In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 15

💜💯 IN LOV€,,,,. 🖤💯 WITH M¥

🖤💯 CRIPPL£D….,,,,


{💛•√He is crippled… But I love him 💛*}

©By, Mha Rhy


CHAPTER 15♣️♣️♠️
Sonia walked slowly to Jayden and sat on the chair beside him”…..

” Jay, I believe that everything that is happening to you is a trial” but I want you to know that me,your mom, your dad, Annabelle,my parents will be there for you, crippled or not we will always stand by you,so please don’t feel like being crippled is the end of the way instead believe in God that you will walk again, Sonia sniffed and stand up before hugging him on the bed,

Thankfully he didn’t push her but to her suprise Jayden hugged her back

“Sonia it’s hard for me”; Jayden cried hugging her tightly

” I know, it’s just for some time, Sonia replied crying as well.


Am fine Mrs Rina Mariquez”, Annabelle replied

” Mom when will everything end cos I don’t think I can share you with that bastard Jayden anymore”,Alex said jealously and Rina smile

” It’s just for some time Alex” after all am doing everything for you” or why did you think I sent his mother to an early grave and got married to his father” I did everything for you so you will become the owner of Mariquez properties”, it’s not like am happy being his fake mom, am also tired of acting lovingly to him but there’s nothing I can do about it”. Rina replied

” Alex took her hand into his and squeeze it”

” Mom I know you are doing everything for me and I appreciate you for that” it’s just that I want to have mother_son relationship with you but you never had time for me because you are always with Jayden” it makes me sick and jealous” Alex said almost crying

” I know Alex ” I also want my son to feel his mother warmth and I promise you that after our plan is successfully, I will make it up for you just endure for sometime” Rina said emotionally and hugged him”

Annabelle almost scoffed out watching them waiting for them”

” Greedy people are also emotional? “Wonders!” She thought and laughed inside..

” What about our next plan Mom? Alex asked to

” we won’t do anything for now, Karina is doing everything” she had just made my work easier by making Jayden cripple” Rina smile

” But boss don’t you think we should eliminate her, you know she is doing everything to get revenge on me for dumping her brother for Jayden” Annabelle added

” We will eliminate her soon, I just want her to get suspicious that we know about her identity” let act with her for sometime before taking her out of the way”…… Rina replied

” Ok if you say so but we shouldn’t waste time about it cos if Sean didn’t show me her picture when we were still in relationship, I wouldn’t have recognized her and I don’t know what would have happened to me by now”…..

” don’t worry about that” instead you should be ready to become Mrs Sonia Mariquez” Rina said

” You should know am always ready” And I can’t wait to become Mrs Sonia Mariquez”.. Annabelle replied smirking

” Sonia I will be you and you will be my other half” ……

T. B. C

A lot of secret to revealed!
Anna wants to become Mrs Sonia Mariquez? How?!!

Jayden and Sonia,I hope you will be able to overcome all trials”…


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