In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 16

💜💯 IN LOV€,,,,,

… 🖤💯WITH M¥

🖤CRIPPL£D ,,,,,

.. 💜💯HU$BAND….••^••

{💛•√He is crippled… But I love him 💛*}

©By, Mha Rhy


CHAPTER 16♠️♠️♣️


Sonia and Jayden hugged themselves tightly forgetting their sorrows”

” Their hearts keeps beating loudly”

” Why is my heart beating because of hugging her? ” Jayden thought

” I hope I won’t get exposed with my this foolish heartbeat of mine” Sonia thought worriedly

“,Sonia I bro_ Sonia’s mom couldn’t complete her sentence as she saw the position they were before they disengage quickly seeing her presence”

” God should punish me for disrupting a romantic moment like this” she shouted and they blushed

” What are you saying Mom, we are not doing anything, Sonia waved her hand in denial

“There’s no need to lie to me Sonia, I understand, i just brought food for the both of you since you haven’t eaten anything today”

” So here, she streched the basket filled with some dishes which Sonia collected with smile”

” Thanks Mom, Sonia said

“Thanks Mrs Greenwood” Jayden Appreciate

“You are welcome, I will take my leave now”

“Ok Mom” take care,

“I will daughter and you too,

” Bye son-in-law, she walked to the door and was about to open it but stopped

“You know you guys can continue from where you stopped, I don’t mind having a grand children now” she teased

” Mom! I told you we weren’t doing anything” Sonia whined although she was blushing inside

“Yeah! Yeah! See ya later, she said and went out..

“Troublesome” Sonia mumbled

“You know your mom is quite funny” Jayden said

” Yes she is and that is why I love her so much” Sonia smiled sitting down

” Am jealous” he teased

” Shut up! Sonia snapped playfully and Jayden laughed

Sonia smiled seeing him laughed”

” I hope you can continue smiling like this” she thought as she stared at him

Jayden caught her staring and look at her in question

“Why are you staring at me? Am I that handsome?

“Don’t think highly of yourself, you are not close to handsome, you are just normal” Sonia teased

” Oh really? Are you sure of that Mrs Sonia Jayden Mariquez

“Am very sure Mr Jayden Mariquez, she replied blushing hearing him calling her Mrs Sonia Jayden Mariquez

” That means you are blind not to see how handsome I am” Jayden smiled and she pouted

” Oh you look cute when you pout” he pinched her nose gently

” Am always cute” she flaunt her hair proudly but playfully

” But I never noticed it? Why didn’t I?

” Because you are blind not to see how cute I am” she mimicked his voice and he laughed widely which she later joined.

Sonia Mom smile listening to their conversation from outside..

“I pray no one will ever comes between them” she thought before leaving..

T. B. C
Jayden and Sonia 🙈


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