In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 17

?? IN LOVE,,,



?? HUSBAND,,,,,,

©By, Mha Rhy

CHAPTER 17♣️♣️♠️


Jayden stared at the sleeping Sonia beside him” He was the one that asked Sonia to stay with him last night cos he enjoyed her company,she made him forget about his condition and she is the reason he has been smiling since yesterday”

He removed the strand of hair covering her eye and stared at her face for some time,he felt the urge to touch her face but stop thinking she might wake up’

“He stared at her eyelashes which very long before moving to her pointed nose down to her full Pink lips,

His eyes lingered on her lips ” He caressed her lips with his thumb and gulped down,he started moving his head closer to her,

“He couldn’t hold himself anymore,he captured her lips into his mouth”

” Sonia woke up feeling someone’s lips on her’s” she was shocked seeing that it was Jayden,

“Not minding the fact that Sonia was awake, Jayden kept feasting on her lips”

” He could not get enough of her sweet lips and Sonia who had no choice but to respond to the kiss.

“None was ready to let go of each other*”..


Ice walk into his son “Davis” room and find him playing with toys”

“He watched his son and smile seeing how serious not to notice his presence
“My heir is really busy not to notice his father” He said walking in fully

” Davis looked up and smile before standing on his feet to hug him
“Dad” he called hugging him
“Kiddo’ ice smile picking him up and Davis laugh

“How was school today?

” It was amazing except for those boneless triplets that think they can bully a strong guy like me” Davis huffed and ice couldn’t stop himself from laughing
“Dad why are you laughing?” Davis frowned
” Boneless triplets? Strong guy? Ice asked laughing widely
“Of course am a strong guy” can’t you see my muscle”‘ he said showing his tiny muscle
” Oh! See my son muscles” you are really a strong guy” ice replied with fake suprise and Davis flaunt with proudness
“Dad play with me”
“Davis” dad really wish to play with you but am tired”

Sapphire Mom who has been watching the father and son from the door smile but the smile disappeared when she remembered her lost daughter

“Sapphire where are you?’ come back home” your husband and your son needs you
” I can’t lose you like I lose your Twin sister” she thought in tears..

T. B. C
Jayden kissed Sonia???
Sapphire has twin sister ??
Jayden is slowly forgetting about Annabelle”


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