In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 12

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{💛•√He is ¢rippled… But I love him 💛*}

©By, Mha Rhy


•^• Chapter 12 •^•

Mom. it’s hurt”…. Sonia cried hugging her mother

” Sonia? Why are you crying? Are you hurt somewhere? Her Mom panicked and Sonia shake her head

“Then tell me? Why are you crying?

“, It’s nothing mom” am just happy to see him awake” she lie although it was also among the reason she is crying

But_ her words was cut off when they heard Jayden screamed from inside,

“What’s going on inside? Sonia barged in

“Jayden!” Sonia called in shock as she saw him laying more like crawling on the ground in tears with Annabelle standing beside him..



••• ^•••

” Karina lips curved into smile as the news of Jayden’s accident was displayed on the TV.”…….

” This is just the beginning Annabelle” it’s just a pity that Jayden had to suffer from it”…..

” After all he is the reason you left my brother”

” She could still remember the day Annabelle broke up with her brother” she had just returned from school because she wanted to meet Annabelle cos her brother won’t stop talking about her”


” Karina dragged her bag as she was dropped in front of Sean Mansion”

” Wow! Brother’s Mansion looks more amazing than before” …. She said watching the mansion in awe”

“” “”” Can’t wait to see the woman that stole his heart” … She giggled and walked in

” Welcome Karina” the gate man greeted

“Thanks Mark, she smiled dragging her bag along..

” Getting to the front door she begins to heard commotion from inside”

A female and a male voice which she could recognize the male voice as her brother’s voice”

” What could going on inside?” … She thought and decided to eavesdrop

” Annabelle you can’t do this to me’ we have come a long way,” you can’t just decided to break up with me” Sean said at the verge of tears

“Am sorry Sean” am tired of this relationship already” am in love with someone al_

” Don’t say that Annabelle’ am the only one you love and the only guy you will continue loving” Sean shouted furiously

” I don’t love you anymore Sean and there’s nothing you can do about it” Annabelle snapped in reply

” Who is he? Can he love you like I do? Sean asked

” Since you are asking I will happily tell you” Jayden Mariquez ” the richest businessman here and of course the most handsome” Annabelle replied smiling

” Jay…. Jayden? He stuttered

“Yes Jayden, now that you have known who he is, I hope you learn how to stay in your limit” you don’t want to get on his bad side” Annabelle said proudly

” You broke with me just because of him?” Sean asked in tears

” Yes”

” Just because he is richer?

“You are smart, you are right” am with him because he is richer and he got more reputation than you”….. she smiled

” You are really greedy”

” Yes I am and I can do anything for money”

” Have you ever loved me for once?” Sean asked wiping his tears

” No” am only with you because of your money” … I never love you and I can never love you” “”…. She replied smiling

” Get out! Sean turn his back not to show his tears

“I will gladly do that and please don’t appear in my front again”… Anna said picking her purse

” Goodbye Sean” she said and left..

” Karina who was burning with fury had quickly at the back of the door and watched Annabelle leaving”….

She heard the clashing of glasses which made her ran inside

Sean! ” She called in shock covering her mouth

Glasses were broken on the ground while Sean was sitting on the ground with tears in eyes and blood dripping from his hand..

“Brother” she called and rushed to his side”

” She took his wounded hand and tears found it way out of her eyes

“Kari…na” ….. She…. She… Left me” Sean stuttered in tears

” I know” forget about her brother” she doesn’t worth your love”…… Karina cried and hugged him

“I don’t think I can forget her” she is the only one I love”…..

” You will have to”… She hugged him more tightly”…


Ever since that day Sean became a alcoholic and doesn’t have time for his work again,

His business started falling bit by bit until he had nothing left”…..

” Sad by all this made him commit suicide,

“He jumped into a flowing River and before they could save him he had given up the ghost”…


Thinking about all this Karina cried”

” Annabelle I will make you suffer than my brother had” you will feel the double pains my brother felt when you left him” as long as I am still alive you will regret everything”….

T. B. C

Karma is a bîtch” ”

Annabelle is nothing but a dog…


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