In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 13&14

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©By, Mha Rhy


CHAPTER 14♣️♣️♠️


Jayden!! Sonia screamed running to him

“Ahhhhhh! He screamed out as he felt pains in his leg

“Jay? Are you okay? Sonia asked at the verge of tears trying to help him up but Jayden slapped her hand away

“Don’t touch me” he said icily with tears coming out of his eyes

Rina barged in and her eyes widened in shock seeing the position he was

Son!” Rina rushed to him and try to help him up but he jerked her hand off as well

*I can stand by myself” he said plainly and tried to stand but kept falling on the ground”

” Someone should call the doctor” Rina shouted and Sonia nodded before running out to call the doctor”
” Son let me help you up” Rina said in tears

” No Mom! I can stand by myself,get replied and tried again but ended up falling ”

” Mom why can’t I stand? Jayden shouted in tears

“Jayden you will stand just let the doctor comes” Sonia Mom said hopefully staring at him with pity

The door opened revealing Sonia with the doctor behind her..

“Doctor please checkk if anything is wrong with his legs”Sonia said crying

” You will all have to go out” the doctor said and everyone nodded going out including Annabelle who kept watching everything in puzzle…


The doctor came out of his ward with a sad face”

Sonia and Rina rushed to him ”

“Doctor is he okay?” Sonia asked impatiently

” Am really sorry to say this Mrs Mariquez” he won’t be able to walk temporarily” the doctor said and Sonia gasped in shock

” He…. Won’t be able to walk again? Sonia stuttered in tears and the doctor nodded in response

“For how long? When will he be able to walk again? Rina shouted in tears

“Months , probably years depends on how strong he is”, he replied and Sonia knelt down surprising the doctor

” Doctor please save him” he can’t become a crippled,he is the hope of Mariquez” please save my husband” Sonia begged in tears ,

” I will do everything to make him walk again, please just stand ” the doctor said helping her up

Pl_ Sonia was cut off when the heard clashes of glasses and screams from inside

“Jayden ” Sonia called and everyone rushed in except for Anna who decided to leave after hearing the news..

Jayden stop it! Sonia shouted collecting the flower vase from his hand

“Leave me; get out everyone” I hate my life” Jayden shouted in tears destroying everything beside him


The doctor was able to calm Jayden down with an injection and right now he is crying staring at the ceiling.

Sonia and Rina couldn’t stop their tears as they stared at Jayden..

“I think you should talk to him” Rina said touching Sonia

” Am the last person he will want to talk to,I think you should be the one to do that” she replied politely

” I know but you are his wife and he will listen to you ” Rina said holding Sonia shoulder

” Yes you should and am sure he will listen” her Mom added

” Ok” Sonia replied defeated and the two mother’s went out leaving her alone with Jayden..

Sonia sighed and move closer to Jayden..



“In a dark room, scream of agonize could be heard as a man was being tied up with different bruises in his body,

“Their boss walked in with a stick of cigarettes in between his lips””

” Ice” Everyone called bowing their heads in fear” no one dares to look at his face when he is angry”

“He sat down majestically and cross his legs

” He look at the wounded man and a smirk found it way out of it’s lips

“Who sent you?” He asked skeptically

“Even if you threatened to kill me”,I will never tell you” the man replied spitting out blood and ice laughed dangerously

” You are wrong about that” I don’t threatened” I kill” ice said emotionless and in a blink he brought out his gun and shot the man on his forehead”..

” Bastard!!” Ice cursed and pocket his gun”…

” Sam” ice called

” Ice” Sam replied bowing

” Take care of his body and find out who sent him to steal from the cartel” ice ordered

” Ok ice” he replied and signalled to the three boys to pack the man’s body..


Name;- Marcello Gibson popularly known as ice

The number one Mafia in Chicago” a single dad, very dangerous and doesn’t give a second chance”… Married to Sapphire who ran away after giving birth to their son but Marcello strife to find her because he still loves her…



Annabelle and Alex were seated in the car awaiting for someone’s arrival”..

” When will your Mom arrive? Anna asked tiredly

“Shhhh” it’s boss not Mom” Alex replied rolling his eyes”

“But she is your biological mother”

” She may be my biological mother at home but she is my boss at work”.

“I don’t care about what you call her” she should just arrive quickly because am a little bit tired from the hospital drama”

” Alex glared at her not minding to reply her”..

” A car parked beside them and a woman walked out using a mask to cover her face”

” Welcome boss” the two greeted as she entered their car

” Drop the formalities Alex” the woman smile removing the mask

” Welcome Mom” Alex smile hugging her

“Thanks son” how are you Annabelle? She asked

“Am fine boss I mean Mrs Rina Mariquez… Annabelle replied smiling….

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