In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 2


{πŸ‘ He is crippled ….But I Love Him πŸ‘ }

Written ✍️ by;- #mharhy



Ouch!! Sonia cried in pain as Jayden dragged her hair

Jayden Let go of my hair” she said calmly

“Hey! You don’t tell me what you do! Am your husband remember?” He said tightened the hold on her

Sonia couldn’t take it no more, she pushed Jayden away roughly

Annabelle gasped in shock and rushed to Sonia

Slap! Her hand landed on Sonia’s face

Sonia hold her cheek in shock looking at the furious Annabelle,

“How dare you push my man? Annabelle shouted and slapped her again

Jayden watch them with smile on her face,

If you know what is good for you don’t cross ya limit, Annabelle said pointing her fingers at her

Let’s go baby, the air is choking because of the odour you brought home, she said holding Jayden’s hand

And woman this is just the beginning of your suffering after all you are the one who brought it upon yourself, Jayden said and went inside with Annabelle beside him.

Sonia feet becomes numb and she fell on the floor,

“The tears she has been hiding from them came out willingly

Truly it was her fault she could still remember that Jayden warned her not to agree with the marriage but her obsession for him as led her into this suffering,

But this is her fight right? She is his wife and his only companion

“I promise you this I will make this marriage work out between us” Sonia said determined

She stand up from the ground and walked inside the mansion holding her long wedding dress.

Wow! She adorned the living room which looks beautiful,

“Ma’am” a maid called from behind

“Yes, Sonia replied smiling at the young maid”

“Sir asked me to take you to your room” the maid said smiling

“Ok thanks”

“This way” the maid started walking while Sonia trailed behind

They got to a door and opened it, Sonia gasped seeing the room,

She entered fully into the room and smiled,

“This room looks amazing” Sonia said silently staring at everywhere

“I will take my leave” the maid said and bow

What’s your name?” Sonia asked

“Karina” the maid replied

“Thanks Karina”

“You are welcome Ma’am” Karina said and bowed before leaving..

Sonia sighed and sat down on the bed,

“I hope I will be to overcome all this trial” she thought and lied down..

T. B. C.

Every marriage is a trial,be it love or loveless marriage…

As a woman and also a wife, what did you think Sonia should do about this?


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