In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 11

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©By, Mha Rhy

••••^ CHAPTER 11•••••^

“Sonia !! Rina screamed rushing to where she fainted

” Sonia wake up” she said shaking her body, the doctor touch her forehead

“She is having a temperature” the doctor ordered and the nurse did as told.

“Will she be okay? Rina asked.

” Yes she is” and Mr Jayden will be moved to the normal ward, the doctor replied…

• ^ •

∆∆∆ N€XT MORNING ∆∆∆

Sonia eyes snapped open as she tried to adjust to brightness of the sun

“… She is awake…” She heard a familar voice

” Sonia” my child” Sonia Mom said caressing her face

” Mom” she called

” Yes it’s me daughter” her mom said smiling in tears

” Mom? How is Jayden? He is okay right? Sonia asked standing up in rush

“Calm down Sonia” you have just woken up” and yes Jayden is okay and he is also awake” Her dad replied

“” Really? He is awake? Sonia asked smiling and her parents nodded

“He is awake” she said continually and in a blink of eye she ran out of her ward looking for Jay’s ward

“Sonia stop you will hurt yourself” her mom shouted behind her

” After a while she was able to locate Jayden’s ward because his name was boldly inscribed on the door”

” Finally” she breathe out with smile on her face

“She was about to open the door when her eyes caught a glimpse of what was happening in his ward

“Her hand dropped down from the door and she staggered back

“Jayden and Annabelle were kissing, Jayden was still lying on the bed and Annabelle was standing with their lips connected together”..

” Sonia” her Mom called but she noticed how sad her daughter’s look

” Sonia are you okay?” She asked panicking

“Mom? It’s hurt” Sonia replied crying and hugged her..

T. B. C

Am really crying 😥😥😥



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