know_

“Please, Sonia said pouting

The cook having no choice had to agree to it,

“Ok,the cook said slowly

” Thanks” Sonia replied smiling

“What should I cook?” Sonia mumbled staring at the veggies

‘Yh,fried rice should be better” Sonia said smiling before getting to work..

” The cook watch Sonia with smile on her face and she wouldn’t denied the fact she liked this woman for her boss not the Annabelle he called a girlfriend..

Minutes Later Sonia food aroma filled the kitchen and she was already done with the food..

“You can serve the food for him,I will just go upstairs to take my bath, Sonia said

“Ok madam” the cook replied and Sonia smile at her before leaving the kitchen..



Jayden and Annabelle walked elegantly to the dinning room with smile on their faces,

“You look so beautiful this morning” Jayden said and kissed Annabelle on lips

” You look more handsome love” Annabelle replied pecking his lips.

“They both laughed taking their seats, the maids walked in with different dishes

The maid served the food and bowed before leaving

Jayden took the first spoon and his eyes widened

He took another spoon before rushing the food same goes to Annabelle,

She eats the food fastly and even served herself another plate of fried rice,

They both ate to their satisfaction and moaned out

“Wow 😮 the food taste different this morning” Annabelle said wiping her lips

“You are right about that, can’t believe I ate two times”, Jayden replied

” The maids rushed to pack the plate”

” Where is the cook?” Jayden asked

*Am here Sir’ the cook answered coming to Jayden

*Your food taste different”, Jayden said looking at her and the maid shivered

*It was really really delicious and I hope you will continue cooking your food this way* Jayden said smiling a bit,

“The maid sighed in relief before talking
” Actually sir,I wasn’t the one that prepare the food” she said and Annabelle look at her

” You weren’t the one that prepare the food? She asked and the cook nodded

” Then who did? maybe I can make the person your assistant” Jayden said smiling

” It was young mistress that prepared the food” she replied

” Young mistress? Who ? Annabelle asked in confusion

“Ma’am Sonia, sir’s wife” she replied

Sonia??!! Annabelle screamed out..

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Sonia e shock u


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